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Dog Trainer Series - Part 5 - Grooming Your Beagle
A list of the things you need to do when preparing a beagle for a dog show: Nails - must be short but not sharp Pad Hair - must be shaved Coat - must look healthy and not shed Ears - must look clean and smell clean Whiskers - must be shaved You must bathe your dog thoroughly so they look clean and healthy. I pretty much explain everything else in the video. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Hope you like it!
Dog Trainer Series Part 9 - Stacking Your Beagle
I made this a while ago but my wifi wouldn't work. Enjoy and follow my Instagram for updates and reminders! @trainingmansbestfriend
Venango County 4-H Fair Dog Show 2014- Featuring Erika Scott
This is from the 4-H dog show. I got 1st place in Grooming, Showmanship, and Obedience and I won Grand Champion! Hope you like this!
Being Authoritative With Your Dog
Not the greatest video haha. Enjoy and subscribe!
Dog Trainer Series - Part 1
Hey! This is my first real video about what I can do with A.J. In the next video I will show how to do showmanship, which is an important element of competition in all ages and levels. Then I will show you how I groom my beagles, and after that I have yet to plan! Leave a request if you would like me to tell you how to do something with your dog. I could tell you just about anything!
Dogdancing - I'm Hunting Wabbits - Erika and A.J.
Not our best performance, but this was the only one we got on my camera at the best view. I might post the other performance recorded on my phone. Anyway, thanks for watching! Enjoy and subscribe! :)
Welcome To Dog World!!
Hey guys!! I will be uploading videos on what I can do with A.J. soon. For right now I will do things I want to show you and later on I will take requests. If you want me to tell you how to train your dog to do something, just ask me. I could train a dog to do just about anything you ask so ask away! Ask about potty training, a trick you want to teach your dog, or any negative behavior you want to learn how to correct. I have beagles, which according to my trainer is one of the hardest dogs to train because of their strong scent dog background. Ask me anything you want.
Dog Trainer Series - Part 2 - Showmanship
This isn't the best representation of showmanship, but I may post a better one later. I might post some footage of me in one of my shows coming up of me in showmanship. In the next video I will show you how I groom my beagles. Stay tuned!
Dog Agility Course - Erika and A.J.
Finally figured out how I could get my video from my phone to YouTube lol! I had pieces of this video on Instagram but it only lets you post 15 seconds so I'm happy I got this. The first time I go is a little bad but I go back around and it's a little better... enjoy and subscribe!
Dog Trainer Series - Part 3 - Dog Training Tips
These are just a few tips for when you are training your dog. Hope you like it! Leave a request and subscribe! :)
Dog Trainer Series - Part 4 - Showing Your Dog
These are the categories I compete in when I go to dog shows. I have my first dog show of the season coming up in less than a week so I may post some footage of that. If you want to see me demonstrate a certain category let me know by leaving a request below. Thanks for watching! Hope you liked it!!
How To Teach Your Dog To Sit - Easy and Quick Dog Training
Hey guys! I'm starting this new series with Molly for quick videos on simple tricks to teach your dogs. Let me know if you have a request. Hope this helps!
Dog Trainer Series - Part 7 - Learning Doganese
This is a video about hand signals. Dogs learn our language, so we have to learn theirs. Hope it helps, because this is an important part of learning to train your dog! Thanks for watching. :)
Dog Trainer Series - Part 8 - How To Use Clippers On Feet And Whiskers
Hi guys. Lol, I only wanted to show you how to use the clippers in this and that's all I did but it ended up being longer than my actual grooming video! That's horrible! Anyway, I hope you like this. I got up in the morning and immediately did this so that's why I look really tired at the beginning. Please leave a comment and like! Love you all!!!
Dog Trainer Series - Part 6 - Collars & ID Tags
I'm sorry I haven't posted much lately, but you know. School started. -_- Anyways, I'm also sorry I talked and digressed a lot in this... I hope it helps though! I might post some stuff from my next dog show this Sunday, so stay tuned! Thanks for watching! :)
Collab Video With Beauty_Gymnast - Dog Fashion Show!
We did a mix of beauty and dogs - we dressed up Molly! I use her in my quick and easy training videos, so check those out and visit my friend Beauty_Gymnast on her channel! Thanks for watching!
Dog Agility Runs 5-11-17 - Erika & A.J.
haven't posted in a while, so i figured i'd make a little collage for fun since tonight was a relaxed and fun night at training. thanks for watching!
Dog Agility - Erika & A.J.
Hey guys!! I'm so sorry I haven't posted in a while...my wifi is just really bad...but this is a video from a few months ago at agility with A.J.! We have so many new things happening in the therapy world with A.J. and Molly, so if you want to catch a glimpse behind the scenes at church, nursing homes, and more, follow us on Instagram @trainingmansbestfriend
How To Teach Your Dog To Lay Down - Easy and Quick Dog Training
Hey guys! This is part two of my new easy and quick dog training series. That's a really long title... Haha. Thanks for watching! Hope it helps!
Season's Wins Update! *And IMPORTANT REMINDER*
Hey guys! Sorry again for not uploading in a while. Please remember not to feed your doggies turkey! Love you all. Please subscribe:)