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12801 purushottam exp departing Gaya
12801 @curve aftr Gaya jn
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Shabd Bhedi Express Skipping Aubr + hardcore acceleration show by WAP 7 (Shabd Bhedi series)
22323 Ghazipur City Kolkata Shabd Bhedi Superfast Express Skipping Anugraha Narayan Road Powered by HOWRAH WAP7 ZONE - East Central Railway DIVISION - MUGHAL SARAI . Full HD Music Courtesy Bhavesh RF Thank you Bhavesh for the clip https://youtu.be/9ej3kyhRAak
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12397 mahabodhi exp Departing Gaya
gaya ndls mahabodhi express on curve Aftr Gaya jn
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Shabd Bhedi Sf Express arriving GAYA JN
Shabd Bhedi SF Express arriving Gaya Junction @pf2 . With GZB WAP 7 Loco vid isn't stable (cz of rpfs who were On PF)
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12398 Mahabodhi Sf Express with RPM WAP 7
Location West Cabin (CURVE) GAYA
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Bhubaneswar rajdhani meets Shabd Bhedi  Sf express in GAYA   (FULL HD)
22824 Down (GZB P7) NDLS BBS Rajdhani Express . 22323 (HWH P7 30321) Shabd Bhedi Super Fast Express at MIGHTY CURVE just before GAYA JN
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Mahabodhi Sf Express with Spare Rake +5 AC coaches
12397 Mahabodhi express with Spare LHB rake nd first run with 5 ac coaches LOCO link = MGS p4 22906 Location = West Cabin Gaya (curve) D.O.V nd time = 1_12_2016 @14.20
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12801 Purushottam Sf Express @Curve in Gaya
12801 Puri -- New Delhi Purushottam Sf Express @Curve In Gaya with GZB wap4 Location = west cabin C panel Loco Link = GZB p4 25004 Date of Vid = 1st dec 2016
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12566 -- Bihar Sampark Kranti Express with GZB WAP7 in CHHAPRA ⭐INDIAN RAILWAYS⭐
12565/12566 Bihar Sampark Kranti Superfast Express is an Indian daily Superfast Train service of Indian Railways, which runs between the Indian cities Of Darbhanga and New Delhi via Chhapra, Gorakhpur, Lucknow Charbagh, Kanpur central India
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12330 WBSK overtaking 12802 Purushottam Sf Express at RAFIGANJ Station
D.O.V 31st Aug 2017 Vid credits Faisal Ahmad RF . . Sorry for poor vid quality
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Rajya Rani Express Skipping BARH at MPS
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12178 Chambal racing with MightY 12312 Kalka
Loco Link 12178 HWH P4 12312 HWH P7 . Time : 08.47 Date : 16-05-2017 Location : Near Rajbandh (Quad Section ER)
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Mahabodhi Sf Express  thrashing Mirzapur at around 90kmph
12398 Down Ndls Gaya Mahabodhi Sf Express Skipping MZP at around 90 kmph after scheduled halt @BDL
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12389 GAYA MS's with LHB Rake
12389 gaya ms exp's first run with LHB rake With MGS Wdm 3A
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Jharkhand Swarna Jayanti Sf express Crossing Yamuna Bridge (Allahabad)
12817 HTE ANVT UP Swarna Jayanti Sf Express around 5 hours late crossing Yamuna bridge after huge unscheduled halt of around 40 minutes at Naini with SRC WAP 4 as LOCO LINK
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12876 Neelachal Sf Express in GAYA
FULL HD @1920*1080 12876 NEW DELHI ----- PURI NEELACHAL SF Express . In GAYA with HWH WAP 4 22573 + dead HWH WAP 7 30330 as loco link @Curve West Cabin C panel . Train - 12876 LINK - HWH WAP 22573 + HWH WAP7 30330 Location - West Cabin Gaya (curve) D.O.V - 12-12-16 Time - 11.05
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11062 Pawan Express in Chhapra with LHB rake
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Mahabodhi Sf Express with 5 ac coaches
#FULL_HD @1920*1080 12397 Gaya New Delhi Mahabodhi Sf Express with its original shining LHB rake . At curve in West Cabin GAYA with 5 AC coaches. LOCO LINK = CNB P4 25010 LOCATION = West Cabin C panel Gaya D.O.V = 02-12-16
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Mahabodhi Sf  Express in HOME
12398 Ndls Gaya Mahabodhi SF Express at curve before Gaya jn with extra LHB SL Location - West Cabin C Panel Loco Link -CNB P4 22583 D.O.V - 26.11.16 VC goes to my brother
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Poorva Express at GOMOH ⭐400 subscribers special⭐ || INDIAN RAILWAYS ||
After having an aggressive run , 12381 showing some patience at GOMOH Junction with HWH WAP7 30524 . D.O.V - 03-05-18 Location - GOMOH V.C - ⭐ANIKET RF⭐
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Shipra Express  in GAYA with HWH P4 22415
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Mumbai Mail Skipping Rafiganj at mps
12321 HWH CSTM UP MUMBAI MAIL Skipping RFJ Rafiganj (Station bn Gaya AUBR) at MPS 110 kmph with HWH WAP 7 as LINK
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Trials for 130 LHB sfs in Grand Chord
Trial for LHB SFs (MAHABODHI 2397/98, POORVA 2381/82 , PURUSHOTTAM 2801/02) in GC HWH ---- MGS
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Patna Ranchi Janshatabdi Express blasting at mps
Patna ranchi Janshatabdi thrashing Hazaribagh railway Station at mps thank u ANAND BHAI FOR THIS
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Mahabodhi Express At Home
12398 Mahabodhi Express With brand new shining Mgs P4 Arriving Curve for Gaya jn Was Fast SUDDENLY DISKS APPLIED which Can be heard in video ENJOY HONKING ND LHB SOUND SORRY FOR LOW QUALITY VIDEO
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