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Training-How Long & Often
Training-How Long & Often
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Secret Muscle Tips
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From Scarecrow to MASS MONSTER - Transition
I should have added a voice over to date these shitty pictures but time is in short order this week. I do have lots of good pictures but that old hardrive is busted and needs repair, so . . . First pic I am about 150 - 155 lbs bodyweight; pics here have me about 290 heaviest - scaled back down some and today I am 276 lbs after 1 week into my current diet. Most recent picture here is at least 8 years old. Once again, MUSIC thanks to www.tecnoaxe.com
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Unconventional Diet Approach  Bigger & Leaner
Unconventional Diet Approach Bigger & Leaner
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Classic Fat Loss Tip
Classic Fat Loss Tip
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My REAL Arm Size - Let's Measure!
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Modern Day Fat Loss - No Starvation Tactics
Best fat loss approaches no longer involve starvation - this approach is not new by any means, still, this is far from common knowledge and will be surprising to many. The tactic described here can be utilized by average, every day people, there are no "drugs" or magic potions required, afterall, "food" really is the most anabolic substance you can put into your body. You cannot selectively "starve" only a part of an organism; feed your body, and burn your fat off - the results will speak for themselves.
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You CAN Do It-Believe In Yourself
You CAN Do It-Believe In Yourself
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How Much Protein
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Richard Morse Here's Your F'in Milk Q Answered
Richard Morse Here's Your F'in Milk Q Answered
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Do Chicks Dig Muscle ? Plus  Schooling  Blaha
Do Chicks Dig Muscle ? Plus Schooling Blaha
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Eat to Grow
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Where PreWorkouts Fail
Where PreWorkouts Fail
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After watching this video, please consider the heart of the intended message - sure, we all probably realize that low rep sets are not the ideal for hypertrophy, and, we also know that more than 15 reps is probably not the ideal . . . but that doesn't mean these other rep ranges will not assist you in your quest for swoledom. I believe most people trying to gain size in the gym need to focus more on the extent of demand their selected rep range is placing upon the muscle - are they going hard enough or simply counting repetitions?
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Live to Keep the Reaper at Bay
Live to Keep the Reaper at Bay
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Bulky Guerrilla Advice
Bulky Guerrilla Advice
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Am I A Vegan Yet???
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Boost Your Test Levels Naturally . . . With How You Train
Lot's of guys ask if there are ways to ellivate their natural production, and yes, there are numerous ways. One of which involves your training methodology.
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Small Fry to Big Guy-Chicken Pizza
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Random Thoughts for Fat Loss
Random Thoughts for Fat Loss
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ATTN: Companies Who Solicit Me
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Eat MORE to Lose Body Fat?
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Make Your Body BURN its Own FAT OFF (+hope for ectos, too)
DIT = dietary-induced thermogenesis TEF = thermal effect of food SDA = specific dynamic action Measuring the hermic effect of food Am J Clin Nutr 1996 Feb;63(2):164-9 Thermic effect of food in humans: methods and re: Am J Clin Nutr. 1995 Thermic effect of food in man: effect of meal composition . . . Br J Nutr. 1990 Effects of dietary protein . . . Nutrients: 2016 Diet induced thermogenesis Westerterp (Lond.) 2004 Aug 18;1(1):5. PMID: 15507147 Significance of protein in food intake and body weight regulation Westerterp-Plantenga MS. Curr Opin Clin Nutr Metab Care. 2003 Nov;6(6):635-8. Review. PMID: 14557793
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Is Smaller Better?  Uhm, Not So Much
Well, I have dropped a LOT of body weight - dropped a LOT of muscle. Do I feel better, will I stay like this, is the "natty" life the life for me?????
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Getting BIG - How To Get Started & Who Has Good Info?
This video is directed toward those people just starting their journey - looking to get BIG. Sure, you need to formulate basic exercises and you need to consume more calories than you expend - but other than that, what do you need to know?
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New Levrone Sighting
New Levrone Sighting
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One For The Busters (not intended for normal, decent folk)
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Reps Over Weight for Hypertrophy
What does this mean and why is it true or false?
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Going "Natty" @ 55 - What Differences Can I Feel?
Off for months now - about 45 pounds lighter - sure, I look different but how do I feel?
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Lower Your Blood Pressure
Lower Your Blood Pressure
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How Complicated Should Nutrition Be?
Tailor your nutrtion to fit your goals. Do you want to build muscle? How much muscle? Do you want to get lean? How lean? Do you want to flounder endlessly trying this and that or make your daily diet/food intake a huge chore? How do you know what details matter? Is there a basic, more streamlined approach? Check out this video and get a better idea of how to prioritize the intrinsics of your approach.
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Big Arm Tactics
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Body Image & Self Esteem
Body Image & Self Esteem
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James Vest Xtra Shoulder Work
On my Back days, I finish with specific rear delt work and some medial work; on my Chest days, I finish with specific front delt work and medial work - the workout depicted here is an extra shoulder routine at the end of the training week. I am also still recovering from a severe SLAP tear, so all told, I am placing a great deal of workload on my shoulders in the course of a week - exercises I perform for shoulders on previous days are different exercises than I am doing here. When I do a chest and/or back video, I will show the other shoulder exercises. Music, once again, provided by Teknoaxe, song is called "The Trudging" and is available at www.teknoaxe.com
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R U A Bodybuilder? Blaha Says NO
R U A Bodybuilder? Blaha Says NO
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Old School Chest Advice
Old School Chest Advice
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Life Is Not A Spectator Sport - Engage
Life Is Not A Spectator Sport - Engage
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Building Your Physique - THE #1 Ingredient
No matter your physique or fitness goal, the number one ingredient remains the same, and those who identify with that and apply it are those most guarenteed success.
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BS Aside, How Much Protein Do We Need?
I apologize if I am not doing the greatest job of explaining what I am hoping to get across here. Various points to consider include that an additional 50 grams of protein consumption correlates to a 200 calorie increase. Also, source of the protein, digestibility, and even more factors come into play. I mention here the amount of protein I can consume daily without any seeming reduction in muscle mass - that number then is lower than what I find I require to gain additional muscle. In short, I am looking at .5 to .75 grams of protein per pound of body weight to maintain muscle mass and 1.25 to 1.5 grams per pound of bodyweight to "gain" ,muscle mass. One could argue that an increase or decrease in body fat percentages would impact these numbers, but as muscle mass increases, percentage of body fat axiomatically decreases where no additional body fat is gained. This is all best left simplified, IMO, hence, these are my generalized numbers I apply.
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What is EFFECTIVE CARDIO for Fat Loss?
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So Many Diets - Which Is Best?
For the uninitiated, it can be overwhelming and confusing looking around in search of the truth in diet choices. By being clear as to your own situation and expectation, you might more easily be able to sort through the many choices out there. In this video, I hope to share with you what I have found to be the ultimate approach to dieting, in light of my own personal expectations and goals.
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Deadlifting Worthless for Bodybuilders - yes or no?
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Lets Talk About Drugs
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Bodybuilding How To Water, Carb Precontest Showtime
People often ask me about dropping water / drying out and what to do with the carbs in a final week precontest stage. How do you get dry? How do you get shredded? How do you still come in full? Here, Andrew Kastor talks about what he is doing in this last week prep. His "tune up" show is 1 week away (actually 6 days) - if you saw last week's video and observe the drastic change in his physique in this past week, look now and listen to how he is doing things so when you see him on stage next weekend, you will have an honest insight into how this radical change is /has happened. Many (sadly, most) precontest approaches are extremely unhealthy and often immediately dangerous - this is a bare bones, effective approach Andrew is using which will still leave him in amazing condition on the stage.
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Shock Your Arms Into New Growth
Shock Your Arms Into New Growth
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