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Viagra Parody Commercial!
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I am Me
I am Me is a documentary about GSA, also known as Gay Straight Alliance and OYA, other wise known as Orlando Youth Alliance and focus on what the organization is and how they are connected with each other and help it community's people. I've worked as the Director of Photography for this project. Here's a glimpse of the short documentary that I've putted together to display what the short has to offer!
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Sleepy Joe
Its a short that me and bunch of my film buddies got together to make for Orlando's 24 hr film festival! For the story: we've all collaborated with each other to come up with! Our short got picked among one of the 24 that got screened for the festival out of about 50 shorts!
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Weird Television
Comedy Sketch!!! :p
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Nash & Mike for CEO (Cancun Experience Officer)
Vote Nash & MIke to become the Cancun Experience Officer!
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Cosmic Love Music Video
We have filmed the video in only 2 hours!
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