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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six  Siege 02 21 2017   22 06 42 33
Do i need to even describe the frustration of dealing with this alone with no technical support help from Ubisoft. Send in Ticket get response asks for ports sends in ports equals stonewall.
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CSGO Highlights #1 - Twitch, Switch, Flick
Few Games of MM with some AWP highlights. Shadowplay missed my Mic for the captures but i should have it fixed for the next video. Enjoy :) Daywalker.
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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six  Siege 02 08 2017   21 02 40 02
80 FPs + with 80ms Connection /Speed test shows 25mb+ a sec, Dear Ubisoft I live west coast what is this garbage? Ive had Professionals check the porting, Ive talked and confirmed with ISP. ITS BEEN 2 YEARS im SICK OF THIS!!!!!!!
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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six  Siege 02 21 2017   21 41 00 30
Same Shit all the time Ubisoft, Not being mean for the giggles would love to play the game, Haven't been able to play for 20 months. THIS ISN'T NEW ITS CONSISTENT!!!!!!!! i5 2500k 4.5ghz w/ GTX970. FIX PLEASE. Ive turned everything down, Ive Ported everything and had someone check the ports. Ive only been stone walled by Ubisoft Supoprt with Auto bullshit messages.
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