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Reading from Me Talk Pretty One Day. David Sedaris(2)
Test reel. Notes appreciated. Thanks.
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Counting in one breath to 140
Thought I'd have another go, I don't practice or anything it's just occurred to me to try this again. I think if I really concentrated I could do to 300 but I don't start off as strong as I need to and I certainly could practice once or twice from time to time to improve this.
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Crunchy snow
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Peacock squares off against chipmunk rattles menacingly
Brought the family to Binder Park Zoo in Battle Creek, Michigan. At the entrance were greeted by a beautiful white peacock in full display. As we approached we realized he was squaring off against a little chipmunk who was darting closer and then father away from him. And each time the chipmunk approached the peacock rattled his beautiful plumage and pranced!
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Amira Phoenix Rose
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Reading "Me Talk Pretty One Day" by David Sedaris
I have to read this wonderful author for class! I'm making this for myself hopefully it's useful to someone else too, perhaps.
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Thanks Star Trek for telling us of a Utopian future.
Riker "no speeches, no clothes" Commander Data : "Ladies, Gentlemen," and LGBTQ #inclusive
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Driving in Richland Township, Michigan. (Loud wind
I humbly suggest you turn the sound off as I recorded a lot of wind noise on this.
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Baby Giggles! Sit on the floor! play.
Aliya Lavender Ellyn Sutherland giggling with Amira Phoenix Rose Sutherland running and jumping! Come sit on the floor and play!
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Seven days of the week pneumonic
Visualizing the days of the week in correlation with counting on your fingers can help ESL EFL or young learners alike. Integrating phonetics simple accounting and pneumonic devices layers the new memory: greatly increasing the chance of data retention. Enjoy. I hope you find this useful.
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Does this count one breath counting 129
I'm sure I can do better than this but I just decided to fill my 3rd attempt as at the drop of a hat I could do 117 are there extra rules about counting slower or clear pronunciation because I'm pretty sure with 1 good breath I could crush 130
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Amira with some angels.
Angels sure like babies!
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Previously On The West Wing
What happens when you watch The West Wing. People watch The West Wing. People could be anything. Government of the People by the people for the people. Previously on The West Wing. Watch Netflix.
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