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Canada's Hottest Ads (December) with Denise Rossetto and Todd Mackie
Want to watch the full Top 10? - http://bit.ly/1wzu9D8 Todd Mackie and Denise Rossetto, the creative leaders at Toronto agency DS+P, offer their thoughts on the hottest ads in Canada (as determined by the math wizards at Google). Because it was the December holidays, the feel-good stuff performed well. Surprise gift giving, retrospectives... and, wow, that beer fridge just turns up everywhere, doesn't it? To watch all the ads on the Top 10 or see previous Hottest Ads In Canada, click here: http://bit.ly/1wzu9D8
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Leader of Davids Tea Party
David Segal, co-founder of Davids Tea, on how marketing and customer service has helped build his retail chain to 85 locations. Videography by Pam Lau
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Ad Lounge's Next Gen Dinner Series 2013
More than 60 aspiring marketers fought for a spot at Ad Lounge's Next Gen Dinner Series to rub elbows with senior business leaders from Canada's marketing community. Featuring: Julie Petch (TraffikGroup) Robin Heisey (DraftFCB) Chris Page (JWT) Meika Yeo Mengjia Zhang Sandy Ludowsky Sophia Lucken
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HQ: Elemental's creative space
Toronto agency Elemental moved from a modest space on Toronto's east side to an open-concept office that is more than double the size. When looking for the new space last year, Brent Wardrop, Elemental's president and creative director, said it was important it be able to accommodate agency growth over the next five to 10 years. "It has to be something that satisfies that needs of the employees as well as the clients, and that allows for great work and morale to blossom," he told Marketing while showing us around for the first edition of HQ.
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Sears Canada unveils new brand platform
Sears Canada president and CEO Calvin McDonald unveiled the new campaign Nov. 7 at an employee event at the store's Toronto Eaton Centre location. Marketing met with him afterwards to go a bit deeper on the retailer's want vs. need strategy, its continued love of radio ads and changes at the company. For more on the campaign, check out MarketingMag.ca http://www.marketingmag.ca/news/marketer-news/sears-canada-unveils-new-brand-platform-65346
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Target readies first Canadian campaign
Just ahead of the launch of Target's first Canadian ad campaign, Livia Zufferli, director of marketing at Target Canada, spoke with Marketing about the work and how it stays true to the Target brand. Videography by Pam Lau
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Shane Smith at The Young Influencers Conference
Shane Smith, co-founder of Vice Media, telling attendees how the generation born into a digitally connected world interacts with brand messages. Top tip? Don't bullshit them.
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Canada's Hottest Ads (February) with Jane Murray and Mark Mason
Want to watch the full Top 10 for February? - http://bit.ly/1BNmfvN Jane and Mark handle the creative output of Lowe Roche in Toronto. After scanning the most-watched ads in Canada on YouTube, they've come to the conclusion that Liam (that's LEE-um) Neeson should be in every commercial. Then they dance like owls. To watch all the ads in the Top 10 or see previous monthly round-ups, click here: http://bit.ly/1BNmfvN
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Marketing at La Carnita
A long line of hungry people crowded the sidewalk on Wellington St. in Toronto Thursday for the third installment of La Carnita, a pop-up food marketing strategy created by OneMethod Digital + Design. The angle? Buy a piece of art and leave with tacos. An odd mixture for sure, but it certainly drew a crowd. The line-up for the event began at 11:15 AM and grew until the first piece of art was sold at noon. The only advertising done for La Carnita was a Twitter page that as of 11:45 AM, just before the noon open, hit over thousand tweets. Videography by Brandon Terry
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Reaching Canada's Aboriginal Community
Michael Gray from G&G Advertising spoke at the 2012 Multicultural Marketing Conference in Toronto, providing an overview of the Canadian Aboriginal market and illustrating the similarities, relationships, and commonalities with their relations to U.S.--American Indian Tribes. Marketers should take note of the size of this community in Canada, and the product loyalty inherent in it.
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The future of digital display with IAB Canada's Chris Williams
All of marketing has already become digital in some way, says new Interactive Advertising Bureau of Canada president Chris Williams. The challenge now is figuring out what to do with all that data.
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Indigo launches Plum Rewards to connect with customers
Indigo launched its new rewards program, Plum Rewards, at an event on April 5 in Toronto. Marketing spoke with Deirdre Horgan, executive vice-president of marketing, about how it will mesh with Indigo's existing iRewards program and how Plum will evolve in the future.
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Cannes 2013: Judy John on DraftFCB Toronto's bronze Film Lion
Judy John, CEO and chief creative officer at Leo Burnett and member of the Film jury, tells Marketing how jury president John Hegarty stood up for DraftFCB's promotional film "Focus Group," which went on to win a Bronze Lion in the category.
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COC's "Give Your Everything" Campaign Goes Live
The Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) launched a 15-week national multimedia advertising campaign Monday that aims to better connect Canada to its athletes. The effort from Toronto agency Proximity kicked off with a 60-second commercial titled "Relentless" that features Olympians training for the upcoming games and the "Give Your Everything" ("Tout Donner") tagline. Derek Kent, chief marketing officer with the COC, spoke with Marketing about the new campaign, the inspiration behind the tagline and the important role of social media. Videography by Pam Lau
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Shop Talk with Ogilvy's Laurie Young
Laurie Young talks shop with Marketing (marketingmag.ca), giving her thoughts on the future of the agency model, the work that every agency should pay attention to, and the business leaders who inspire her. Laurie Young is the managing director of Ogilvy's Toronto office. Ogilvy (O&M) is a full-service creative agency. Note: Apologies for the poor audio quality. We had some technical difficulties.
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Marketing For Change - Joanna Rotenberg
The chief marketing officer and head of strategy for BMO Financial group discusses consumer privacy and whether big banks are ready to embrace fail-fast risks?
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Marketing at Bensimon Byrne
During the hottest day of the year in Toronto yesterday (July 21) , temperatures reached as high as 37.9 degrees. While everyone was trying to escape the sun, Marketing travelled to the Toronto offices of Bensimon Byrne and discovered the team had found an interesting method of staying cool. While we were there, we figured we may as well get some marketing tips, too. Check it out. Videography by Brandon Terry
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Cannes 2013: Judy John on DDB's Lion-winning work for Cialis
Leo Burnett's Judy John explains how she helped put DDB's "Mustang" and "Curfew" spots for Lilly Canada's Cialis into context for the Film jury at Cannes.
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Cannes 2013: Karen Howe on Tribal DDB's silver Lion
McDonald's Canada and its agency Tribal DDB took home a Silver Lion in the Promo & Activation competition for "Our Food. Your Questions." at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. Karen Howe, explains to Marketing why the effort was deserving of a trophy.
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Portfolio Night 11 in Toronto
Forty of Toronto's top creative directors put more than 100 students and juniors through the ringer for the lastest Portfolio Night, held at Cossette's offices in Liberty Village.
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Sport Chek turns digital focus in-store with new retail concept
Sport Chek is taking its "Your Better Starts Here" tagline to a new playing field with the launch of a new retail concept store in Toronto. Videography by Pam Lau
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Canada's Hottest Ads (July) with Karen Howe
See all the most-watched ads on YouTube at MarketingMag.ca - http://www.marketingmag.ca/?p=155657 Karen Howe from One Advertising sees a lot of great stunts and branded content in this month's Top 10... but not so fast BuzzFeed! Take it easy on those logos.
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The Sportsnet Rebranding
Sportsnet, which has expanded beyond television to radio and now print, is rebranding. Marketing magazine met with Dean Bender to talk about the new look and the agency behind it - Troika.
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Shop Talk with Steven Harmer
After a three-year break spent with his family and indulging his guitar and kite-boarding hobbies (the latter of which he says is on an "upward trajectory" -- we don't get it either... oh wait!), veteran ad executive Steve Harmer has returned to Blast Radius as general manager of its Toronto office. Videography by Pam Lau
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Marketing Awards 2015 - DDB Canada
DDB was one of the gold-winning agencies at the 2015 Marketing Awards in Toronto. Want to see who won Best of Show? http://www.marketingmag.ca/?p=148322 And check out the full winners list: http://www.marketingmag.ca/?p=148179
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Winning in Cannes
Judges from the 56th International Advertising Awards -- The Cannes Lions -- discuss submissions, the state of print media, and Canada's entries in one of the world's most prestigious advertising festivals. Featuring interviews with Lisa Greenberg, Stephen Jurisic and Steve Mykolyn. From Marketing (marketingmag.ca), Canada's leading marketing and advertising magazine.
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Media Strategies for Canada's Multicultural Market
Howard Lichtman, the former EVP, marketing and communications for Cineplex Odeon and now providing "virtual" chief marketing officer services through his firm The Lightning Group, touched on several points of media investment during "WHAT THEY DIDN'T TEACH YOU IN BUSINESS SCHOOL ABOUT ETHNIC MARKETING?" session at the 2012 Multicultural Marketing Conference. His observations were focused on Canada's Asian community, but were certainly not limited to it. Lichtman draws on his experience as virtual chief marketing officer for The Ethnic Channels Group (ECG currently has 34 ethnic in-language channels on Rogers, Bell and Telus, and 9 on The Dish Network).
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Ad Lounge's Art From the Unexpected
After chatting with Bruce Mau Design's Hunter Tura about how he created his Art From The Unexpected (http://bit.ly/13uYzKi), we found him and 19 other Canadian marketing leaders ready to show off their work for charity. Featured: Trina Boos (Ad Lounge), Hunter Tura (Bruce Mau), Franke Rodriguez (Anomaly), John Clinton (Edelman) Ad Lounge: http://adlounge.ca/ Sketch: http://www.sketch.ca/
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Cannes 2013: Karen Howe on Anomaly's Silver Lion
Marketing caught up with Karen Howe, senior vice-president and creative director at One Advertising and a judge for the Promotion & Activation Lions, to discuss why Anomaly Toronto's "Budweiser Red Lights " campaign deserved the Silver it won.
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Cannes 2013: Why McDonald's Canada won a gold Cyber Lion
Marketing chatted with Ulises Valencia, vice-president, creative and co-founder of Grupo W and a member of the Cyber jury, about McDonald's "Our Food. Your Questions." campaign, which earned gold for the QSR and its agency Tribal DDB in that category.
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Scream TV - Sound Cannon Project
2009 Marketing Award Winner Gold - Non-Traditional Advertising Single TITLE: Sound Cannon Project PRODUCT: Scream TV ADVERTISER: Corus Entertainment, Toronto, Ontario AGENCY: Zig, Toronto CREATIVE DIRECTORS: Martin Beauvais, Aaron Starkman, Stephen Leps ART DIRECTOR: Craig Ferguson COPYWRITER: Steven Barr PRODUCTION HOUSE: OPC DIRECTORS: Craig Ferguson, Steven Barr EDITOR: John Evans PROJECT MANAGER/AGENCY PRODUCER: Sheri Hachey PLANNER: Lynn Sivec EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Christopher Scherk, Sam McLaren MUSIC COMPANY: Form Inc. POST PRODUCTION HOUSE: Panic and Bob Editing ONLINE FACILITY: Amigo, Panic and Bob Editing ASSISTANT EDITOR: Jason Cook ONLINE PRODUCER: Laura Pasko CAMERAMAN: Henry Li, Marc Forand
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Agency Wars IV begins recruiting
Check out all our vids at Marketing TV - http://bit.ly/10ErAkn Agency Wars is back and looking for brave souls from Canada's marketing and media community to step into the ring in 2013. Why submit yourself to months of training, straining and sweating? Easy: it's for a good cause, and it might just help your career. Featuring: Michael Clancy, One Advertising Jennifer Watts, One Advertising Andrei Burcescu, Postmedia Marketing magazine is media partner for Agency Wars IV
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Cannes 2013: Sarah Barclay on LG2's Lion-winning Outdoor work
Sarah Barclay, executive creative director at JWT New York, explains to Marketing why LG2′s road safety campaign for the Quebec Automobile Insurance Corporation was deserving of a Bronze Lion in the Outdoor competition. The ads won in the Fundraising, Charities, Appeals, Non-Profit Organisations, Public Health & Safety, Public Awareness Messages category.
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Cannes Lions 2011: Marketing catches up with juror Antoine Becotte
Marketing nabbed some time with Antoine Bécotte, chief creative officer, Cossette Montreal, in Cannes. He's Canada's representative on the Direct Lions Jury, and in this video he covers everything from what it takes to win (and make the shortlist), plus the 'Brazil factor' in the competition.
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Canada's Hottest Ads (March) with Joshua Stein and Diego Bertagni
"There's some amazing work going on in Canada, which is awesome. We do not think that was reflected so much in this list." Bold words, but Tribal Toronto's ECD Joshua Stein believes there's not much that unites March's 10 most-watched ads on YouTube. Joshua and Diego Bertagni, ACD at Tribal, have suggestions on how some of the work that made the list could have been more effective.
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Cannes 2013: Trish Wheaton discusses "Dumb Ways To Die"
Marketing caught up with Trish Wheaton, global chief marketing officer at Wunderman and a member of the Direct jury to discuss why McCann Melbourne's "Dumb Ways To Die" was so engaging and deserving of a Grand Prix. The effort also took home a Grand Prix in the PR competition.
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Kim Kelleher on digital content that connects
Say Media president chats with Marketing about the migrating from traditional to digital media.
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Marketing For Change - Stephen Graham
The second in our series of interviews with leading marketers about how their role continues to evolve. This week: Stephen Graham on matching a company's rate of change with that of the consumer marketplace.
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Andre Anderson: What the kids want (from big companies)
Anderson, a 19-year-old author and art director from London, interned at Montreal's Sid Lee. When the bosses wanted him to make a presentation on "what kids wanted from big companies and advertisers," this is what he showed them. Justin Kingsley, one of the partners at Sid Lee, showed this to attendees at Marketing's 2012 Young Influencers Conference.
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Marketing at Facebook Studio Live
On March 30, Facebook brought in a few of its big thinkers from Silicon Valley to meet with Canada's agency community as part of a global project to connect with brands through their creative advertising and media partners. Marketing met with Blake Chandlee to talk about the launch of Facebook Studio and moving past the "like" button.
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Pattison Onestop opens new Ad Shop online
Pattison Onestop is introducing self-service to the digital OOH market with the launch of The Ad Shop. The site (AdShop.ca)—which officially goes to market today after a trial soft launch—is intended to make it easier for smaller marketers to buy out-of-home media across the national Pattison Onestop network from as little as $2 a day, said Michael Girgis, president of Pattison Onestop. "It's easy, highly targeted, and extremely cost-effective for all types of advertisers," said Girgis. "Our commitment is that no campaign or advertiser is too small to have a powerful advertising program that's uniquely relevant to them." Aside from the ability to buy specific billboards and signage, The Ad Shop also provides hundreds of creative templates so advertisers can produce their own ads online in minutes.
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Bruce Mau CEO shares original art for charity fundraiser
Hunter Tura, president and CEO of Bruce Mau design in Toronto gave Marketing a sneak peek of his creation for "Art from the Unexpected," a charity fundraiser developed by Ad Lounge and TC Media taking place April 16 at Toronto's Steam Whistle Brewery.
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Cannes By Night
Drinking, dancing and mingling... all on the shore of the Mediterranean. This collage of images from Cannes Lions '09 gives a glimpse of the nightlife at the 56th International Advertising Festival. Locations include the Cannes Lions Opening Gala and Massive parties (Carlton Beach) and the infamous "Gutter Bar."
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Marketing with Barbara Williams
Marketing secured a chat with Barbara Williams, senior vice-president, content, Shaw Media, during the busy lead up to Shaw Media's 2011/12 specialty channels' lineup and Global Television primetime schedule presentation yesterday. Here, Williams talks about taking programming risks (or not) and targeting lucrative demographics.
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Marketing books a room at the Target Hotel
Target Canada has partnered with a Toronto boutique hotel to create a home for invited guests during the Toronto International Film Festival. Hoping to hit a number of its brand pillars (simple and chic design), the hotel has become an "oasis" of red and white. Lisa Gibson from Target Canada outlines the brands TIFF plans.
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Target finds its Canadian roots
Marketing magazine talks with John Morioka, senior vice-president of merchandising for Target Canada, about brand partnerships and the store's upcoming Canadian launch. Videography by Pam Lau
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Marketing with Paul Robertson
Just before Shaw Media made its 2011/12 specialty channels' lineup and Global Television primetime schedule announcement yesterday, Marketing nabbed some time with Shaw Media president Paul Robertson to ask about new advertising opportunities. It's a 360 world after all...
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Canada's Hottest Ads (January) with Jamie King
Want to watch the full Top 10 for January? - http://bit.ly/172cLSl Jamie King is a partner and creative leader at The Tite Group. He has some rather naked views on the quality of some of these Super Bowl spots. His advice: when you can't spend your way to success, use your smarts. To watch all the ads on the Top 10 or see previous Hottest Ads In Canada, click here: http://bit.ly/172cLSl
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