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Top 5 Sad Techno Love Songs Part 5
Hey guys! So sorry about the long wait. I've been really busy and haven't found a lot of songs to work with. Anyways, I just wanna say that these are MY sad love songs that I listen to. If you don't like it, or don't agree, then don't watch. That simple. These videos are made for people who wanna look for songs to help them, not for people who are looking to criticize. If you wanna make friendly suggestions, I would love that! But anything on the lines of, "This video sucks, where is..." Isn't awesome. I also understand there is Trance in here. I put Techno because it is very broad term and everyone is familiar with it. I didn't wanna change my title because it would seem weird. This is why I chose what I chose. 5. Although there aren't any words [besides hold me, touch me] you can feel the sadness playing and the rain falling. I think everyone will agree that this is a sad song. 4. This might not be seen as a 'sad' love song or any love song. But it's about a girl who has been cheated on and she's given up hope, but then another guy comes along. I listen to it because when I've given up hope, it gives me hope. 3. This song is pretty simple. It's about a girl/boy who has lost trust in their lover and is asking them to show them it won't happen again. It's happened to me where my fiance broke a promise and, since I loved him, asked him o show me that I can still trust him. 2. This song is about two people not being able to be together for whatever reason and the girl is asking the guy to just let the feeling burn because they've reached the point of no return. She can't love him, but she does love him. Kinda Padme and Anakin thing going on there. 1. This is kinda actually happy if you really analyze the lyrics, but I always listened to this when I missed my fiance. So it went to my sad love songs playlist.
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Top 5 Sad Techno Love Songs Part 4
Dedicated to all those who have ever felt the sting of harsh words and the stab of coldness from someone they loved. We all say things we don't mean when we are upset. 5. I Promised Myself - Basshunter 4. Stuck On Repeat - Little Boots 3. 10 Miles - Infernal 2. Feel It In My Bones - Tiesto 1. Again - Kim Leoni
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Top 5 Techno Songs Sad Love Version Part 2
This is part 2 of my sad techno love songs! It's for those who have love and lost, for those whi are just going through a bumpy road and for those who just miss thier other half:) This video is dedicated to my babybunkerboo, Ian. Even though we have arguments and fights, I still love you and I know you are the one for me, stud!
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WDW College Program Vlog 5 Spring 2010
My 5th installment on my journey to Disney. It's not really that funny unless you're really high or something. I won't do another blog until January unless something comes up. We all have to do an right before vlog and mine will probably be on the 11th or 12th of January, before I leave. I will post a video up at Disney ASAP. I don't know if I will be too busy or not. So who knows. Hope you enjoy :) "A Dream is a wish your heart makes when you're fast asleep"...soooo...you are saying my heart wants me to be chased down by a Raptor, death choked by Darth Vader and get eaten by a T-rex?....Sweet. Song: Second Star To The Right - Jonatha Brooke
Top 5 Scooter Songs Part 1
Scooter is one of my favorite bands. They are German, play techno, and I love them! I hope enjoy the video!!! J'adore Hardcore!
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Top 5 Techno Songs Sad Love Version Part 3
This is Part 3 of my Sad Techno Love Songs videos! I hope that these songs soothe, and/or help you go through whatever it is you are going through. You are never alone :)
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Top 5 Techno Songs Sad Love Version
Here is my top 5 techno/trance songs I listen to when I'm sad. It can be applied to anything, love is just the main one. This is also my first video so be nice! :p ....Don't judge me! Stop laughing! I tried!!!! LOL Sorry So I hope you guys like/love this! 1. Ian Van Dahl- Without You 2. Plummet- Damaged 3. DJ Tiesto feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw- Just Be 4. Lasgo- Something 5. DJ Encore- Falling Oh ya...I gotta say something like: This is not my work; I do not own it. All copyrights go to the artists. Yay!
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Top 17 Scary Movies
This is my Top 17 Scariest Movies of all time. I grew up the 90's, so I may not have old classics. I did put some in the end, because they are classics. Please comment!
Top 5 TechnoTrance Songs Part 1
This is the first part of a bigger series. My top 5 techno/trance songs!!! 5. Close My Eyes - Astroline 4. Nessaja - Scooter 3. I See Right Through To You - DJ Encore 2. Outta My Mind - Lasgo 1. Next To You - Darude
WDW Disney College Program Vlog 3 Spring 2010
Hey guys! So in my 3rd installment I talk about the fun things (and ramble a bit to be honest, but come on...that's funny). My search for fellow Vacation Planners is still going. I won't stop until I find one! I also do some Chris Farley stand up lol. Even though it was David Spade, but they are basically the same person. Except one is fatter and funnier. OMG I'm rambling again!
Top 5 Techno Songs Part 6
Sorry it's been so long since I've done a video. I've been super busy! But here it is! Nothing special, but awesome songs to listen to! 5. No Limit - 2 Unlimited (lol how ironic) 4. Satellite - Ocean Lab 3. Jigga Jigga - Scooter 2. Head Over Heels - DJ Jessy 1. Lost - Lasgo
Disney College Program Vlog 1
SO I know this isn't my normal video, but I'm not all about techno you guys! Well... mostly. So this is about the Spring 2010 Disney College Program @ Walt Disney World! Yay! Walt Disney World!
Disney College Program Vlog 2: WDW Spring 2010
Here is the second part of my awesome vloggings! While I may not be the funniest person, my videos are jam packed with juicy info. This one is about what to bring, Orlando in general, and how to tell if you made it in or not. Enjoy!
Top 5 Techno/Trance Songs Part 2
Here is my Top 5 again! This time they are calming, catchy and feel good. I put awesome pictures of fancy rooms with each song. The song fits the moods of each room almost perfectly; like you can even imagine being in that room and listening to that song. 5 - It's a Dream - DJ Dean 4 - Superstar - David May 3 - Let It Rain - 4 Strings 2 - Close My Eyes - Sander Von Doorn vs Robbie Williams 1 - Inspiration - Ian Van Dahl www.socketsite.com for the awesome pictures! I HIGHLY suggest you go to thier site if you loved the pics I do not own these songs, they belong to their companies, I just want to share my love for them!
Top 5 Techno Songs Part 5
Hey! This is part 5 of my Top Techno songs! This group is more trance-like than the others. I hope you guys enjoy the show! d-_-b 5. Nintendo Hardstyle - DJ Triplestyle 4. The Melody - DJ Mangoo 3. Mohicans - Transcore Project 2. I Close My Eyes - DJ Inphinity 1. Hey Girl Hey Boy - Chemical Brothers
WDW College Program Vlog 4 Spring 2010
Hola! So...just letting you guys know...this is just a rambling of me...like the whole time. But there are some interesting tid-bits. If you are my friend, keep watching because I swear this is the stupidest video I have ever made (That Titanic sequal does not count! James Cameron still hasn't gotten back to me yet!), and you can use it against me. Oh and sorry The audio is a bit messed up. That is all.
Top 5 Techno Songs Part 4
Hey Guys! This is Part 4 of My Top 5 Techno Songs! I hope you love it and let's rave n_~ 5. Keen On Disco - Infernal 4. Maria (I Like It Loud) - Scooter 3. Back In The UK - Scooter 2. Now You're Gone - Basshunter 1. Stamp On The Ground - Italo Bros.
Top 5 Techno Songs Part 3
My top 5 techno songs, part 3! Enjoy! I do not own these songs and they belong to their creators. Will edit l8ter lol
Baby Panda Wrestling
MORTAL KOMBAT! Two of the first baby pandas born in Canada are having a bit of a fight. FINISH HIM
neongreenraver's Live PS4 Broadcast
Playing Fallout 4!
Top 10 Disney Songs
My Top Ten Disney Songs!!! There isn't any HSM, Miley Cyrus, or Jonas bros crap on here so don't worry:) Just sit back and relax;) Disney: Where laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, and dreams are forever ~*
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