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Terminator Salvation The game theme
Theme to the Terminator Salvation game. Ripped from ending credits of game and cut.Enjoy! ^_^ Dont forget to comment.
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Avp multiplayer demo gameplay
Me playing and sucking on the AVP2 mp demo. Enjoy.
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Dragon Ball Z Type Theme
My first take at a Dragon ball type instrumental. Enjoy! Dragon Ball Z - © All Rights Reserved. Dragon Ball Z and all logos, character names and distinctive likenesses thereof are trademarks of TOEI ANIMATION
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WarZ: Frosty Pines PvP
Doing some PvP with my clan members at Frosty Pines! First video of my WarZ series!
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War Z: Bambi Victim
Poor bambi fails to watch his back..so the unsuspecting jaws of life have closed for him.
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Call Of Duty Black ops montage
Montage of different gameplay, Questions and feedback, feel free to comment.
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League of Legends - 3v3 Veigar, Malphite, Jinx
Another game of League, this time around it's a 3v3! Obeseinfant - Malphite Barreth Mojito - Jinx
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randy7027 - Black Ops Game Clip
Game Clip
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WarZ: Camping Gameplay
Camping the diner of rocky does not end well.
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CS:GO 1v3
A simple 1v3 on Dust2 after ninja planting the bomb on A site. ©Blackmill - Let It Be (feat. Veela) All rights to used music and credit belong to "BlackmillMusic" If you like the music, support this artist. ©The Chain Gang of 1974 - Sleepwalking All rights to used music and credit belong to "The Chain Gang of 1974 & Warner Music Group If you like the music, support this artist as well.
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League of Legends - 1v1 Thresh vs Aatrox
One on One between myself and obeseinfant Chewcaka - Thresh Obeseinfant - Aatrox
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WarZ: Fail
Pro Tip: Always watch your back, always. More WarZ videos coming soon.
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League of Legends - 1v1 Thresh vs Twisted Fate
I challenge Barreth Mojito to a 1v1 on summoners rift as Thresh! Chewcaka - Thresh Barreth Mojito - Twisted Fate
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