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unboxing my homecube!
hey guys! sorry for not uploading in the longest time, i've just been super busy and (not gonna lie) lazy. i've seen lihit lab pencil cases around a lot and was going to get one but saw this homecube one instead. it had a pen stand (everything else was almost exactly like the lihit lab one) so i decided to buy this one instead. and a few days in for using this pencil case, i can safely say that i actually really like it! it can hold a lot and it's super convenient. hope you enjoyed! music : moonlight by sleep2 instagram : philocalystudies studyingamino : philocalystudies tumblr : philocalystudies
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pilot juice vs muji (0.5mm)
hey guys! so i've had this video for about a month, but youtube was blocked in china and lowkey wasn't working, even with my vpn (oops). so i'm really sorry about that! anyway, i'm working on a sort of collage of "vlogs" that i took in china. i'm super excited to finish editing (it's gonna take so long) and share it with you guys. anyway, i hope that you guys enjoy this "pen battle" sort of thing. i found myself wondering this, and i JUST found my long lost set of muji pens (i'm not kidding when i said JUST, right before i filmed this). But hopefully this helped! Enjoy! :) instagram: philocalystudies
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pilot juice pen 0.5mm review
today i'll be reviewing the pilot juice pens (size 0.5mm). i've seen all the hype that was put towards this, and so i decided to try it out myself. i wasn't disappointed! i hope you all enjoyed this video :) feedback is greatly appreciated :) pilot juice 0.5mm 12 set: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00AKHLW32/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 pilot juice 0.38mm 12 set: https://www.amazon.com/LJU120UF-12C-color-pilot-juice-japan/dp/B00AFR8ROY/ref=sr_1_4?s=office-products&ie=UTF8&qid=1493478835&sr=1-4&keywords=pilot+juice+0.38+mm links: studygram: myseoulandheart studying amino: annaxlin
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5 Different Note Taking Methods || Fast and Effective
Hey guys! Sorry for not posting in 3 weeks :( But I just finished up this video about five minutes ago and needed to post! I hope you all will enjoy it. The Dutch Door method was made by Haley Cairo, or at least I discovered it through her. I found the Cause and Effect method through Mariana's Study Corner. Both great studytubers!! Yesterday was my birthday so my family and I went to Canada (I love Canada so much). We spent the day eating poutine, looking at art galleries and going to some thrift shops. It was really cool because I had never gone to a thrift store before. Should I post a "haul"?
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"diy" mini binder
hey guys! i'm back with another video (in a loonngggg time , which i apologize for, i've been super super busy lately and this weekend was especially hectic). but anyway, i finally found the time to upload this video - another voice over, sorry for the several harsh sounds again - of my "diy"-ing a mini binder that i got from target. oh, and i didn't actually create a mini binder by myself, it's just me making the mini binder into an organizing device. hope you enjoyed! :) medias: instagram: philocalydesires studying amino : philocalydesires tumblr: philocalydesires
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week of aesthetics
So yeah I took a really long time posting this sorry! But now that it's out I hope you guys enjoy! I might also do a vlog sort of thing around Scotland (where I'm going for winter break) but I'm not sure about that yet. Where are you guys going for winter break? Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed the video! tags: study, studytube, school help, help, high, school, high school, aesthetic, youtuber, youtube, lifestyle, tumblr, hype, hype beast, old, oldie, retro, vintage, obey, skater, thrasher, week of aesthetics, fashion, cozy, cozy girl, girl, style, comedy, funny, fun, weheartit, instagram, instagram baddie, baddie, 90s, thrift
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my makeup collection
woot woot it's a makeup collection. i'm probably gonna go out and get more sooner or later but until then here's my collection. i don't really wear a full face everyday but i've been trying to find a lip color that matches mine and i CAN'T FIND ANYTHING so that's why i have so many lip products ahahaha. anyway hope you guys enjoyed! tags: makeup, makeup collection, collection, teenage, teen, teenager, teen makeup, diy, advice, help, study, studytube, school, academics, film, photo, class, classes, advice, tips, help, high school, school, middle school, youtube, aesthetic, voiceover, chill
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what's in my backpack?
hey guys, i decided to do a what's in my backpack because i just cleaned it up and thought it was probably the best time to do it. i can't wait until it's spring. then i can bring you all outside and stuff and it'll be all sunny... but until then i guess we will have to wait. hope you enjoyed! tags: study, studytube, school, academics, film, photo, class, classes, advice, tips, help, high school, school, middle school, notes, fast, note taking, video, youtube, what's in my backpack, backpack, what's, in, my, backpack, school supplies, supplies, subjects, science, math, ela, aesthetic, voiceover, chill
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outfits inspired by songs
hope you guys enjoyed! please like, comment and subscribe :) DISCLAIMER: none of these songs are mine :) songs: baggage - breakfast santana bellyache - billie eilish travellin' man - ricky nelson we had to end it - cuco social media: instagram: peachilyyours
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glossier unboxing & review (extra dupes!)
hey guys, i'm back ahaha omg my wifi has been so bad lately it took 2 hours to upload this. i've been super busy, but i finally had time today! i hope this is useful for you guys though, i definitely worked hard to edit this. also, i'm so excited i finally got a chance to review glossier! i've been seeing it everywhere. hopefully i touched on all the things needed. dupe list: https://saintdyana.com/home/2018/3/25/glossier-dupes ^ this has EVERYTHING i highly recommend checking it out :)
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weekend vlog @ baltimore
hey guys 👋🏽 i know i keep saying this, but sorry for being so inactive. i have a fully edited video already (besides this one) but for some reason i just can’t get off my ass and take the thumbnail picture. ughghh it sucks being lazy :( anyway, i hope this was entertaining. this was just one weekend i spent in baltimore, ma with some of my friends. it was super fun, but baltimore is also kinda sus sometimes lmao o whale (pun bc aquarium teehee) i hope you all like this format – i think i do since i don’t have to do much, and it’s kinda fun ahaha. anyway, please like/comment/subscribe/do all of the above (or sideways, in this case?) if you enjoyed. tags: vlog, baltimore, vacation, lifestyle, student, students, high school, school, fun, chill, friends, friend, books, coffee, ice cream, trendy, weekend, aquarium, harbor, water, thrift, thrifting, store, thrift stores, goodwill, pizza, travel
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shein haul and some tips ;)
hey guys, it's anna i'm working on getting a good setup, so far my room has like, no places that are comfortable to film in with good lighting at the same time, so that is a challenge but i am trying don't worry ;) anyway, here is a video about my experience with shein! this is an older video, i just kept forgetting to get thumbnail pics so i hope you will excuse my laziness on that, but other than that i hope you enjoy! super excited for my next video! make sure to turn on the notification bell if you subscribe so you know when it comes out because it's gonna be a sort of COLLABBB with one of my best friends :) anyway, i hope you enjoyed this video! :)
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sunset + cloudy drink
the whole idea was based off of krist soup. i just used different flavors :) ingredients: cloudy drink (which turned out to be a bit of a fail, but it was still pretty good) butterfly pea tea coconut milk truvia ice sunset drink: mango passionfruit juice from trader joe's mango passionfruit tea (very concentrated) from STASH butterfly pea tea ice find her video here! https://youtu.be/q81s-urI5NM (definitely recommend watching) song: no one - kayge calypso & DUNN remix
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10 ways to style mom jeans!
i'm back! but not for long. school has been very, very busy :( hope you guys enjoy this vid! 10 ways/inspo on styling mom jeans ;)
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december favorites!
hey everyone! sorry for not posting for almost a month lmao whoop i'll try really hard not to keep procrastinating until i forget uhhhhhahhh but yeah, hopefully you guys will enjoy a much more high qual version of this month's favorites! tags (ignore): december, favorites, december favorites, favorites, favs, rose spray, skincare, cozy, comfortable, vans, old skool, shoes, accessories, brandy melville, pacsun, clothing, clothes, thrift, vintage, aesthetic, tumblr, fluffy, socks, fluffy socks, funny, youtube, youtuber, lifestyle, makeup, highlighter, lip balm, lip, haul, fashion, advice, opinion, review, song, singing, carefree, retro, 90s, winter, comfortable, life, candid
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target & michaels haul
yeee a haul lmao i'm going to post other things later though haha... although i just got an amazon box the other day so.... ;) hope you guys enjoyed!
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study with me : bubble tea edition
hey guys! do you like the new thumbnail layout? ahaha i was trying out a few new things and thought i liked this version a little bit better, especially since it blends in with my header a lot more :) as mentioned in the video, this is my first time doing a voice over so i'm getting adjusted to the microphone and stuff, so sorry about the harsh sounds (especially the p's). also sorry for the awkwardness i hope you liked this video though! i had a lot of fun (really, because i got bubble tea haha) making this so i hope you all had fun watching this. it's a little longer because i had to do so to incorporate the voice over. (just an fyi, the bubble tea i went to in kung fu tea, however i will not reveal the location ofc). instagram : philocaly studies studying amino : philocaly studies
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june favorites
hello all 👋🏼 it’s may. just kidding it’s anna ;) get pr@nkd. ok but actually can we all just register the fact that i posted LESS THAN A WEEK AGO and am posting again? i might as well be a professional youtuber woowowowoweee i decided to try a different format for this video. and i know it's kinda late for a june favorites but i'm doing it anyway because i want to ##edgy but also ##lazy teehee i am so quirky and relatable. i took a lot of time on this video though like actually my back hurts but it’ll all be fine if y’all enjoy it so ye pls do :) anyway, if you did, like and comment! or if you feel kind enough to donate to an egocentric teen (that’s me hahah!) you could even subscribe and turn on the bell! crazy stuff. since it’s summer, i want to get back into the lull of things so hopefully everything works out. thanks for your patience though :)
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grwm – outside edition
hey guys it's ya boi just kidding that was literally the grossest thing i've ever typed in my life. but it's anna! i'm so sorry about this video. lmao but i was feelin super crAYzyY so that is... the thing. anyway i'm done with this desc. hope you enjoyeddd once again make sure to like, comment, subscribe w the notification bell turned on you won't regret it or maybe you will! i'm already working on that glossier vid it's gonna be the BOMB DIGGITY jk i am actually not that sure we will see if it's gonna be a glossier unboxing/review or a summer makeup look we will see bc if i do both of them it'll just be like, the same thing? maybe not i sAId wE'LL seE ook bye!
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end of the summer makeup look!
hey guy! THIS TOOK FOUR UPLOADS!!! and the audio might be messed up bc i tried using this microphone but the mic was crap so sorry!! school just started for me and it's great!! bc !! i had!! 3 tests !!! in 3 days!! it's fine :) anyway i hope you enjoy this!
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study with me (4/28/17)
hello~ i filmed this on the 28th but i haven't gotten around to posting it until today, the thirtieth. so sorry for that. but in return, i'll be posting something tomorrow - my bujo monthly spread, featuring may! nevertheless, i hope you guys enjoyed this! it was something a little different than what i had experimented with before, but i think i kinda love doing it so stay tuned for more of these "study with me"s :) studygram: philocalystudies studying amino: philocalystudies
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november favs ❤️
hey everyone, it's anna with an november favorites video! it's super different from the videos i posted before, but i think i want to change my channel into a lifestyle kinda channel? like i'm going to still do some study videos but not as much. i think i will start posting more about my life and vlog style and stuff. it'll be fun! i hope. also sorry for the constant tilt in this video it's my first time filming this kinda thing haha
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hey guys. sorry for not being around at all. i've just been hella stressed with exams (and i know, i know, i should've filmed at least a few study-with-me's but those still take editing). i've just felt super lazy with youtube's tags and stuff bc my goal is higher than 9 subscribers, if i even have that hahaha... the editing i don't really mind, but all that work with tags but with no result? idk i just wasn't feeling it but anyway, here's a short one minute video as a filler (the title wasn't lying) for my channel. i have some new footage of something else (the muji pens you see me finding here is a clue, and fun fact i was looking for these for ages and finally found them by a fat stroke of luck when filming this randomly haha). also i'm going to be at this camp starting next week and it ends on thursday, so it's actually less than a week and should be fine but if my next video is late, it's because the camp is 12 hours long and usually by the time i get back i just crash on my bed and sleep. after that i go to china. i'm excited but also don't know what's to come because youtube is definitely blocked. so i don't really know how to do this. i'm definitely going to be filming a bunch of travel diaries (that's why i'm so excited) but then again, idk how to post them. maybe i can send the edited video, thumbnail, and description to my sister to post it in the us? i'll have to figure out how to do those automatic tags so she doesn't have to do them. so ye this description has been dragging on for a while but oh well, i meant to do this to explain everything to you all. so yepyepyep hope you guys enjoyed this long blurb and short vid. see you in a while :) song: champagne eyes - idk the artist but it's from the wet hot summer netflix show (it's so cheesy but hilarious)
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everyday makeup tutorial
hey guys! sorry i haven't uploaded in a while (again, i know :( ). also sorry about the voiceover, i'm using my earbuds' microphone so i'm still getting used to it. don't know if i will ever figure out how to use it without the weird "pah" sounds. but i hope you guys enjoyed this video! i tried a different kind of editing style... do you all like it better? PRODUCTS: CoverGirl Oh Sugar! Lipstick in “Candy”: https://goo.gl/gnF5k7 Pixi by Petra Hydrating Milky Mist: https://www.pixibeauty.com/products/hydrating-milky-mist?variant=31991621891 Maybelline Fit Me! Concealer in “Medium (25)”: https://www.maybelline.com/face-makeup/concealer/fit-me-concealer Beauty Blender Dupe (idk if this actually works though because I forgot which brand mine came from: https://goo.gl/k1MPfx Maybelline Fit Me! Matte+Poreless Powder in “230 Natural Buff”: https://www.maybelline.com/face-makeup/powder/fit-me-matte-poreless-powder/natural-buff Rimmel London Natural Bronzer in “Sunlight (021)”: https://www.rimmellondon.com/en_us/products/face/natural-bronzer Clinique Blush in “108 Cupid” (this isn’t the exact “palette” because I think it was limited edition, but this is the same shade I used): https://goo.gl/9PQG9X e.l.f. Baked Highlighter in “Blush Gems”: https://goo.gl/SMdegW Wet n Wild Mega Glo Makeup Stick in “When the Nude Strikes”: https://goo.gl/VcsKVZ Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herb and Rosewater: https://goo.gl/r4YFPN NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil: https://goo.gl/E9NeEa Maybelline Volum’ Express The Falsies: https://goo.gl/ZNKi6D CoverGirl The Supersizer Mascara: https://goo.gl/c1f4Pz Revlon Balm Stain in “Adore: http://www.revlon.com/products/lips/lip-color/colorburst-balm-stain#309976348551||0 tags: makeup, teen, teenage, teenager, teen makeup, high school, middle school, school, help, advice, youtube, video, youtuber, comedy, artsy, aesthetic, tumblr, tutorial, diy, everyday, everyday makeup, diy makeup, makeup tutorial, voiceover, chill, natural, dewy, glow, glowy, highlight, foundation, concealer, bronzer, blush, eyeshadow, tips
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bujo monthly spread: may
this is a relatively simple video as you watch me create my first monthly bullet journal spread. most of the time, the only subtitles are the names of the utensils i'm using. hope you enjoyed! studygram: philocalystudies studying amino: philocalystudies
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post-it notes, etc. collection
this video is all about the many things i have inside this white box of goodies. i added more text with this one - i mean, there's definitely a lot more commentary. i thought it'd be fun to share this since i adore this box and its insides so much. look forward to a "what's in my pencil bag"! instagram : philocalystudies studying amino : philocalystudies
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hawaii haul & i'm back!
hey guys! sorry the audio is so silent in this, i was super quiet and literally crashed after this due to jet lag ughhg sorry for not uploading in a while, hopefully the video cleared things up a bit! anyway hope you all enjoyed this trash and make sure to subscribebe sd;) also ye this was barely a haul ahaha i didn't get much but i mostly wanted to use this to clear things up while also giving like, some content??? all in all hawaii was super heckin fun besides hurricane lane haha but no one asked so bye !
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diy ootd || tips to build an outfit
hey guys it's been less than a week since i posted! wowee! hope you all enjoyed this video, it was pretty fun to film it. :) tags (ignore): highschool, high, school, help, advice, tips, tip, youtube, how-to, ootd, outfit, diy, do it yourself, lifestyle, idea, ideas, video, youtuber, students, college, school help, shoes, accessories, brandy melville, pacsun, clothing, clothes, thrift, vintage, aesthetic, tumblr, fashion, opinion, review, retro, 90s, winter, comfortable, life, candid
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