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Installing Exhaust On Prelude
In thia video i remove the old stock exhaust and delete the Catalyst converter and fit the delete pipe and rig weld it up! DNA Delete Pipe SRS Cat back Exhaust 2 1/2" diameter
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D.I.Y. 2013 Ford Escape Transmission Flush
Just showing you how to service your Automatic transmission on a Ford Escape 2.0 L
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Changing Honda Prelude o2 sensors
Just another one of my quick vids on how to D.I.Y
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JDM H22A Swap Tips
Things you might need for your D.I.Y JDM swap
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H22A Valve Adjustment (pt.1)
Doing a valve adjustment on my JDM H22A
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Prelude H22A SeaFoam in Crank Case, Sandwich Plate O-ring,  Oil Pressure Gauge Install
Doing an oil change, Replacing the sandwich plate o-ring and installing some gauges
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F20B Transmission H22A
Finally got my T2T4 trans and 94 stamped H22A
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JDM H22A Prelude Doing Pulls
Couldn't do to much due to roads being wet, the car pulls hard but could be better! VTEC isn't wired in yet and its running off a simple chipped based map p28 ecu!
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How To Time A Prelude H22A & Kid Drives Prelude
Just showing you a basic way on how to time your car, also I let my 6yr old drive today
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Prelude H22A vs Eclipse  (Street Race)
2nd gear pull, eclipse got spanked
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Prelude Life
Should I start doing daily vlogs?
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Prelude on Yonaka Coilovers
Installing Yonaka 28/way dampening adjustable coilovers
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Prelude Update!!
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Prelude on Yonaka Coilovers Pt2
Finishing the Install and teat driving
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Prelude JDM H22A Swap
Took 13 hrs to do the swap
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Prelude H22A Pulls Hard
Quick pull in a turn and talking about things i have to install and what color i should paint the Prelude
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Installing Energy Suspension Bushings On A BB2 Prelude
Hitting it hard on the car trying to get it ready for the track
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H22A Valve Adjustment (pt.2)
Took a few hrs to do just take your time and get it right the first time
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H22A Prelude Tips
In this video I make a H23A1 pwr steering bracket work and change out the water outlet pipe and how to bleed your coolant system! Was going to show how to do the timing but my light stopped working!
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Prelude H22A vs G37 3rd Gear Pull
JDM H22A stock with H23 trans vs G37 with bolt ons
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VTEC Finally Works
Wired in VTEC today, it was simple, the green wire with yellow stripe for solenoid was correct but wire for pressure switch was wrong, so I cut the wire on the conversion harness and wired pressure switch in there! How to video coming soon!
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H22A Prelude vs B18A1 CRX
Race is at the end of video! Check out these old school Honda CRX!
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School Bus Race Night Of Destruction at Lawrenceburg Speedway 2018 Bus Flips
Good times glad i get to be part of this. I'm in coal burner #7 and drove a van in the demo derby. Glad the kids get to come out and enjoy the show we put on for them! Music credit goes to my band! Song-Ragnarok by Ginnunga Www.reverbnation.com/Ginnunga
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Prelude Gets New Tires
Went with a 195/55/16, tire is stretched so I can go lower, it rides pretty well
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Car Meet Anything Goes 2018 At Uno's
Good times and a lot of nice whips
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Lawrenceburg Speedway Night Of Destruction Heat 1
What a kick ass race, I'm in Roll Coal #7 Josh Shaw Is in Shark Bus
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Prelude H22A Halo Headlights Install (Pt.1)
Showing you how to remove and install Headlights in a 4th gen prelude
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Yonaka Coilovers
Putting a set if these on the 96 Prelude Si
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JDM H22A Build
Doing some internal work to the engine before the swap
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SPC Ball Joint Installation On Prelude
Installing my +3° spc camber ball jointz
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Prelude H22A Auto Body Kit Tinning and Leading
Not going the bondo route gonna do it the old school way
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Viking Festival 2018 Ashville Ohio Pt.2
15th Annual Viking Fest
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H22A Pulls Hard
4th Gen BB2 H22A Swap with T2T4 F20B transmission
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Mystery Car 4th Gen Prelude
Picked up a bone stock virgin 1993 Honda Prelude Type S. It's as basic as they come
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Honda D16Y7 Cylinder Hone And Crank Install
Kid hones cylinders and torques mains/gurdle
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JDM H22A Thermostat
I hear ppl having issues with finding one that fits hope this helps
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Installing a Yonaka Racing Radiator In Honda Prelude H22A
Some issues but i got it to work
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Prelude 2nd Gear Pull
96 Prelude Si with jdm H22A with H23 trans, N/A all stock running on a base map
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DIY WD-40  Headlight Restoration
Just a quick and simple, effective and affordable headlights restore
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JDM H22A/ F20B trans for Prelude
Yanked it out the turd bucket today to get ready to mount the F20B trans in the Prelude
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Mustang Cobra & Prelude H22A Pulls Even
Having fun on some back roads with a Mustang Cobra
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Viking Festival 2018 Ashville Ohio
15th Annual nnual Viking Festival
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Teaching My Son How To Remove An Oil Pan
Working on a 2003 For Escape
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H22A Prelude Timing & Polishing Rims
Showing what I like to use to polish my rims, and messing with the timing
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BB2 Prelude Update And The H23 Transmission Is Out
Finished up the a few things and removed the transmission so i can stab the F20B in the lude
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Come Hang With Prelude Dude
Happy New Year! You get to see what else I do other than work on the Prelude
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Columbus Zoo (Taking a break from the car for a day)
Having a blast with little man. A much needed day of fun
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Roof Rack Install & Mod ( D.I.Y)
In this video I'm installing an eBay roof rack that they said would fit my car but as you see I had to do some modification to it
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