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Mambo ( Words & Music by James Powlett 2013 )
Here is a link to another of my songs Lapse of reason https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBE8Ftd9Yj0 This is a new original song I have been working on for a while, without a doubt the most complicated piece of music I have written so far.I wanted to do a song with a Latin flavour so here it is. I edited the video to fit the song. Love upbeat happy tunes so there will be more to come this year for sure. I played and put down three guitar tracks in this song. This song will be available to buy on Google play as a single it will become part of my second album in time at some point this year. You can also purchase it from Soundclick the link is on my you tube account.
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Magic Trip ( Words & Music by James Powlett 2013 ) Studio version
This is my studio version of my song magic trip, i have added extra parts to this completed version, hope you like. Im really pleased with this completed version,glad its done now.The extra parts i added are in keeping with the mood and feel of the song.Il be doing studio versions of other acoustic original songs ive done soon as well.The video i made for this song i think really works and adds to the feel of the track.The video is not material i have filmed personally ive just edited two videos together.The first part of the song is a music sample i used i added bass to this sample.The Sample was from the song Celtic legend i acquired it at Soundogs.com as a bought and paid for sample free to use under copyright law , didnt need to put sample in as song still works without it but put it in anyway, the visual content in the second part of the vid is from Tseries music.On the visual video no copyright infringement is intended. This song is now available to buy from itunes here is the link https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/into-the-fire/id784509720
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Heavenly days ( Words & Music by James Powlett 2013 )
Here is a link to another song I wrote called Rush hour https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5mJRI... This is an original song I wrote this week, its a summer song,always wanted to do a song in this style so here it is. Heres is a link to a song I wrote called Poppy field https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5hUgzy_R90
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Rock n roll star ( Words & Music by James Powlett 2013 )
This is a new rock track I came up with this week, the footage on the video is of festivals to go along with the vibe of the song, the song is about a band that finally makes it big.I sampled crowd noises at the beginning of the song to give it more realism of a band on stage.I'm really pleased with this song it came out much better than I thought it would, hope you like. This song is now available to buy from itunes here is the link https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/into-the-fire/id784509720
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I am the Walrus ( Lennon and McCartney )
This is my version of a classic Beatles song i recorded in a studio, always loved this song brilliant Beatles track. I made a photo slide show on this one found some cool effects with the photos.All the instruments and singing are done by me except for the drums. The recording was done by Dan king a good friend who had a home studio.
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Down to Georgia ( Words & Music by James Powlett 2013 )
This is a new original rock track I came up with recently, its about a guy who wants to escape his life of poverty and hitch hikes to the state of Georgia to get away from loans sharks and trouble in general to start a new life in a new state, a song inspired by the recession, I edited the video think it kinda works , hope you like.
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Broken Stones ( Paul Weller )
This is an improvised instrumental version of a classic Paul Weller track.Sorry about the scary expressions lol
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Hard Times ( Written by Ray Charles )
This is a live recording of my version of a Ray Charles classic. I put the Vintage jazz guitar through the P A ,was happy with the sound for this track ,love ray charles s music ,il do more recordings using this guitar in the future.
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Superstition ( Stevie Wonder )
This is my version of a stevie wonder track i did at a gig recently, was happy with the wah sound on this one.
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Paris  ( Words & Music By James Powlett 2015 )
This is my most recent song about a trip I had to Paris whilst I was at college.If you like the song please leave a like thanks , if youd like to subscribe if you havent already il be producing a lot of new material this year so of course then the music would be in your news feed , thanks for your support.
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Rush hour ( Words & Music by James Powlett 2013 )
If you would like to check out another of my songs called Joy heres the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iLYiS... Rush hour is a new original song about something we can all relate to ie traffic which seems to be a universal problem all over the world, I edited the video to fit the song.This is a rock track, Love writing rock style songs.Hope you like, this was quite a hard song to write.This will be the sixth new edition to my second album. Here is a link to my song Poppy Field http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5hUgz... Here is a link to my song Lapse of reason http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBE8Ft...
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Green leaves to yellow ( Words and Music by Powlett & Berry 2012 )
This is a song i co wrote with Andrew Berry a fantastic singer and bass player, we will be doing more ,the keyboards and guitar were played by me as well as the singing and the bass and drums were played by andy . This may not be the final mix but it gives you an idea of the song . I did the video today to go along with the studio recording.
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Poppy Field ( Words & Music by James Powlett 2013 )
This is a rock song I wrote this week, it is basically an anti war song, the video i edited to fit the track emphasis the senseless loss in war.There are a few violent scenes in the video but I left them in to tell the story of what war really is about.Hope you like , it was a tough song to write but got there in the end,if your interested you can buy my music on itunes and amazon, the links are on my channel ,.Thanks for watching.
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Dancing in the Street ( Words and Music by James Powlett 2012 )Version 1
This is an original song I have written and recorded in the last two days, I started with a catchy drum beat and built the song from there, which is a first for me ,I normally write songs starting with the guitar ,the energy of the song really developed well through the drums, I put a video together for the song which I thought was appropriate,I sampled in some different sounds as well ,fits really nicely with the song arrangement, the lyrics were the last thing I added to the song as well as the guitar lead work, hope you like.I have a remixed version of this song on my you tube channel also.
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Lucky Man ( Written by Richard Ashcroft )
This is a live version I played tonight, The backing was recorded by myself and a friend of mine. So the backing track is my own take on the song as well.Great song to play live. I add a lead break at the end of this song seems to fit well with the vibe of the track.
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Road house blues ( The Doors )
This is my rendition of a classic Doors track, it was played live at a gig recently , its one of my favourite tracks which i like to perform at gigs. I also play light my fire which is a wicked track also. I was happy with my guitar sound on this one, nice and punchy sound.
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Hotel California ( Written by the Eagles )
This is a new version and recent version of Hotel California that i played at a gig on friday. I have another version on my site but i think this ones come out much better hope you like. It was recorded on my i phone but record quality is ok in this one i think. Guitar lead sound came out really well so i decided to post it on you tube.The key i play this song is in Am not in Bm like the original.
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Beachcomber ( Words and Music by James Powlett 2012 )
This is an original piece of music i wrote this year , i remixed it and re did the lead guitar ,think it sounds a lot better now . I added a simple relaxing video with it ,think it works well with the song. All instruments and vocals were done by me except for drums and saxophone which i sampled into the track, hope you like.Will perform this one at future gigs . I used my Jazz guitar for the lead guitar work ,its the first time ive recorded in the studio with this guitar really happy with the tone of the instrument works really well with the song.
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Driver ( Words & Music by James Powlett 2013 )
This is a new original song I came up with this week. Its about driving fast, always been on my wish list to drive through the desert in the states one day.The song is funky rock and works with the video I put with it I think .The video is from Nevada.Hope you like.
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Cavatina ( theme from the deer hunter )
This is a version of the song i did tonight ,beautiful piece of music to do. I used a shadows backing track and played it in my style of playing.Very emotional piece of music.
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East of the Sun ( Jazz Improvisation )
This is a jazz improv i did today recorded on my i phone. The song is called East of Eden, I used my jazz Vintage 575 guitar for the improvisation on the song. Its a new different direction for me , but I find Jazz fun to play. I will be concentrating on my original songs but adding different live cover songs as I go on as well.
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Sandy Shore ( Words and Music by James Powlett 2012 )
This is a tune ive been working on for a while, recorded the vocal, bass and guitar today, The lyrics had been written for a while. i have another version of this song on my channel ,its an acoustic version. Thought it was time i recorded a studio version of this track. The video was done by me a few weeks back .
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Whistle for the Choir ( Written by the Fratellis )
This was recorded at a festival gig i did this weekend in Gt Bardwell in Suffolk. I was fairly happy with the recording so thought id post it on my You tube channel. Always loved this track fun to play hope you like.
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Je Suis Charlie ( Words & Music By James Powlett 2015 )
This is an original song i wrote and recorded dedicated to Charlie Hebdo and his fellow cartoonists who were murdered by extremists. Freedom of speech and expression to me are some of the most important human rights to exist may they live long in our lives.I also dedicate this song to the people who have lost there lives recently in Paris shootings
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Blue jean blues ( Written by ZZ Top )
This is an Instrumental version I recorded at home last year, I have a version already on my site which was recorded at a gig. This really is just an improvised guitar piece not supposed to be anything like the original.So apologies to any guitar purists out there , if I can id rather put my own stamp on a piece of music in my own way if that means deviating from the original piece then so be it.
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Inner Light ( Words & Music by James Powlett 2013 )
This is my second upload of this song as I had to remix it. the vocals were not cutting through, but i think they are now . Its a song about moving forward in life.Hope you like, its a piano based song , I find the piano a great song writing tool ,and enjoy playing the keys in new material.
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New York City ( Words & Music by James Powlett 2014 )
This is the first song I have recorded using my new pro logic x programme and also its the first track I have put with iMovies. Its a jazz /blues piano based track.Now I know how all these new programs work I'll be producing a back log of songs I have come up with over last 6 months. This song is inspired by the way billy Joel writes , he is and has always been a big influence on me. Hope you like.
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Lapse of reason ( Words & Music by James Powlett 2013 )
Here is a link to another of my songs Poppy field https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5hUg... This is a new rock ballad original song I came up with this week, I love these kinda power ballad songs and have wanted to right one for a while so here it is.Its the longest song ive ever written but I think the length works well with the song.The video I put with the track I think works well with the storyline of the track. Heres is a link to my song mambo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQRm6... there was a poem i read years ago called faint heart in a railway station the subject of the poem was referencing love at first sight and what choices your faced with sometimes that have to be made on the spot,ie do i go left or right here , so i came up with this song its on the same themed subject matter the video i added was to push the story across a bit more , so poems can inspire me as much as anything else
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James Powlett - Parisian Walkways (High Quality)
http://jamespowlett.com and http://jamespowlett.net Cover of Gary Moore's - Parisian Walkways
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X Factor ( Words & Music by James Powlett 2013 )
This is a parody song I wrote about the X factor, the video I put with the song was fun to make and I think works well with the tune, I put in the song several different kinda samples , again I think they work well with the track, hope you like, its a song I have wanted to write for a while now.
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Jazz Jam
http/jamespowlett.com this is a jazzy jam i did the other day with new guitar i bought its a vintage vsa575 guitar beautiful tone
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Goodbye my friend ( Words & Music by James Powlett 2013 ) live acoustic version
This is a song I wrote tonight , this one was completed quickly, I couldnt sleep so I got acoustic out and came up with this and recorded it on my i phone, its the third take, i may record this in studio soon,was thinking of keeping it simple with acoustic and a few other instruments. Its a subject I think people can relate too about loss of friends and lovers who move away, its that moment of sadness on the day they leave but also hope you hold for there future.The song has a bit of a country song feel, I love country music so I guess country influences are going to appear in some of my work,the video visual quality isnt great as was recorded in low light but the sound came out well enough to post on you tube anyway hope you like thanks for listening.
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Into the Fire ( Words & Music by James Powlett 2012 )
Here is a new original song I wrote and produced in the last couple of days, this one came quickly, I wrote the words first then added the music. Its about the homeless people during the Christmas period.The forgotten people who have to endure freezing temperatures on the street.There are a few influences that inspired me to write this song such as Pink Floyd and Mark Knofler,wanted to generate an atmospheric feel to the song, the video I edited for the song fits really nicely with the mood of the piece. I am thinking of selling this song on i tunes and putting the money i generate towards Shelter.
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Family guy ( Words & Music by James Powlett 2013 )
This is a new original ive been working on for a few weeks , its a rock track which is the kinda music i really like , anything with lead guitar is good, so i put in a few lead breaks in this one around the singing, used a wah peddle , will be doing more rock songs in the future.Was really happy with the way the song came out in the end , i put an appropriate video together for the song as well. I have a dis functional family , a sister who i cant talk to and controlling parents who manage to screw up any attempt to better myself , hence the song lyric you can choose your friends but you cant choose your family. I think a lot of people can relate to that.
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Somewhere in England  ( Words & Music by James Powlett 2015 )
This is an original Rock song I came up with, I have been working on this one for a while, I will be doing more guitar based songs this yearlong with piano tracks, hope you like, I started this song with a riff on the clav piano and built the song from there. I used my Gibson SG on this track for the first time. I edited the video to fit the song.
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Losing My Religion by REM (My Music Promo )
This is a short part of the song I recorded in a sound tv studio this week, its basically part of a music promo hence the reason i only did part of this song. This is a track i normally perform in my set when I do gigs.The recording was done live and backing track added later during editing.REM have always been one of my fav bands, thanks for listening.The recording and video were done by a pro tv company that do music promo style videos.
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Drifting Live Version ( Written by Johnny Moores three Blazers )
This is a live version i did recently originally done by Johnny Moores Three Blazers , a fun cool blues track to play on acoustic.I Love performing this song at acoustic gigs ,its a lot of fun to play .
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live Acoustic covers & piano  covers Promo
song order Time of your Life, Mrs Robinson, Big Yellow Taxi, Wonderwall, Stand by me, How long will I love you, Shes always a woman. This is a promo video I did at a TV studio, all the songs in this video are shortened as its a music promo , two of the songs are done live on the piano and the rest are played live on acoustic, I did Shes always a woman by billy joel and how long will i love you by ellie goulding on the piano. I was really happy with my red washburn acoustic guitar i used in this recording.The version I do of big yellow taxi is the counting crows version,
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Parallel lines  ( Words & Music by James Powlett 2015 )
This is a song about the earthquake in Nepal and is dedicated to the people of Nepal.Its a piano based song, the words were hard to write but got there in the end, hope you like the song and my best wishes go out to the people of Nepal.
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While my guitar gently weeps ( Written by George Harrison )
This is an acoustic version of a Harrison classic, my apologies as I have put on the intro written by Lennon and McCartney of course George wrote this my mistake sorry for that. I loved the way George did this track on acoustic in fact i prefer his acoustic rendition to the original full version that the Beatles did with Eric on lead. hope you like ,apologies for the shirt .
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Mr Bond ( Words & Music by James Powlett 2013 )
I tried uploading a proper bond video montage earlier but due to the powers at be was not allowed to show any footage of bond movies at all, so this is a comedy parody of bond , I love bond movies but was left with no alternative so I hope you like, its a pretty funny video in places.You can find my original video of this song on my Google account heres the link https://plus.google.com/u/0/109433709677779315218/posts Also i have done another video of this song which is on my channel here is the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tYjcvKlD14s
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Summer of 69 (Written by Bryan Adams )
This is my version of one of my fav songs ever ,i do think that this is one of bryans best, very popular song at gigs ,fun and awesome to play.
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Festival Rock ( Words and Music by James Powlett 2012 )
This is a video I made up today for one of my original tracks, The song has been remixed, I put in an extra driving base line as I felt the song needed it.I love Festival rock music and have always wanted to write a song with festivals in mind finally done it.Hope you like please give me some feed back.
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Lost in Austin ( Words & Music by James Powlett 2013 )
This is a quick original song I put together and recorded tonight , I heard a guy say the word austin on the tv tonight and inspired me to write about a guy those goes to austin texas to get away from his old life , simple idea but seemed to work, wrote the whole song in about half hour, decided to record it just with an acoustic and voice on my i phone so wouldnt forget the song ,came out well enough i think to stick on you tube so here it is, il prob do a full production in the studio on this one so youll see the difference on new studio version , but il keep it simple , but i do like the way ive done it tonight think i captured something in the song performance , anyway over to you hope you like.
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Futureless man ( Words & Music by James Powlett 2013 )
This is a gentle song, the first song I have done this year, hope you like. I put a time lapse video with it ,seems to fit quite well.
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I'm a this I'm a that ( Words & Music by James Powlett 2012 )
This is a remixed version ,I took the original one off cause I wanted to improve it. I re did the vocal for this version and re did part of the video, the songs about arguing.
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Knockin on heavens door ( full version ) by Bob Dylan Guns and Roses version
This is the full version of this track ,was asked to put full version on , this was played at a gig last month. Had a bit of fun with the video i put on an effect that makes me look like im playing as a left handed guitarist ,of course im not left handed but cool to see everything the other way round.
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Cocaine ( JJ Cale )
This is a recording of a lead break I did this classic jj cale song.
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Fifty Years on ( Words and Music by James Powlett 2012 )
This video was create by http://www.Pie-Tube.com Enter Today and create your own movie. This is an original piece of music I wrote for the piano ,I love singing this track.http://jamespowlett.com http://jamespowlett.net
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Senorita  ( Words and Music by James Powlett 2012 )
This is an original track i recorded today on my acoustic, i did write it a while back now but always liked jazzy tracks so i thought id record it to see how it would come out ,was pleased with the recording nice song to play on occasion.
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