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Puppy Dog Rabies Shot Cost (847) 742-3906 (South Elgin IL St Charles Dundee)
Call 847-742-3906 Please Visit http://www.SouthElginVet.com I am Dr. Churan from The Animal Clinic of South Elgin and I am here to discuss puppy wellness. When you have a new puppy in your family it is very important for him or her to get a physical exam and a health checkup as soon as possible. The reason for that is if puppies have any kind of a contagious problem or health issue it is going to affect them much more seriously than an adult dog with the same problem. An infant dog has much less of an immune system than an adult dog and in addition, they don't have a body weight to fall back on. An infant dog missing a few meals is much more serious than an adult dog missing a few meals. A very young dog can dehydrate very quickly compared to an adult dog of that same breed. Also at this time, please talk to us about spay neuter. Get Puppy Dog Rabies Shots before warranty expires. Other times people have a certain guarantee or warranty from where they purchased their pet and many times that warranty has an expiration date, so if there are issues, you want to make sure you find out about those issues within that warranty period so that the breeder that you got your pet from is aware that the pet came with that problem and that they are able to take responsibility for it. Assuming there are no issues and that your infant pet is very healthy (which we all hope for) you want to make sure your very young dog stays healthy and the way we do that is by giving a series of vaccinations in parasite control. Just like children who get a series of vaccinations, puppies need a series of vaccinations as well to protect them against diseases that they might come in contact with as their life progresses and we want to prevent those diseases. Puppy Dog Rabies Shots may reduce costs. Once a dog gets a disease, in many cases it can be treated; but, treating a disease is much more expensive and certainly harder on the dog as well as the owner than having prevented that disease in the first place. We also recommend for your dog to get well-socialized as a puppy which means taking them around where there are other puppies and dogs, going to dog parks and taking your puppy with you to get used to other people and other places. I think it is a valuable thing to do to have your puppy grow up to be a well-adjusted puppy citizen; but, we want to make sure your puppy in this socialization and interaction process does not pick up any diseases or parasites. Puppy Dog Rabies Shots includes other vaccinations and de-worming. So a series of vaccinations which we tailor to your puppy's needs are distemper and parvo, the two most basic vaccinations. We also recommend vaccinations against bordetella which is an upper respiratory disease and very highly contagious between dogs and when puppies get it, it can be very serious. Depending on your puppy's lifestyle we also recommend vaccination against lyme disease if you are going to take your puppy to dog parks or any place where your puppy may be exposed to ticks. We also recommend vaccinating against leptospirosis. It is a bacterial disease shed in the urine of opossums, skunks, raccoons, and mice, so if your puppy gets in contact with places where any of those animals urinated even if there is no direct contact with those animals, then your puppy could get leptospirosis which is life-threatening. It causes kidney failure. We are seeing much more of that in this area because many people say their dogs do not get out of the yard; however, wild life is coming into your yard. It might be the night when you are not seeing it. There is wild life in everybody's yard and every neighborhood just because of the nature of the suburban area that we live in. Keeping your puppy or dog protected from parasites throughout their life is very important. A lot of people don't realize that people can get parasites from their puppies or dogs. The Center for Disease Control recommends that pets living in our homes be kept parasite-free. We do a series of oral deworming for intestinal parasites. We also recommend medication to protect your puppy from heartworms (which is a blood parasite) as well as ticks and fleas, again depending on your dog's lifestyle. Starting out your pet healthy and making sure that we control all the things that we can control health-wise is going to lead to a healthier and longer life for your puppy which is our goal. http://acse60177.vetinzip.com/vaccinations/puppy-dog-rabies-shots/
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Kitten Cat Rabies Shots Costs  (847) 742-3906 (South Elgin IL St Charles IL West Dundee IL)
Call 847-742-3906 Please Visit http://www.SouthElginVet.com Kitten Cat Rabies Shot demonstrated by Steward. I am Dr Churan from The Animal Clinic of South Elgin. This is my assistant Jenny and this is our clinic pet Stewart. He looks like a rag doll cat but he is actually a stray out of a barn and he does not have any known parentage; but, he has many of the characteristics of a rag doll Siamese mix. What we are going to talk about today is the importance of annual physical exams for cats. Stewart is a young cat. He is about four years old. Even young cats should have annual physical exams because we want to catch any problems before they become big problems. So annually we would like to give them rabies vaccinations, which is required by law even if your cat is an indoor-cat only. We also recommend distemper shots, which has four different components and depending on your cat's lifestyle we do have some other vaccinations which may be appropriate. When new clients register online, we also ask about spay neuter and declaw. Kitten Cat Rabies Shots include a physical exam. So when we do a physical exam, we want to start with the front. We are looking at his face. We want to check his eyes for any abnormal discharges and we want his pupils to be of the same size. We do not want to see any discharges from his nose or his ears. Abnormal discharges are a sign of illness. We look at their ears using an otoscope which is similar to the otoscope used on people. Basically when we use an otoscope in the cat's ears we are looking deeper for perhaps ear mites, ear infections or any foreign bodies that got into your cat's ears. Obviously, this could cause discomfort or infection to your cat. The nose should be clear of any discharge. We want to look at their face and it should be a nice clean face without sores or wounds. We want to look at their teeth and pick at their gums. We are looking for abnormal tartar buildup, foreign bodies, sores, wounds or masses which could be oral tumors. Just like people, we want to check their lymph nodes around the jaw and feel for abnormalities. Kitten Cat Rabies Shots include ideal body weight analysis. We place our hands down on the body and we want to feel normal body weight. Stewart is a happy eater. He enjoys eating and we enjoy preventing him from overeating. It is a constant dilemma for both of us. Sometimes he wins and sometimes we do. It is especially difficult for a multiple-cat household that has both skinny cats that you are trying to fatten up and fat ones that you try to discourage from overeating; but, just like people having an ideal body weight is always beneficial to health. We also want to look at the skin and coat. We want to make sure they are not too dry. Sometimes during winter their skin gets too dry just like people. In this case a supplement could remedy the condition. Kitten Cat Rabies Shots include checks for parasites. We also want to check for parasites. Even indoor cats only are known to get them because fleas can get on peoples' clothing or shoes and sometimes on dogs that come in and out of the house. So even though the cat is indoor-only, parasites could come into the house and attach themselves to the cat. In checking their abdomen we do a gentle palpation, feeling for anything abnormal. In female cats we feel along the breast line. We want to make sure that there is no swelling or abnormal masses. Then we go to the tail. Touching the tail should not be painful. Then, we check the rear end area for any discharge, parasites or sores. After completing the external palpation, we check the heart and lungs using a stethoscope. We want to make sure both sound normal. Stewart is being good and cooperative today. Stewart is on a monthly parasite prevention program. Stewart is a clinic cat and with many other pets coming and going, being preventative with parasites is always important. It is always better to prevent problems than to wait for problems to develop and then try to get rid of them. Because of the environment he lives in prevention of parasites is important for Stewart and this is what we do for him. This is what we recommend for everyone's cat. http://acse60177.vetinzip.com/vaccinations/kitten-cat-rabies-shots/
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Veterinarian South Elgin IL, (847) 742-3906 (Veterinarian St Charles IL, Veterinarian Elgin IL)
Call 847-742-3906 Please Visit http://www.SouthElginVet.com Animal Clinic of South Elgin IL 847-742-3906 offers affordable dog vaccinations and affordable cat vaccinations. Hi, I am Dr. Churan from the Animal Clinic of South Elgin. This is my assistant Lori and over here is our receptionist Christina. This is our clinic cat Taco Bell which we adopted a few years ago. This is Arwin, our Great Dane. She also lives here and we have several Great Danes. I established The Animal Clinic of South Elgin in 1976 when it was the only veterinary clinic in South Elgin. South Elgin had grown by leaps and bounds in those intervening years. South Elgin Pet Vet, Dr. Churan, just opened a new pet health care center. This is our new clinic which has grown tremendously from my old clinic to meet the needs of our new clients and their pets. This clinic opened almost a year ago and we have much larger facilities. We have dog and cat boarding strictly for our patients, a separate room for cats and a dog area for the dogs. We have five (5) examination rooms where we see pets because of sickness or injuries. We see pets for wellness. We strongly promote pet wellness and testing of pets to make sure everything is working well. We recommend annual wellness testing and routine vaccinations to prevent problems. Prevention is always better than treatment. We also like to do a lot of dental care to make sure that our pets stay healthy. We do surgery on a daily basis which is routine surgery of spays, neuters and declaws of cats. We also do surgeries for injuries and tumors which of course are not routine surgeries. South Elgin Pet Vet has state-of-the-art digital X-Rays. We have digital x-rays so that we can take x-rays and get the results instantly. We can download them to CDs, we can e-mail them to obviously anywhere in the world or to specialists to get their viewpoint on a case. We have fully equipped surgery rooms. We have heated surgery tables. We have heated cages for dogs and cats so they do not wake up to a cold place and be uncomfortable. We do everything we can to keep pets as healthy as possible and if they are already sick, to get them better. Dr. Churan, South Elgin Pet Vet's Mission Statement. Our goal is to have a wonderful relationship between owners and pets. The better health we have with our pets, the longer and happier lives they will have -- a win-win situation. So, we would like to welcome everyone with pets and who loves pets to the Animal Clinic of South Elgin. http://acse60177.vetinzip.com/about-animal-clinic-of-south-elgin/
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Cat Declawing (847) 742-3906 (South Elgin IL, St Charles IL, Elgin IL, West Dundee)
Call 847-742-3906 http://www.SouthElginVet.com I am Dr. Churan of the Animal Clinic of South Elgin and I'd like to talk about feline declaw surgery. To remove a feline's claws requires a commitment that your feline will stay indoor only. It is not fair to declaw an animal and then throw it outside where it would be defenseless. There are some people who think that they'll leave the back claws on so that the kitty can have some defense when it goes outside. Felines are not able to do karate kicks and defend themselves at all or climb a tree with their bad claws. So, commitment to keep your pet indoor only is required and having said that, I think creating a positive relationship where your pet is going to be a success in your home requires that your pet does not do destructive behavior because there is nothing more frustrating than having a pet that is destroying your home and that you really cannot do anything about . Kitten Cat Declawing creates a win-win situation. So like spaying which makes any animal a better pet, so would removing the claws an indoor-only feline whose natural behavior involves clawing of your furniture and of your walls. So, if we can manage that so that it is a win-win situation I think everyone is ahead and your kitty has a happy and loving family then for its entire life. Also, small children may want to play. Kitty may not want to play. A scratch can scar a child's face for life. Kitten Cat Declawing. The younger the feline the better the outcome. Removing claws is a surgical procedure. It is done under general anesthesia and there is a recovery period during which point you will want to be very careful to keep the feet quite clean so that they heal. So just like a spay or a neuter incision will heal, this incision of course will heal. We want to declaw as young as possible. The younger a cat is when we declaw the faster the healing process. I do have a problem where people say "Well, I'm going to wait and see if my cat is destructive and if they are desctructive then I will declaw them" and then we are faced with declaw surgery on a cat that is four or five years old where people are very frustrated because the cat has ruined all their furniture and are just tired of it and now they need to declaw the cat at an older age which is frustrating for me as a caring veterinarian because then the cat will have a much longer recovery. Kitten Cat Declawing is our recommendation for house cats. So I think we need to recognize that most cats have the natural behavior to claw things so if we take care of that early just like we do spaying or neutering at a young age where it is more humane to the cat, we are creating a more positive relationship with our cat. If you know people who have declawed cats including myself you will find they are very healthy, happy pets and do not have permanent psychological or other problems from being declawed just like they do not have permanent psychological problems from being spayed or neutered. So, that is our recommendation. This is our kitty Daisy and she is an example of a very happy, healthy cat. She lives in our clinic and is a member of our clinic family. http://acse60177.vetinzip.com/spay-neuter/kitten-cat-declaw/
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Spay Neuter  (847) 742-3906 (South Elgin IL, St Charles IL, Elgin IL, West Dundee IL)
Call 847-742-3906 Please Visit http://www.SouthElginVet.com I am Dr. Churan from the Animal Clinic of South Elgin and I am going to give you some information about the importance of spaying or neutering your pets. The reason we do that is for their health. Spaying and neutering generally lead to a longer life for your pets. Also, for indoor cats this is a good time to consider declawing. Spaying or neutering could prevent some tumors caused by hormones from developing. The incidence of breast cancer in female dogs is directly related to the number of heat periods. The more heat periods your dog has, the higher the incidence of breast cancer which in dogs is almost always malignant. This can be completely avoided by spaying. When we spay your dog or your cat before their first heat cycle the incidence of breast cancer is virtually zero. In male dogs certain anal tumors are very exposed to the testosterone hormone as well as to prostate problems, and again neutering your pet (which is the surgical procedure for male dogs), can prevent this problem if done at a young age. We recommend spaying and neutering at 6 months of age. We feel that the dogs are old enough to handle the anesthetic and they are mature enough to have developed their breed characteristics at that point. Spay Neuter Surgical Procedure Room When we do spay or neuter we use gas anesthetic. This is our surgical procedure room. We do have gas anesthetic. We have electronic heart and blood pressure monitoring which we use during each procedure. We have oxygen pumped into the building where we can plug our machine to, as well as gas evacuation so that we do not have excess gas anesthetic in the room. This is our stainless steel surgical table which is heated for the comfort of your pet. When pets are anesthesized they can lose body heat and our smaller pets tend to lose body heat on a cold surface when anesthesized. So, this is a heated surface and we feel our pets will be more comfortable during surgery and at warmup when they wake up. We also have a recovery area. We have heated cages so that when our pets wake up they would be more comfortable waking up on a heated surface and we find that our pets are so much more comfortable and happier. Obviously, our goal is for them to have a comfortable procedure. Spay Neuter Health and Behavior Benefits The long term health benefits are known and obviously we also want to deal with the psychological benefits. Male dogs, as they mature, the testosterone kicks into their system and many of them will become dog-aggressive. They become leg lifters to urinate which is a territorial marking behavior. It is very inconvenient for owners whose pets lift their legs to mark the kitchen table leg or the corners of bedspreads. We want to prevent this behavior. It is far easier to prevent problems than it is to solve them. Spay Neuter may preserve the young pet's personality. Once your dog has decided that it does not like other male dogs, changing its mind is very difficult. I have some people tell me that they are concerned about neutering their pet because they don't want their pet to change. What I am going to tell you is that your pets will change if you don't neuter them. When they are puppies they have wonderful personalities. They like everyone because they have not developed hormonal behaviors and if we don't neuter them they become sexually mature and that's when these hormonal behaviors develop and this will change your dog. If you like the personality of your puppy or your kitten, neutering them will keep their desirable personalities. It is good for their health and it is good for their behavior and they are better pets. All of us want pets to be good members of our family and neutered pets will become a good part of our family. http://acse60177.vetinzip.com/spay-neuter/pet-spay-neuter/
Pet Teeth Cleaning Veterinarian (847) 742-3906  (South Elgin IL St Charles IL Dundee)
Call 847-742-3906 Please Visit http://www.SouthElginVet.com I am Dr. Churan from the Animal Clinic of South Elgin, 896 North La Fox Street, South Elgin, IL 60177. This is my assistant Lauren and this is Arwin also known as Big Mama's House. I'd like to give you a little information about dental health. As part of a cat wellness exams and vaccinations and dog wellness examination and vaccination, we check your pet's teeth. Pet Teeth Cleaning may prevent serious bacteria infections. Dental health is very important for pets as well as people. Accumulation of tartar on the teeth is a great place for bacteria to accumulate. Gums are very vascular, meaning there is a great deal of blood supply so any bacteria that is accumulating on teeth finds it very easy to get into the blood stream and circulate in the pet's body. The filtering organs, which are the liver and kidneys, will then be constantly filtering bacteria and obviously this is very bad for the health of those organs. When bacteria attaches to the pet's heart valves, it roughens the valves' tissue and do not seal properly anymore and heart disease is something permanent, so keeping the oral cavity healthy is very important for your pet's overall health, not just a cosmetic benefit. Of course, it is also cosmetic in as much as people tell me their dogs have bad breath. Pet Teeth Cleaning is needed for both cats and dogs. This applies to cats also, so it is not just dogs that develop dental problems. So, keeping our pets' mouth healthy is really important. We check our pet's teeth by picking up the lip and looking at the teeth which should be white. Most dogs have red or black pigment on their gum tissue; but, this is not some kind of disease. The teeth should be white and we should be able to see up to the gum line and it should not have a bright red line which is gingivitis line. This tells us that even if there is not a lot of tartar accumulation there could be gum disease which is plaque, so dental maintenance is really important. There are several products that we recommend and which are beneficial for your dog or your cat. Just like people, even though we have excellent dental maintenance for our pets, they still need professional care. Pet Teeth Cleaning also includes polishing and a fluoride treatment. Professional care is ultrasonic cleaning and polishing. We do this here at the clinic and it involves anesthesia because unlike people, pets do not cooperate as well, so they need an anesthetic in order for us to perform the procedure. Ultrasonic cleaning and polishing is an anesthetized procedure and we do it from Monday to Friday. People drop off their pets in the morning and they are able to go home in the afternoon on the same day. Our oral cleaning includes ultrasonic cleaning and polishing. We do fluoride treatment. Pet Teeth Cleaning includes antibiotic and pain medication. We will send your pet home with antibiotics because when we clean the gum line, we stir up infection so we want this covered by antibiotics. In many cases we may also send some pain medication because we don't want your pet to be uncomfortable due to soreness of the gums and teeth. Pet Teeth Cleaning Schedules vary by breed and need. I don't have an exact schedule of how often pets should get their teeth cleaned. Most people have their teeth cleaned once every 6 months. I'd like to be more individual with pets, because the procedure does involve anesthetic. Some pets may need cleaning every 6 months and others once every 2-3 years. Of course, genetics play a big role and certain breeds are more prone to dental problems than others. Obviously, dogs that have worse dental problems come in more frequently than those who have good dental care. We recommend a physical exam once a year to check your pet's teeth. http://acse60177.vetinzip.com/veterinary-advice/pet-teeth-cleaning-3/
Veterinary Digital X-Ray (847) 742-3906 (South Elgin IL 60177 Veterinarian)
Call 847-742-3906 Please Visit http://www.SouthElginVet.com I am Dr. Churan from the Animal Clinic of South Elgin 896 North La Fox Street, South Elgin, IL 60177. This is our radiography room and it is exclusively dedicated to our digital x-ray machine. This is the table where we take digital pictures of your pet's insides. This is our clinic cat, Stewart, who is our model for today's video. We are not actually performing radiography right now; but, when we do, we wear lead gowns and lead gloves for protection from potential exposure to radiation. Veterinary Digital X-Ray is beautiful in so many ways. The beauty of digital radiography is the instant picture of the subject for viewing on a television screen eliminating retakes that were common in the older method where a picture is taken using the manufacturer's film-based machine and then developed within 15 minutes. If the picture is not clear, then retakes have to be taken. Meanwhile, the pet becomes anxious. With this new machine, the procedure is quick and tolerable by the pet, and the quality of the picture is excellent. Because it is digital, we are able to manipulate and turn the images upside down, we can make them darker or lighter to get a better view of vague lesions. Again, this prevents us from taking additional films, from darker to a lighter setting. This is better for the pets and the staff. Veterinary Digital X-Rays can be e-mailed In addition, we are able to send digital pictures by email. We can also download pictures on a compact disc if the client wants a copy of the x-ray. We can email radiograhic images to specialists for their opinion as in the case of breeders who want OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) certification that the animal's hips and joints are free from genetic defects. It is a fast and seamless procedure and we believe this digital radiography device is the best machine we can possibly have. http://acse60177.vetinzip.com/veterinary-advice/veterinary-digital-x-ray/
Kitten Shots Costs (847) 742-3906 (South Elgin IL, Elgin IL, St Charles IL, West Dundee IL)
Call 847-742-3906 Please Visit http://www.SouthElginVet.com Kitten Shots Wellness Exam by Dr. Churan. I am Dr Churan from The Animal Clinic of South Elgin and I would like to explain the Kitten Shots Wellness Exam. Kitten Shots Wellness Exam catches problems early. When you get a new kitten, just like when you get a new baby in your family, it is really important for that new kitten to get a health checkup as soon as possible. The reason is that many problems are minor if they are caught quite early or they may progress to more serious problems that could cause permanent damage to your new pet. You want your cat to have a long and healthy life and that starts out with kitten health examination and vaccinations. You want to make sure that your kitty is not infested with parasites, which is common in very young cats. We also want to make sure issues such as ear mites, fleas, and intestinal parasites are addressed. Kitten Shots Wellness Exam catches problems early. We also want to make sure that your infant feline is growing the way it should grow. Even if your cat is going to be indoor-only, your cat can be at risk for diseases that are airborne; so, we do recommend preventative vaccinations even for indoor-only cats. Feline leukemia and feline immuno virus are the H-type viruses which are contagious between cats. Even though you know where your kitty came from, the parentage of this cat is not well-known so we really don't know the health status of their parents. Doing a simple blood test to check for the feline leukemia and the PHIV virus is really important when you first get your cat so we have a known issue when that time comes. Kitten Shots Wellness Exam includes Veterinary Advice. We also want to make sure that your kitten is being fed properly. We will also want to talk about issues such as whether your kitten is going to be an indoor-only pet or is going to need declawing. We will talk about spaying or neutering when your cat gets to be 6 months old. We want all the cats to be healthy. An average cat will live 14 to 16 years; so, starting your cat out right is really important for you to get this benefit and for your cat to have a long and happy life. http://acse60177.vetinzip.com/vaccinations/kitten-vaccinations-wellness-exam/
Dog Boarding (847) 742-3906 (South Elgin IL, St Charles IL, Elgin IL, West Dundee IL)
Call 847-742-3906 Please Visit http://www.SouthElginVet.com I am Dr. Churan from the Animal Clinic of South Elgin. In addition spay neuter and Heartworm Preventative Medications, we offer a "pet hotel" to clients. If you want to become one of our clients, you can register online. However, in order to stay at our new pet hotel, your pet must be current on all canine vaccinations and have no symptoms of any contagious disease. Dog Boarding with Dog Runs of varying sizes. This is our dog boarding facility and it is called Dog Runs. The kennels are of varying sizes since we have varying-size dogs. This is a large size kennel for a Great Dane. We have smaller kennels for small dogs. The kennels have glass frontage with stainless steel bars. We have a drain system in the back of each kennel that takes care of spills or accidents so that the dogs are not standing on wet floors which could be uncomfortable for them. Dog Boarding Sanitation. The block walls are epoxy-coated which allows for easy cleaning thereby making the facility very sanitary. Our goal is for our canine boarders to be comfortable here and they need enough space for that to happen. This is a separate section of our new pet health care facility. This is not medical quarantine or surgery recovery. This section is dedicated to keeping your pet almost as happy as home. Dog Boarding Includes Outside Potty Breaks. We take the canine boarders outside several times a day to relieve themselves. Other than that, the boarders stay indoors where they can move around freely without being confined to a small cage. Other dog boarding facilities use stacked cages. This may be OK for short-term warehousing of your best furry friend during surgery recovery or medical quarantine. However, for longer stays, a large run will make pet happier. http://acse60177.vetinzip.com/veterinary-advice/dog-boarding-animal-clinic-of-south-elgin/
Cat Boarding (847) 742-3906 (South Elgin IL, St. Charles IL, West Dundell IL)
Call 847-742-3906 Please Visit http://www.SouthElginVet.com Cat Boarding in South Elgin IL. This is our feline only boarding facility and it is for our cats that are well. We board only for our regular patients so we don't have a large facility boarding a lot of cats. It's very small so we can offer very personal treatment. Of course, you can always register online and become our client. These are what we call condos. They can be adjusted for families with more than 1 cat by opening up the dividing wall between 2 condos. This door is the opening to the litter pan area. We place the litter pan here so it is not in the main room where the food and water are located so it is more comfortable and cleaner for the cats. Cat Boarding Only- No Dogs Allowed! We also have cat trees. This room is dedicated to cats only; we do not have the dogs in here. Many cats like dogs; but, others are not comfortable being with strange dogs in the same room with the barking, etc. So, this is strictly a cat facility. We have a lot of glass windows here so the cats can look out and see what is going on outside. The condos have clear back walls allowing the cats to look out to the parking lot where there are plenty of trees, keeping them occupied so that they are not in a sterile environment. We do have a couple of climbing trees. Cat Boarding includes Play and Exercise. We let our cats loose individually so they can get their exercise. This is Taco in the cubby hole. He likes to play in here where he can see what is going on. Letting the cats out individually allows them to play at their own individual levels. http://acse60177.vetinzip.com/veterinary-advice/cat-boarding-at-south-elgin-vet/
Heartworm Pet Meds (847) 742-3906 (South Elgin IL, St Charles IL, W Dundee IL )
Call 847-742-3906 Please Visit http://www.SouthElginVet.com I am Dr. Churan from the Animal Clinic of South Elgin, 896 North La Fox Street, South Elgin, IL 60177. This is my assistant Jenny and this is Arwin, one of our clinic dogs and she is a great dane. Arwin is frequently here at the clinic. Today we want to talk about heartworms. Heartworm is a blood parasite spread by mosquitoes thru your dog's bloodstream. When an infected mosquito bites your dog it injects a microscopic parasite to your dog's bloodstream. Within a period of 5 months it can grow up to a foot, lodges into your dog's heart and could kill your dog. During our annual Cat Wellness Examinations and Dog Wellness Examinations we test for parasite infections. We also may recommend a pet teeth cleaning. Heartworm Pet Meds are easy prevention. It is very easy to prevent this, however, by a once-a-month medication. Your canine needs to be tested annually and the reason for this is that it is very safe to kill the tiny microscopic heartworms that the mosquitoes are putting into your best furry friend; however, your canine could have an adult heartworm due to your canine not getting any heartworm medication at all, missing a dose due to one reason or another, the animal vomiting the medication after a scheduled dose, or the patient not receiving a dose because of a misunderstanding among the various owners. This leaves a window of opportunity where your pet could get infected. Heartworm Pet Meds require an annual blood test. Therefore, it is very important that your dog gets tested once a year, even if you have been giving the medication faithfully. The reason for this is if we kill an adult heartworm, it can clog the great vessels of the heart and your beloved pet could drop dead. This sudden death which could not be completely explained is something we never want to happen. Heartworm Pet Meds Blood Tests includes Lyme Disease Test. A internal parasite blood test that we do here at the Animal Clinic of South Elgin also tests for lyme disease and other tick diseases which are other emerging parasite problems in canine population. These are treatable diseases if we catch them early before permanent damage is done. For heartworm preventatives, we have a variety of brands which do many different things. The most basic e is a once-a-month pill that you give your dog to control this and 2 kinds of intestinal parasites. We have upgrade pills that take care of this parasite and 3 kinds of intestinal parasites. We also have Sentinel which has an additional ingredient that prevents fleas as well as take care of this and 3 kinds of intestinal parasites. That is our most popular preventative in this practice. Anybody who ever had fleas has found that it is easier to prevent flea infestation than treat the infestation itself. Giving your dog a pill once a month is easy compared to getting rid of the fleas in your household. We also have a topical heartworm preventative that you spray on the back of the dog's head. The reason some people choose this type is that some dogs do not cooperate when it comes to taking oral medication. Heartworm Pet Meds are also needed for cats. Cats could get infected by heartworms as well, although much less common than dogs. When cats get infected by this blood-based parasite, it is much more severe because cats are small and their hearts are also small. One worm could kill a cat. Cats have lung pathology rather than heart pathology so they develop asthma-type symptoms. This fatal parasite is also very preventable in cats by oral or topical medication once a month. Again, preventive measures, just like in people, are far better and easier than treatment after the infection. Heartowm Pet Meds are much cheaper than treatment. Heartworm can be treated. If your dog tested positive for this fatal parasite, he can be treated. The treatment, however, is not only expensive but also hard on the dog in the sense that the dog could be sick for a 6-week period. Preventing a possible permanent damage to your dog from internal parasites is a far better goal than treatment. We recommend preventative medications 12 months of the year since mosquito seasons are unpredictable. There is no season to intestinal parasites, however, so it is important to control these parasites year-round. In short, parasite prevention is a very good choice for your family and your dog. http://acse60177.vetinzip.com/veterinary-advice/heartworm-pet-meds/