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Want money? Go here: http://incomewithjamie.com/specialtube Jamie Lewis uses song. Buy Jamie Lewis here: http://www.jamielewis.com/qualify.php MAKE MONEY ONLINE by Nebula beat by main event west
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Gravity and Bobby G Perform "Owl" Produced by Capital P. Get "Owl" on ITUNES NOW!! - https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/owl-single/id777673833 And be sure to check out our website for more music from Gravity And Bobby G. http://rappersgetdestroyed.com/ RIP Nelson Mandela and Paul Walker And Brian From Family Guy
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Make More Money From Anywhere
Want 2000 hits? Check out http://www.2000hits.com Everyone's been asking me for coaching so we have arranged the best coaching package ever HERE: http://www.imwithjamie.com
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How to make money online: Internet Millionaire Jamie Lewis Interviews Paul The Stalker
Need Marketing? Go: http://incomewithjamie.com/specialtube Paul the stalker! Yes, this is real as seen on http://www.jamielewis.com/qualify.php Also, Hit me up on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jamielewismoney This fellow was inspired by the Verge article which featured one of my sales videos, he knocked on my door at home and after scaring the shit out of him I felt bad so I gave him a pretty good lesson. I never heard from him again and doubt he actually implemented the stuff I was talking about because he was so skeptical.
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Jamie, Andrew & Xavier in the Lambo
In the lambo Hit me up on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jamielewismoney
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My new truck -Benz ML63 AMG fully loaded (Space ship)
Just got a new Mercedes Benz ML63 AMG 500 horsepower, got the JVC arsenal amp with 2 Rockford Fosgate 12's. 2000 Watts, Louder than shit. Yep, got the rear seat Entertainment system and internal radar detector cause the truck goes faster than my BMW 645, no joke.... 0-60 in 4.5 Sick truck.
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Online Goldmine is coming. JV Partners UNITE
Hit me up on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jamielewismoney Jamie Lewis is launching a new product. Online Goldmine launching on Sept 27th, 2012. Based on the Wiz Khalifa song "Black & Yellow"
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Cannibal Corpse Perverse Suffering Drum Cover
SInce I have a broken rib I played a slower song.
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Beat Making on the M3
Korg M3 Beat Making. MegaMusicMaker is da BOMB! Watch the entire video!
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Learn how quitting your job can save your life. Make money on the Internet with the SG. Or work with me here: http://www.signupordie.com
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Affiliate Marketing by The Singing Guru
The singing Guru is here to teach you everything you need to know about affiliate marketing. Want 2000 hits? Check out http://www.2000hits.com
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Ridiculous Amazing Drummer
Insane drumming by Jamie Lewis at http://www.playanythingondrums.com
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Make millions online during nuclear war
When sulley runs after me down the street, (sulley from Monsters inc) it makes for great footage of a godzilla parody. Want to see how it ends? go to http://www.domainerelite.com All I was doing was looking for my online earnings stats and this huge giant destroyed the city. There is absolutely no chance of ANYTHING coming in the way of this money. We couldn't turn off this income even if we tried! In fact, there is TOO much income! It doesn't stop! You could throw a nuclear bomb at Matthew, EMP's Space aliens, even a giant darth vader and the money keeps on coming! All on an Iphone! Sign up for lessons on how to make money from a bomb shelter here: http://www.launchahomebusiness.com/ Starring Matthew Neer and Jamie Lewis!
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Jerry The Rabbit
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We're Buying domains Part2
Make money with http://stuffyourbank.com Available or purchased by you are accepted if appraised over $2000 and brandable.
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How to build an affiliate site and sell it for $50,000
In this quick Tutorial, Jamie Lewis the Singing Guru will break down the entire process on how he sells websites for $50,000 all the time. Affiliate marketing internet marketing make money online work from home clickbank jamie lewis the singing guru affiliate site flip domains
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Cecil The Lion Strikes Back!
Watch Cecil get his revenge..
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JamieTV Episode #1: Make Money From Anywhere
Want 2000 hits? Check out http://www.2000hits.com This is the official JamieTV full episode. Learn how to make money online with affiliate offers, domain names and many other methods. There are no actors or acting in this video. Everything you see is real.
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Jamie Lewis makes a Club Banger with Sonic Producer
Jamie Lewis of http://www.megamusicmaker.com makes a Club Banger. Sonic Producer is da bomb!
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Dying Fetus Drum Cover: Shepards commandment
Start the day with Shepherd's Commandment: Impossible turned possible. Jamie Lewis drumming
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Sick Affiliate Launch Video
Affiliate Launch gone bad
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Jamie Lewis makes "The ScarFace Beat" THE ORIGINAL!
This is a Scarface beat.. Performed by Jamie Lewis. Get the keyboard here: http://amzn.to/1QNUTvs
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DRUM COVER Slayer Sex Murder Art + Morbid Angel Bonus
Ok I did a drum cover. Slayer Sex Murder Art + Morbid Angel Dominate. http://www.jamielewis.com I do singles with feet unlike Pete. Also, I cannot hear anything through those headphones. I will fix this.
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INTERNET MARKETING. Jamie Lewis the Movie: How to get rich.
The Internet Marketing Manifesto: Story of Jamie Lewis, Lawnmower man. Need Jamie to coach and work with you? Flip domains with Jamie at http://stuffyourbank.com Subscribe and watch 200 more videos like this: http://www.youtube.com/nebula2000 10 Spots left as of January 18th, 2017: http://www.customoffers.net/big2.php 90 Minutes of POWER: A MUST SEE for any serious entrepreneur. The complete Internet marketing and production manifesto audio recorded LIVE on webinar. How to get RICH! Learn SEO, HTML, Adwords, Youtube, Photoshop, Branding, Domain names, Internet marketing, Clickbank, Ebay, Adsense, Etrade, Digital Product Creation, Outsourcing, How to buy expensive cars, affiliate recruitment, copywriting, product launches, audio engineering, music production, video production, software development, manufacturing, dealing with haters, customer service, management, compliance, lawyers, copyrights, forum marketing, classifieds, CPA, CPV, all through a 8 year time frame in extreme detail.
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Jamie Lewis Junior Kills It
Xman, son of Jamie Lewis kills it. Kid rapping like a madman. Hit us up on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jamielewismoney kid rapping kid raps rapping kid
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Rapper battles turtle then overdoses on drugs during music video
To Watch More Music Videos By Gravity Wise Words Visit Our Website- http://rappersgetdestroyed.com/ Video by Jamie James you know my name. Beats by Nox BeatZ, Mister Ka, Mr J Patt, Capital P Additional vocals on "Better than you" by Teresa Abbate Songs written recorded, mixed and mastered by GRAVITY. Follow Gravity On Twitter- http://twitter.com/gravhiphop
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Cooking with Jamie - Episode #5: ANGRY WINGS
In this tutorial, you will learn how to cook "angry" wings.
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ENYA METAL COVER (Death metal Enya medley of multiple songs)
Nebula, Edawg, Big John and Lady Pleadia cover a multitude of Enya songs on a mountain somewhere in the winter. We do Death metal covers of songs worthy of such intensity. Thank you. Songs covered are: EXILE aniron book of days boadicea only time caribbean blue echoes in rain amaratine evening falls Directed and filmed by Xavier Lewis Performed by Nebula and Mad Chyron Mob Stay tuned for more Nebula covers! #enya cover #metal cover
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They Call Them Lions Trailer by Jamie Lewis
The official trailer of the new documentary "They Call Them Lions" starring an undefeated small town youth football team. Hit us up on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jamielewismoney
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Nebula One at Rocafella records showcase
Nebula rapping at Jimmyz uptown in Harlem at 135th and Adam Clayton
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Aston Martin EPIC FAIL
Haters Enjoy http://www.facebook.com/jamielewismoney
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Lizard Funeral
RIP Lizardo
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Vegas "No Viagra Needed" trailer starring Jamie lewis and Bijhan Clarke
Take a trip to Vegas with two of the most notorious Internet Entrepreneurs.. And hope to survive it. Hit me up on FB: http://www.facebook.com/jamielewismoney Directed by Jamie Lewis
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The Dream Killer
Want to learn more? Go to http://www.signupordie.com More crazy shit? check out http://youtube.com/nebula2000 JL's Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jamielewismoney
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Bluegrass Up Your Ass!
Join us in singing this happy song
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Beat Making With Rock Guitar & Drums
Beat making Instructional tutorial Killin' a beat with Rock guitar & drums
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What we do..
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Satanic Science Explained
In this sequel of Bobby G's quest for fame, he finds himself a pawn in the giant universe of Satan. Directed by gravity, Music by Nebula/Chyron/Jamie Lewis starring Bobby G. The band: Nebula, Bobby G, Gravity, Michele Mirabelle, Magic Manus and special guest Jake Phelan as the CIA False Flagger. Watch more of our stuff here: http://www.rappersgetdestroyed.com
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Rick Ross Parody "I smoke Crack"
Hit me up on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jamielewismoney Based on the Meek Millz/Rick Ross song "Tupac back" I SMOKE CRACK SAY NO TO DRUGS KIDS!
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CRAZY PARODY of Ellie Goulding "Lights" by NEBULA ONE
This one came together quite quickly, filmed in two takes and spliced Bijhan the mad doctor in there. Talk shit all you want but this was based on a true story.
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Guru takes a lie detector test
finger pulse included. Internet guru exposed. Check out the full test with results at http://www.thelastgoldmine.com
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My name is AIDS! Don't mess with me. STD! STarring Jamie Lewis and Edawg
http://www.stdannihilation.com Sketch comedy, very frickin hilarious. How to cure herpes and other stds with the flick of a button. Produced by Jamie Lewis and Edawg
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Get paid for submitting artwork online
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$100 a minute
Go: http://incomewithjamie.com/specialtube Watch Clickbank make me $100 a minute Hit me up on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jamielewismoney
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How to cook some incredible shit for cheap
This is the gourmet skillset that you can use if you are on a budget. This pasta and fajitas is the bomb!!!
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Jobs in New York City - Learn How to Quit Your Job and Make Money from Home
Live in New York City and want to be a stay at home millionaire? Check me out at http://stuffyourbank.com Be like the big guys with learning the rules of how to be a successful online marketer and a money making cash machine from super affiliate and digital product developer Jamie Lewis.  Jamie explains in this video how to be an individual and be yourself in your business.  You will see in these simple techniques how to dominate the internet marketing industry. Quit your job and start making money today.
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The Weeknd - Lady Gaga - Sia - 21 Pilots (METAL COVER)
Support The Movement By Being a Jamie Lewis/Singing Guru Fan! The Singing Guru - http://www.thesingingguru.com Keep in touch with us! Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jamielewismoney Who did what: Kim Nolan - Vocals Jamie Lewis Vocals, Drums, Bass, Keys, Vocals Yes there are a ton of other songs in there: The Weeknd - I can't feel my face (Intro) Machine Gun Kelly - Bad Things Lady Gaga - Paparrazi Taylor Swift - Wildest Dreams Imagine Dragons - Radioactive Sia - Chandelier 21 Pilots - Ride Ellie Goulding - Love me like you do Stay tuned for more Nebula Covers!
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Girl let me pick you up in my spaceship and do naughty things with you. Don't tell your boyfriend. Hit me up on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jamielewismoney
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PLANTS! The plants are coming to eat you: THE TRAILER! #2
From the up & coming 3 hour movie about plants that devour the human race because they are pissed off.
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