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Minions bling bags Gru Dru i Minionki lego mega blocks Minionki Despicable me surprise
In the episode I am opening some blind bags from minion series. There in also a minion from Mega Blocks!!!:) Enjoy watching ;) Subscribe to see more videos ;)
Huevos Sorpresa Kinder Surprise Eggs LITTLE FARM EGGS Киндер сюрприз
CARS 2 stop motion puzzle McQueen Mater Sally Luigi Guido CARS kinder SURPRISE EGGS for kids Киндер
In the episode stop motion movie is presented. There are lots of characters from The cars 2. Enjoy watching ;)
New LPS Littlest Pet Shop медиафраншиза My collection video for kids for teenagers
There are some more pets in the video. Enjoy watching it! I keep my fingers crossed for my pets. Like them all :) There are: two spiders. There is also a kangaroo, a purple octopus, a green frog, a pig amd a bee. I love the animals. Hope you're gonna love them :) Ich liebe Littlest Pet Shop! Kocham zwierzaki Littlest Pet Shop! Je aime les animals! أنا أحب الحيوانات SONGS: Smart Riot Sweet And Low
Barbie Frozen surprise egg Olaf Rapunzel Roszpunka Περιγραφή Рапунцель jajko niespodzianka
The next great video full of surprises is ready for you. I am opening 2 barbie surprise eggs;) There are also a maxi surprise egg as well as frozen egg:) Enjoy watching guys:) :)
Dino Zeitreise TIME TRAVEL DINOSAUR SURPRISE kinder sorpresa huevo  KINDER JAJKO Eier überraschungen
In the episode you will find some characters from Dino Zeitreise. Enjoy watching! ;:)
Myszka Miki Mickey Mouse Learn to count to 13 in English Let's count together!
In the episode I am counting some chocolates ;) Enjoy watching and learn how to count up to thirteen :)
Opening kinder surprise eggs Mionions Frozen Planes Cars Kinder jajka Kraina lodu - Auta - Samoloty
In the video I am opening lots of wonderful surprise eggs. Enjoy watching:) All you're gonna find are: minions, frozen,planes,cars characters and many others:) !
MLP My Little Pony GROCERY domek cukiernia episode 1 for kids for girls
In the episode you will find a great toy which is a grocery from My LIttle Pony. Hope you will enjoy watching!
Frozen Surprise Eggs OLAF ELSA ANNA for kids jajko niespodzianka kinder ovo
Do you like Frozen? I'm sure you do!:) Let's watch what new surprises I've got for you!:)
Star Wars Surprise Egg kinder surprise BOBA FETT sürpriz yumurta
In the episode you will see Yoda coming out of the surprise egg.There are lots of interesting effects! Enjoy watching! :)
Kinder Surprise Maxi Easter 2016 Sheep Rapunzel Roszpunka Stop Motion movie with play doh  FOR KIDS
Watch out guys! A great surprise is being opened:) I hope you will enjoy watching:) This time it's another Stop Motion Production :)
The cars 2 Huge Surprise egg cars characters - McQueen & Mater jajko niespodzianka  kinder sorpresa
Hello guys! I really appreciate you visit my more and more often:) :) Today we are opening a huge
Frozen Olaf Stop Motion PLAY DOH & Surprise Egg - kinder surprise maxi EASTER 2016 CLAYMATION video
Do you like Olaf from Frozen? If you do, don't miss a new video woth him:) ! He is opening a giant surprise egg from Easter Ediotion! ;) Enjoy watching:) Lubisz Olafa z Krainy Lodu? Nie przegap jak Olaf otwiera Kinder Maxi z kolekcji Wielkanoc 2016:) Você gosta de Olaf de congelados? Se o fizer, não perca um novo vídeo com ele :)! Ele está abrindo um ovo surpresa gigante da Páscoa Edition! ;) Desfrute assistindo :)
Toys for kids POLICE GARAGE / cars / auta / سيارات / Колите / 汽車總動員  in ENGLISH / po Angielsku
In the episode a set of police cars and the police station is opened:) Enjoy watching :) W tym odcinku otwieram zestaw samochodów policyjnych i posterunek policji :) Miłego oglądania :) في الحلقة يتم فتح مجموعة من سيارات الشرطة ومركز الشرطة :) استمتع بمشاهدة :) In der Folge eine Reihe von Polizeiautos und der Polizeistation beobachtet geöffnet :) Viel Spaß :)
FURBY boom GOLD FURBY video for kids children dzieci kinder  BLIND BAG english
In the episode you're going to see a gold Furby. Enjoy watching! ;)
Finding Dory Opening surprise egg AMAZING EGGS gdzie jest Dory jajka niespodzianki
In the episode we are looking for the characters from the movie FINDING DORY! which character is your favourite? Do you like Nemo like me?:)
LPS small purple squirrel Littlest Pet Shop CUTE PETS słodkie zwierzaki zwierzątka cat kotek katze
A new version of Littlest Pet Shop was introduced in 2005 by Hasbro, with revisions such as larger eyes. There are currently over 3,000 different pets that have been created under this revision. COLLECT THEM ALLL!
Opening Kinder Surprise Eggs Kung Fu Panda 3 Dinosaurs Tractor New Surprises Kinder Jajko
Are you curious person? Let's find out what I'll find in these surprise eggs :) ;) Enjoy watching guys:) I hope you will visit my more often:) :)
New LPS - ALL PURPLE - the littlest pet shop
I've bought some LPS. I'm presenting them to you. Enjoy watching! :) Je l'ai acheté des LPS. Je vous les présenter. Profitez de regarder! :) Tá mé cheannaigh roinnt LPS. Tá mé ag i láthair iad a thabhairt duit. Bain sult as ag breathnú! :) Ich habe einige LPS gekauft werden. Präsentiere ich sie Ihnen. Genieße das Zusehen! :)
Ice Age 5 Ice Age Collision Course Surprise Eggs & Arlo & Home & Epoka Lodowcowa 5 kinderki
In the episode Arlo from The Good Dinosaur & some characters from Home are opening kinder joy eggs from Ice Age Collision Course Edition. Enjoy watching:)
Easter Morning Kinder Surprise Eggs with a bunny Kinder jajko niespodzianka wielkanoc 2016
Find them all! New easter edition kinder surprise eggs:) Enojoy watching;) :)
Peppa Pig play doh Surprise Eggs Kinder Surprise Сьвінка Пэпа Świnka Peppa Kinder niespodzianka
Peppa Pig is loved by everyone! Here she is. Let's explore some amazing Kinder Surprise eggs:) Have fun while opening this great ping Peppa:) Enjoy watching:) :)
Kinder Surprise Eggs FOR GIRLS for kids for children SURPRISE EGGS kinder sorpresa
Let's watch the video full of surprises!!! Enjoy watching and subscribe to see more:) All the surprises in this episode are for girls. They will love the surprises for sure! ;)
LPS music band LITTLEST PET SHOP collect them all Which one is your favourite ?
Hi guys! I am opening my totally new LPS set. It's a music band. I was so excited when I saw it in a shop that I decided to buy the set. I am so happy to have them:) I hope guys you will love them, too:) Let me know please which one is your favourite?:)
Play Doh 4 surprise eggs - Disney princess - Sleeping Beauty - Anna Elsa Frozen - Cars ENGLISH
In the episode I am opening 4 play doh eggs! There are: angry birds, Frozen, Cars and Sleeping Beauty egg :) I'm sure you will enjoy the movie :)
Mcqueen Surprise Eggs KINDER SURPRISE ENGLISH Disney Pixar Lightning McQueen Mater cartoys Zaini
Unboxing Kinder Joy surprise eggs with race car toys and Cars 2 Lightning Mcqueen There are lots of toys to collect from Kinder surprise eggs, Kinder Play Doh! Here are some to collect from Kinder Surprise eggs! SONGS: Blue Skies Gemini robot Hills Behind
SpongeBob SquarePants Treasure Chest Secret Stone سبونجبوب  SpongeBob Surprise Kanciastoporty
In the episode I am looking for a treasure. I hope to find a golden SpongeBob one day :)
The Good Dinosaur disney ARLO unboxing new toys for kids for children DOBRY DINOZAUR DLA DZIECI
A green Dinosaur is coming!!:) Enjoy this great new toy:)
The cars 2 Disney Pixar CARS surprise & Fluffy The Dog kinder überraschung Киндер сюрприз
In this episede Fluffy The Dog is opening a new surprise egg. It's from The cars series ;) enjoy!!!
Stop Motion Claymation FROZEN Olaf & Minion PLAY DOH STOP MOTION 衛生署戲 pâte à modeler Παιχνίδια
The next stop motion movie made by MOVIE AND GAME FOR KIDS. I hope you will enjoy watching. Let me know please what you like and what you don't like.
Hello Kitty 3 Surprise Eggs & Elsa Anna Frozen Kinder Surprise Eggs
In the episode I am opening some new surprises with Hello Kitty characters ;) Enjoy watching ;)
Kinder Surprise Egg opening play doh Surprise Eggs  Star Wars sürpriz yumurta Gwiezdne wojny
In the episode you will see some surprises. Two of them are coveresd with Play Doh. Enjoy watching :) !
Stop Motion A TRACTOR A DIGGER A SHEEPSFOOT building vehicles and a cat
Stop motion is an animation technique that physically manipulates an object so that it appears to move on its own. The object is moved in small increments between individually photographed frames, creating the illusion of movement when the series of frames is played as a continuous sequence. Dolls with movable joints or clay figures are often used in stop motion for their ease of repositioning. Stop motion animation using plasticine is called clay animation or "clay-mation". Not all stop motion requires figures or models; many stop motion films can involve using humans, household appliances and other things for comedic effect. Stop motion using objects is sometimes referred to as object animation.
My Little Pony Kinder Surprise Eggs with Equestria Girls Pinkie Pie киндер kinder überraschung
My Little Pony Kinder Surprise Eggs with Equestria Girls Pinkie Pie are opened by me in the video! These New Chocolate Kinder Surprise Eggs have My Little Pony surprises inside. All the characters ithat are possible to be found are: Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, and Fluttershy as ponies and Equestria Girls. There are also random surprises in Kinder Surprise Eggs of My Little Pony series.
LPS surprise eggs blind bag cute pets sweet pets lovely pets animals for kids
Have you seen them all? Why don't you check? :) There are some new LPS found in the surprise eggs as well as a small blind bag. Which one do you like the most?
Huevo Kinder Kinder surprise minions minionki despicsble me EPISODE 2 sürpriz yumurta
Funny surprise egg  planes the cars star wars jajko niespodzianka Kinder überraschung
In this video you will find different characters from The Cars, Planes and Stasr Wars movies. Enjoy watching, comment please:)
Minions at a barber shop - Minionki fryzjer - Minions Friseur Миньоны парикмахер PLAY DOH for kids
The minions are going to a barber today. Let's check which one is going to have a haircut :)
Mickey Mouse Disney Surprise Egg - Episode 1 / kinder überraschung / huevos sorpresa
Four different characters from Mickey Mouse movie are found in the episode. Enjoy watching :)
Spiderman gift set KINDER SURPRISE EGG киндер сюрприз inder überraschung
Let's enjoy this new Surprise gift set with Spiderman:) Enjoy watching:)
angry birds  - STAR WARS - games - TATOOINE - PART 1 لعبة فيديو
Wanna see all the characters in one episode? Simply play this film and you won't be able to stop watching this wonderful game! Your kids like all of these characters for sure!
Kung Fu Panda 3 SURPRISE EGGS  episode 1 kinder jajko kinder überraschung Киндер сюрприз
In the episode there is a next kinder surprise opened. In the egg you're gonna find some characters for KUNG FU PANDA 3 SERIES! Why don't you see Pandaand Tiger?:) Enjoy watching :) I hope you're gonna like it! :)
Stop Motion Claymation A DOG how to make a dog in stop motion play doh  pâte à modeler ciastolina
I am making a dog using Play Doh. That is a stop motion movie. Enjoy watching and keep your fingers crossed for my next movies ;)
Angry Birds Film LPS Ninja Turtles blind bags for kids for children niespodzianka dla dzieci
Hi guys! Look what we've found. There are some movie characters as welll as the cutest cow ever. Let me know which ine is your fav:) :):
Halloween Angry birds : LEVEL 1. 10 - 1 . 15 / level 1 / 2 & 3 stars / gameplay TRILOGY لعبة فيديو
Wanna see all the characters in one episode? Simply play this film and you won't be able to stop watching this wonderful game! Your kids like all of these characters for sure! In this episode there are a couple of levels of Angry birds seasons - HALLLOWEEN. Enjoy!
Kraina Lodu PINGWINY Z MADAGASKARU frozen & pengiuns of madagascar blind bag dla dzieci for kids
Let's check our new video:) It is frozen & penguins of madagascar who you will find :)
Star Wars Stop Motion kinder surprise egg huevo kinder sürpriz yumurta episode 1
Star Wars is an American epic space opera franchise, centered on a film series created by George Lucas. It depicts the adventures of various characters "a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away." In the episode you will find some interesting characters as well as spaceships from STAR WARS series made by KINDER SURPRISE EGGS :)
Cute dogs sweet dogs PUPPIES Welpen Pieski Szczeniaki małe pieski little dogs szczeniaczki
DO you love pets? In the movie we are watching puppies having their first time without their mummy. So that they are barking and yelping all the time. That's so cute, isn't it?