Videos uploaded by user “THIRD EYE ON THE SKY”
S.A.I.’s and jet cast shadow on sky!
Why is there a shadow casted onto the sky and clouds!? One of the best mini uploads of mine proving tom foolery afoot before my eyes in our skies but why?
The Final Solar Cycle?
Another strange sunrise yellow sky, double rainbow, dying Sun.
Raw footage on a janky old Celly.
Clip of a sky that has been blasted all day with Stratospheric Aerosol Injections at sunset, and everything seemed so damn blurry even indoors thought it was just my eyes at first until I shot a few clips. The reflective sky is a recurring anomaly U suspect the processed metals fiberglass tipped aluminum or radioactive isotopes but it's speculation since some super rich dicks are apparently still running top secret eugenics programs, experimenting with silent weapons and hiding the sun daily.