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Ecstasy Techno
Song - Ecstasy
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Everlost (Pt. II)
I love this song so I thought I'd put some meaningful Slides to it. This is my first vid so don't be too harsh. Please rate and Comment and Enjoy! Lyrics: Through seven songs of rejoice His name relives his solar voice Falling into the unknown (falling) Yet he shall feel no harm Light shines upon his face Night exists no longer In unknown colours they confront him In soundless tounge they.. they speak his name Moonred - reaching for life through eternity Starblack - the brooding silence - it frightens me The brooding silence efrightens me One elderly custom in timeless guise Ceremonies of old, one dove that flies Fly through time
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Suicide In Dark Serenity
This is a video project for my Lit of Film class. Please Rate and comment! Lyrics: Heiled in battle again Into the night eternally searching and Fighting to be eternally free And to live in darkness Decaying upon their crosses Light without will (or reason) Seeing only with (holy) blood in our eyes To deny them their empires Take the light from their lives Blinded by their own crying winds Hatred bled onto the soul With a fury to kill Killed brethren Without respect for lives unholy A hatred possessing my soul With a fury to kill Blasphemies bleed from wounds unseen We escape through night So the battle dies in this bleak winter Each death piled in a dark circle And again we'll return
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Young Love
They hide in the open, taunting us when we are at our weakest. Song: LAX - Come And Get Me This video is a tribute to the concept of JailBait. All pictures are legal. there is no CP here.
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A History Of Violence
This is jus a quick still movie I made for extra credit in a film class. Enjoy.
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God Of War for Suki
"Conquering others gives you strength. Conquering yourself makes you fearless." - Lao Tzu "Through competition we discover ourselves." - Jet Li "The key to a fight is to not expect to win, do not expect to lose, Expect nothing. Only then will you do your best." - Bruce Lee Martial Arts is my life. I train 6 days a week in Shorin-Ryu Karate, Kobudo, Iaido and some Ju-Jitsu.
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Druid In Nagrand
A short vid I made to test out iMovieHD.
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GM Houserz
My house I just recently built
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Gentlemen Jack
Casandra and Abigail enjoying each other after sum shots
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SSC Raid
me and some friends downing lady vashj.
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As I Lay Dying Live
Live As I Lay Dying. Pretty good. Fucking small stage though.
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GM Speedz
me speeding through BT.
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twitch.tv/pooflower @poowilde
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1984 Montage
Some slides I put together for my IOP presentation in 11th grade IB English.
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