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Autonauts: The Basics Of The Game
Autonauts is a pre-pre-pre-pre-alpha tech demo of a game where you build robots and program them with a scripting language to perform various tasks with the ultimate goal of creating an ideal and idle life for the planet's living residents.
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Stonehearth: Building Up
So we're about back to where we were when everything fell apart- lots of settlers, buildings going up, things getting organized, verbal abuse of Hearthlings. Not quite back to a good mood, but a new speed record, I think.
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Fortnight: Fortification Tips
Working on preparing Plankerton Storm Shield Defense 3, and talking about what to think about when building fortifications.
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Styx: Shards of Darkness - Dying In The Tutorial
Obviously this will be a learning experience.
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Overwatch - Loot Crates and Booty Skirts
Quick handful of loot crates and then a disjointed (as always, on everything) commentary on Symmetra's booty skirt.
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Endless Legend: D&D Dwarf and Elves
More information that may never be relevant. Except it might be. Who knows?
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Stonehearth: HULK ANGRY!
So, I'm a dick to my Hearthlings. I will admit to that gleefully. But what happens when they die? Particularly when it's avoidable?
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Stonehearth: Odo's Army
Oh good; they have a Mountain.
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Stonehearth - Alpha 18 - The Big House
The first, largest building for the plateau gets designed, a little bit at a time.
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Stonehearth Alpha 24: Stoneworks Design
We spend this episode mostly working on a new house for our Mason and (yet to be promoted) Potter. Unfortunately this didn't quite work according to plan. Also featured: trappers who don't understand self-care, giant zombies fighting wolves, and how to get the perfect gifts for your sheep.
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Minecraft - Sky Factory 3 - LOL
So what happens when I've been awake too long and I realize I've done something absurd?
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Cities Skylines - I Have No Idea What I'm Doing
Yeah, something different. Just decided to throw this out there and have fun with it. No explanations or tutorials because like it says, I have no idea what I'm doing.
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Cities: Skylines - GAAAH, POPUPS!
So... I'm not real fond of chirps. Or helpful little information windows that cover whatever I'm about to click on. Again.
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Stonehearth A19 - The Mason's House
The Goblin threat is dealt with in a very quick and decisive manner, leading to a long drawn out period of figuring out how best to design and build the Mason's house. Which will be shared by the Potter. Or the Blacksmith. Possibly both. I'm not judging.
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Stonehearth: The Ascendancy Begins
Yep, starting over because I felt like fighting Odo was a good end point plus buildings weren't building. So on to new fun!
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Stonehearth Alpha 24: Look At All The Neat Things
It's the last stable update before Stonehearth goes to Beta! It's been a long time, let's see if we can't manage to play around with all the new options and build a fun little town.
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Fortnite: I Was Not Prepared For This!
Nice, laid back, easy session. Open a few llamas. Show off the base. Fight onrushing waves of enemies with limited resources, no backup, and questionable fortifications while discussing the minutae of the game background material and how MST3k theme songs apply. Wait, what?
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Minecraft - Let's Play #5: Accomplishing Nothing
With a new, larger smeltery, we proceed to get the very basics going on Botania and Immersive Engineering, with a Coke Oven and a Pure Daisy. And... that's basically everything useful accomplished over the course of an hour.
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Endless Legend: Dictionary Woes
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Civilization: Beyond Earth - Great Big Boat
So we're looking at 4x alternatives, and this is one possibility. The Rising Tides DLC is supposed to be an improvement, and one of the new options is an amphibious city. Well then.
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GTA: Future Channel Plans
We check out the latest innovation in GTA Online: stealing cars. At the same time we watch the graphics bug out and listen to me ramble about other games I may end up playing on the channel in the future.
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Stonehearth: Well That Went Badly
Everything's pretty nice and quiet. Then almost all our military dies. At once. So.
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Endless Legend: Cooking Banter
So this time I spend most of it being distracted while trying to explain a recipe. Because random talking seems to be a thing in these.
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Galactic Junk League
Taking a quick look at this free to play early beta game on Steam, where you build a ship from parts, fight against other people, and earn junk and experience so you can get better, stronger parts to build ships. Galactic Junk League: http://store.steampowered.com/app/562590/
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Endless Legend: Have I Got A Story For You
Let me tell you about my Friday...
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Stonehearth Alpha 24: Let's Get Some More Houses Going
More entlings come to harass us as we get a Carpenter's house going, work more on our mine, and take a brief pause because of fireworks.
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Endless Legend: Beginning of the End
So, deciding this series will come to an end because I don't really feel invested in it. But hey, that's life.
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Helldivers - Defending Super Earth
Quick recording of what I think is an unusual event: defending Super Earth against a siege. Not much different from the usual missions, but since I haven't done any of those on camera, well... just understand this is a rare chance to see urban terrain.
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Stonehearth: The Gatehouse
We begin building defenses to help protect the town, and try to offer informative commentary on fortifications while being repeatedly interrupted leading to repeated repetition of the same bits of information. Cool gatehouse though.
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Stonehearth: Start Of The Skyway
With two points completed, we start work on the skyways, deveoping a general plan to use for the whole. Meanwhile, mining continues and we mess around a bit with the houses.
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XCom Enemy Within: Well That Didn't Take Long
Yep, somebody dies. And after proving that I'll get people killed through recklessness, I start naming troops after my friends. Because that can't possibly go wrong.
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Robocraft: Falling With A Minimum Amount of Style
So we hop (back?) into Robocraft with a look at the new propellers and a modified prop aircraft. And a lot of failures to play.
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Endless Legend
So let's give a 4x (expand, explore, exterminate, exploit) game a go.
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Stonehearth A19 - Mister Doctor
We continue slowly building up our job levels, improve our lot in life, and spend a lot of time discussing Dr Strange. The movie, I mean. Because yeah, I saw that.
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Surviving Mars: Featuring Terry Pratchett Quotes
Okay, one quote. But still. The first (ish) look at the game, which seems to be a fairly lackadaisical city-builder with a Martian twist.
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GTA Online - Titan Of A Job
A test to see how well I could record via Shadowplay, as well as a general demonstration of GTA Online's missions, and just how nice it is to have an Armored Kuruma to flip the odds in massively unfair gunfights.
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Introduction to Minecraft: How To Begin
I have friends who know almost nothing about Minecraft. So I made this as a way of introducing them to the game and generally just showing why I do this. For crafting recipes, go here: http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Minecraft_Wiki For Minecraft itself, go here: https://minecraft.net/ For anything resembling orderly, competent introductions to games by a sane narrator who doesn't fly by the seat of his pants and knows how to use his recording software... I got nothing.
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Stonehearth A19 - Amazon Storage Wars
Everything you didn't want to know about how Amazon arranges their warehouse, and why I think that's a great aesthetic for Stonehearth storage. Which you probably also didn't care about.
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Minecraft - How I Play
Showing off how mods can change Minecraft into something that's far more interesting than what's already a huge sandbox of potential. Mods include: - Journey Map - WAILA - Not Enough Items - Thaumcraft 4 - Immersive Engineering - Tinker's Construct - Tinker's Steelworks (forked) - Botania - Community Edition Growthcraft - Agricraft - Pam's Get All The Seeds - WAILA Harvestability - Natura - Mantle - CookieCore - CodeChickenCore - InventoryTweaks - Forge (of course) - Baubles - CodeChickenLib
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Dreadnought: Introductory Rambling
So here's a new open beta game that works like World of Warships or World of Tanks, but with giant science fiction capital ships.
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Stonehearth: Recovery And Construction
A reboot gets the Herbalist & Weaver house set right, and we work on tidying up the place a bit as a new Footman gets promoted. Finally we get some greenery added to the Carpenter's house, to take advantage of the space.
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Epic GTA Skillz- There Are None Here
An attempt to show my typical GTA goofing turns into 'how many ways can this go badly?'
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Minecraft - Let's Play #4: Smelting Things
We get the final essential elements of Tinker's Construct up and running, mostly by going up and down stairs. Also added Bibliocraft, Bibliowoods Natura, and JABBA to the list of mods in an attempt to improve organization.
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Atlas Reactor: Variations On A Theme
With a code giving temporary access to all Freelancers, we give a few different supports a try.
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Stonehearth: Why You Do This
We admire the improved building algorithms in Alpha 17 as we get our Carpenter's house put together, then lambast a Hearthling for constructing scaffolding to finish the roof just as the roof is finished by other Hearthlings who don't need it. So.
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Armored Warfare - I Probably Shouldn't Have Done That
Hey look, there's a new vehicle, and snow, and all kinds of stuff! In this one, I explain why getting shot is a bad idea, hide behind bushes, and then decide it's a good idea to drive in front of a large and angry tank. Because even I don't listen to myself.
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Anno 2205: A Sailing We Will Go
Lots more naval conflicts, and then, a few moral conflicts. And a bit of frustrated uncertainty about what to do next, which gets resolved.
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Minecraft - Let's Play #8: Growthcraft and Slime Islands
After some issues, I show off Growthcraft's different aspects and then, on a lark, we venture off to an island in the sky. We meet a king, enjoy the view, and make it back in time to learn more about Growthcraft and ramble a bit on Botania plans.
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Stonehearth: Where We're Going Roads Would Be Nice Actually
With the 20 person limit hit, we're working on building up the town and expanding things a bit. Mod update means new crops, and some old issues dealt with.
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Stonehearth: Like Blazing Saddles But Nothing Like Blazing Saddles
So we continue along with building our little town while I casually fling verbal abuse at the Hearthlings and otherwise just meander off topic. Then a protagonist arrives and is greeted with, of course, a long string of profanity. Too bad there's no option to make someone a sheriff.
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