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Café Kuma (English Subtitles)
In the mountains of Togo there are no big corporations, hardly any access to electricity or running water. But tucked away in a mountain village are farmers who use agroforestry techniques to produce quality coffee. This is a promotional video to showcase the one of a kind work done by the farmers of Kuma-Dunyo, Togo.
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Dave's Poop Story original
Everyone has a poop story, this is Dave's.
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Escape From Galactatraz (Original)
Dave explains his idea for a movie.
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Pulses and Light
Filmed by Edward Steven Perry of le big filme. Music is by Genaro Barragan of Guttersnipe Sound.
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AIDS Ride Togo
200 Km AIDS Ride through the north of Togo. To deliver AIDS/HIV education to far far off villages.
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Firewood Movie Trailer
Preview for the Movie "Firewood" To come out this summer. The full length version will have it's own soundtrack and not the gladiator sound track.
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One man versus the collective knowledge of a library! Andrew and I filmed this in two days while staving off a paper we were supposed to write. In the End : Eddie and Andrew: 1 Paper: 0 ... Grade in class: D+
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Red Old
Piano by me. The images are crops from low resolution photos. They are just filler. SOrry if it drives you nuts
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Lion vs Bear ?
Lion vs Bear? I don't know sometimes.
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The Greatest Day
Some times the greatest thing that can happen to you doesn't.
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Hey Zach check out my exp Grinder!!!
Dude I made a zombie mob grinder to get exp!
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Forcing myself to make a video
After three years of putting off making a blog. I made this. Good or bad I don't care anymore. Just make things and then make better ones based of the previous things. Just used Mac Photobooth for this. Audio in background is from Nanalew's video "Twinkle Lightly": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EjsDnmbzxDQ&feature=channel&list=UL The song is from Talain Rayne "Twinkle Lightly": https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/twinkle-lightly-reprise-single/id566014884
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Thanksgiving in West Africa
Thanksgiving in Togo and Benin.
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Tragedy of Andrew and Brian
Two friends are cursed to not being friends but then are friends again until Barbara makes everything bad again.
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