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ARK Tip: Where To Get Easy Oil
There's usually a bit of work involved with going to get a good supply of oil. Did you know on the South West side of the island there's a bunch of shallow water oil nodes close to the beach you can hit in five minutes? Well, there is. Enough to run your generator for two IRL days on a vanilla public server.
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Finding the center underworld without a GPS
These are the landmarks that lead you to the flyer's entrance to ark's The Center underworld. If you don't have a GPS, this will help :) Like if you liked it, sub to see more. Royalty free music by "Cover Blown" TeknoAxe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kjai-kvSvH4 check him out, his music is free to use and awesome.
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FireFall Gameplay: Dual Decals
If you place your decal on the rear shoulderplate of your battleframe, you get another decal symmetrically opposite the one you place. Only works on that back part of the frame, and doesn't work on engineer frames. (they're not symmetrical.)
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FireFall Gameplay: Solo PvE
FireFall, Red 5 and The9's upcoming open world/shooter/MMO/RTS is preparing for open beta launch next week. Go to www.firefallthegame.com and join the fight! In this video, I pilot my Firecat Battleframe around New Eden solo, make a glide from Sunken Harbor in the south to ThumpDump in the north, explaining how to chain abilities to glide further along the way. I also do a couple of dynamic missions in the open world and take a moment to check out the new player market in game.
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Approaching Landings: ARMA III chopper tip
So you want to stop using autohover. But you're not feeling confident enough yet. Relax. Breathe. It's easy, just slow down. When where and how though? Watch and learn. You'll still need practice but knowing what to practice should really help. COPYRIGHT FREE MUSIC RULES OF WAR by SHATTERED HELIUM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RUOYTzVbPEo
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Waiting for a helicopter pilot song
Don't mind me I'm just waiting for a pilot.
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ARK tip: easymode argentavis taming
Using a bow and narc arrows to get a low level ptera, then using the ptera to go and tame an argentavis. If you use a crossbow the process will be faster. Longneck rifle and tranq darts will be even faster again. The basic strategy here is to use the speed of the ptera to evade the argentavis when it gets close, before flying off, landing nearby and taking a few more shots while it comes for you. It helps to keep your ptera on Passive, if your ptera starts fighting and isn't there when you need to make your getaway, you're probably going to have a bad time.
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Invade & Annex Apex Edition (PCG #1 US Tanoa)
IT'S BACK! Video coming soon explaining the unique features of this modified I&A mission and why I think this version of Invade & Annex is better than the rest. For now, just enjoy the highlight reel intro featuring some remixed royalty free music by the completely awesome Teknoaxe and a couple of the short battlefield stories that evolve out of co-op Arma gameplay. Like if you like it, sub if you'd like to see more. Still no word on when streams will be back but eh. music is my own remix of a royalty free tune by Teknoaxe. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sANQgnSdWHY
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Firefall Gameplay: Suddenly Skydock
Winning Skydock is good. Almost winning Skydock is usually better. www.firefallthegame.com free on Steam http://store.steampowered.com/app/227700/
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Firefall Gameplay: Gliders 101
So you want to glide like a boss... (The 3rd ability I use is Inferno Dash, and it's FireCat exclusive. I said I'd talk about it but I didn't.) Check out my video that talks about crafting abilities for gliding if you want to know more. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dAer3MXxftk
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Due to changes in FireFall, gliders have been changed. watch my newest tutorial here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JuAsOW8YQJc I humbly submit this is the only FireFall gliding tutorial you'll ever need to see. For the people who say they're having trouble with gliding. For new players who're all "what's a glider?" For players who know how to glide, but watch in envy as squadmates outglide them EVER DAMN TIME. The extended 12 inch 33rpm remix version of what could probably have been a 3 minute gliding tutorial if I wasn't repeating myself in the narration over and over and over. And over. What can I say, ask an educator what repetition is for, ask them to tell you three times. In my defense, I left nothing out, I leave no questions about gliding for you to ask, show off some of my quick travel assault routes, I do how-to-use-updrafts aaaand then I show off a bit at the end. Every basic, intermediate and advanced aspect of the skill of gliding in FireFall is covered to the best of my knowledge and ability. This is just everything you need to know. You still might need to practice. www.firefallthegame.com for info on the game and beta access sign ups
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FireFall Gameplay: Founders LGV race
firefall community event from 25/09/12 the day the founders Light Ground Vehicles dropped.
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FireFall Gameplay: Showing off
Just hot dogging with the glider. Threw together a backing track from a bunch of loops. Forgot the bassline. Oh well. Like? Go sign up for beta at www.firefallthegame.com
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Just a very short clip of a few of the guys giving the new and improved Invade & Annex Apex Edition mission for Arma 3 by Quiksilver a test play and of course, having a few giraffes. So stoked this is back to being a thing!
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ArmA II Gameplay: Day Z Chopper Practice
How many videos have you seen of someone finding the chopper in Day Z and wrecking it thirty seconds later? Don't be that guy. Here's a how-to on using the single player map editor in ArmA to hone your mad chopper pilot skills so when you do eventually find a chopper in Day Z you can fly and land it, instead of crashing, burning and killing your mates. Don't be that guy either... TL;DR q starts the chopper engine. q to go up, z to go down, mouse to control the chopper. land gently.
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Anamnesis vs Drone FX
"Math, I'd like you to meet sound and art." I was just fooling with two unrelated, web based, randomised background sound generators, making chilled out atmospheric ambient music in real time during my stream. The most beautiful thing about this to me is the fact dronefx is driven by a random number gnerator, so there is no way to make a particular sound, all you can do is modify the parameters in such a way that makes it likely certatin sounds may be made. Incredible that something so sparse and melodic can come from chaos and randomness. Nice change from me shooting people and abusing dinosaurs on stream! -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/diggernoises
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DayZ gameplay: Recovering a flipped ATV.
One thing you learn fast about the vehicles in Day Z, ATVs flip very easily. Just about any little bump in the ground, most bridges, railway lines, dam walls and even docks will flip your ATV. Depending on where it happens, you can sometimes recover and get the quad back on the wheels. Watch and learn, scrubs :p Get the free DayZ mod for ArmA II now at www.dayzmod.com
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FireFall Gameplay: Next Level Gliding
see title. (scuze lags)
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FireFall Vericality Video Competition
www.firefallthegame.com Every battleframe is different. But only one gets you to the warfront at the front. It makes you a harder target to hit. It gives you control over every engagement. It's your fast travel system. It's your extreme sport. It's an assault. But it's not just any assault battleframe. It's a Tigerclaw. Because the sky isn't the limit, it's a playground. Request beta access or buy immediate access with a founder's pack at www.firefallthegame.com
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FireFall Gameplay: Broken gun
So I had a thermal cannon with zero durability. It was malfunctioning, firing faster, but doing next to no damage. My buddy fired up his recon buff, and this happened. FireFall is a free to play FPS/MMO check it out at www.firefallthegame.com
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FireFall Gameplay: Dubglide
They took my upwards cannonball off me and I don't even care. The sky is still my playground. Infinite gliding is still a thing, btw.
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FireFall Gameplay: Defending a POI
With the latest milestone, invasions came to all the major Points Of Interest. They can happen at any time and each POI has a specific PVE player bonus attached to it. If the POI falls, the bonus is lost for all players for the next few hours. So it's important players are always ready to send back that thumper and hightail it when word of a pending invasion comes. The rewards for participating in the defense against an invasion are substantial. If you thought firefall was all about grinding thumpers, you might want to stick around till the end when you see the payout each player who took part gets if the POI survives the attack. Players have to come in from all around the map, so this is one of the times it really pays to be either a boss glider pilot or a pro LGV racer so you can get across New Eden fast and stop these invasions. An invasion starts with Chosen troops dropping in on the outskirts of town with siege cannons, so first job is to fight the Chosen back from the cannons, take out the static defenses and deactivate the siege cannons before they destroy the town's shield generators. Shortly after the cannons land, Warbringers show up with LOTS of Chosen troops who'll try to attack into town to bring down the generators with small arms fire. For the next ten minutes, it's a frantic effort to keep the waves of Chosen hoards off the shield generators by holding them up at various choke points around the POIs. If all 3 generators fall, the SIN tower shield goes down. If the SIN tower shield is taken down, the chosen will destroy the SIN tower and the melding will close in, the POI (and it's bonus) will be lost for the next three hours. To be effective in an invasion, 1. Stick with others (a lone target will be taken down fast) 2. Know where the generators are and defend them. 3. Get those cannons offline ASAP. 4. Know where the choke points are and use them. 5. Shoot them in the face. Invasions are just one of the new world events that keeps an MMO FPS like FireFall PvE interesting. And now, they're one of the most profitable. SWEET! FIREFALL GOES OPEN BETA ON JULY 9 2013 join up at www.firefallthegame.com
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FireFall Gameplay: Updrafts?
Someone said on the FireFall forums there are no updrafts in FireFall. (Updrafts, currents of rising air used by gliders to gain altitude.) Lets see if they're right. (one minute later) Nope, they were wrong.
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FireFall Gameplay: PvE Fan Promo
OK, I post too many gliding videos. People are like "Dude. Is it a shooting game or a flying game?" So here's a four and a half minute montage slash fan promo of FireFall's PvE goodness, thumping, killing bugs, snuffing Chosen, taking back towers, reclaiming towns, all that fun stuff where we totally kill things. There's so much I left out though. Might have to do another like this after the next patch drops. Yes, we do actually get to kill stuff, it's not all about the gliding. Much. Music's something I made to use in a FireFall video, because I've been meaning to something like this for a while. Like it? Then like it! And when you're done with that, join us in the beta and help us save the world and whatnot. visit www.firefallthegame.com for more info and to sign up for beta.
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1 hour of Firefall PvE with commentary
Firefall is a free to play 1st and 3rd person sci fi shooter from Red 5 Studios, available on Steam http://store.steampowered.com/app/227700/ Roaming Firefall's massive open world, looking for fights and finding one at a Chosen occupied watchtower in Sertao. Commentary explains in-game objectives, discusses the class system in Firefall, muses about why Firefall isn't pay to win and contains even more banter about my impressions of Firefall, one of my top three most-played games.
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FireFall Gameplay: Glider 360 stunt
While gliding, hit afterburner, close wings and do a 360.
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T Framing glitch: Firefall gameplay
video capture of T framing glitch, instead of static screen caps.
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FireFall gameplay video: Gliding Copacabana
Oh look, another gliding video from FireFall's favorite freestyle flyboy, Angus McSplatter. (say that three times fast,) First run I tackle something Captain Fancypants came up with last night (named your first run after you dude brah, hope you don't mind,) and put some proximity back into the proximity flying. Then I take on Tyroney's challenge. Off the pad, through the pad tunnel, past the versus terminal, down the stairs beside the loadout mod terminal, left towards the vendors, right round the pillar, down across the dancefloor at Laua Larry's, over the beach and out as far along the boardwalk as you can get. You didn't say to turn so I just flew into the sign at the end of it. Hope that's ok :D. Promise I'll upload some video of me actually killing something soon. Or not, I have this whole other FireFall ingame extreme sport concept cooking. That might be next. Or just some forest slalom gliding. Who knows? 1280x 720, graphics settings on medium & high. Gameplay recorded on Asus K53sv core i7 laptop with Nvidia GT 540m. It don't look fancy, but it runs :)
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Leading a Side Mission on 77th JSOC Invade & Annex.
After a few days playing on the 77th JSOC server I decided to step up and try my hand at leading a squad. The 77th is a role playing military simulation server, with more rules than you find on most public Arma servers. Vehicle use, personal loadouts and squad composition are strictly controlled by active commanding officers in game. It was actually a lot of fun to make the change from thinking as a single player to thinking as a leader of a group on a server like this, and so I've been doing it more often. So here's a video showing what it's like to lead a squad through a side mission on a milsim server, hope you like it :)
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FireFall Gameplay: crafting for gliding
Looking into the dark arts of crafting in the quest for more altitude? Here's pretty much all you need to know, what to research, which attributes to buff with modules, how you can build a better abilities for gliding even before you add a module.
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FireFall night time gameplay
15 minutes of gameplay from the Firefall closed beta. This is the newest patch at the time of posting, so I'm showing off the new and much darker night time, now with added torch. The AI is about halfway between OMFGHAX and lolderp, could be less derpy but it's still pretty good. A good patch of Coralite keeps our squad out filling thumpers after dark, across the bay from Copacobana. A long walk back to Copa goes wrong and the squad takes the shortcut back to Al's.. Watch and enjoy, comment and share, like and subscribe. Thanks :) Captured on an Asus K53SV-B1 with Nvidia GT 540m (OC to 720mhz) @ 1366X 768. Average 20fps with FRAPS, graphics on very high & high, view distance 90%
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FireFall Gameplay: Back after a month away
Lots of changes since I loaded up the closed beta of Red 5 Studio's FPS MMO FireFall and played last, Most notable, the glider takeoff has had a complete revamp. Wasn't broke imo, but they "fixed" it anyway. The Chosen have been nerfed to the point of being overly simple and everyone's using the lull in the war to thump for rarer resources. In this video, I do some thumping with my T2 Recluse Biotech Battleframe, some gliding with my T2 Tigerclaw Assault Battleframe, take a tower (a spawn point,) back from The Chosen and use the molecular printer to craft some upgraded weapons and other items. New glider takeoff feels like it has training wheels on it, and I bet people are still getting it wrong. Combat's feeling nice a smooth but I think I forgot how to move and aim at the same time at first. Cannonball sound effect doesn't play when used while gliding sometimes. Still feels like we lose to much speed by leveling out after a dive, Textures are looking sweet, Had the graphics settings dialed up a bit more from where I normally play and New Eden is looking good.
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FireFall Gameplay: Gliding isn't broken.
No edits, no cuts, no tricks, just a bunch of good glides in a row. The point? Gliders and glider pads work fine if you know what you're doing. If you don't know, learn. (protip: watch the target reticle during launch and watch the timing.)
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FireFall Gameplay: PvE exploring
Taking a glide/stroll/roll/fly/jump through a small part of FireFall's seemless open world. FireFall is a free to play shooter/MMO currently in closed beta. No release day is currently set. To sign up for beta access, visit www.firefallthegame.com Graphics are medium/high and I've got the HUD toggled off most of the time so those not in the beta can focus on the scenery. Kick back and enjoy the tour :)
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Firefall Gameplay: Gravity, Terminal Velocity, Suicide & You.
Mockup of an Accord training film which demonstrates nobody knows what the hell triggers FirfeFall's collision mode when a battleframe falls at terminal velocity. Enjoy :) I've used gliders to test the theory that reaching a certain speed during a fall is what causes collison mode to be triggered. Without gliders, collision mode engages 100% of the time when you reach terminal velocity so it's impossible to figure this out without gliders.
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FireFall Gameplay: LGV vs Glider TransHub to Copa
I was wondering how the two current quick travel options in game stacked up in a point to point race. So, starting from a podium in TransHub, I took my assault battleframe gliding to Copa. I botched the intial climb to the gliderpad and the approach to Copa by glider, losing time. Then, I went back to the Podium and this time made the journey using the LVG. Once again, it was an unrehersed, point to point run, hit a few objects, botched some corners. Thought thta was the fairest way to do the race as soon as I missed my first jump going to the glider pad. With a picture in picture edit, I'm able to race myself, LVG vs max mobility assault glider, Trans Hub to the Copa PVP tower. Which is faster? Turns out, it's a pretty close race. UPDATE: The glider wins by a long way in this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UYRavUI5BN0
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FireFall Gameplay: Larry's run
Based on a glider run posted by Tyroney at FireFall beta forums. Angus says never, ever, ever glide past an open bar. Not ever. The NPC barman's name is Larry, hence, Larry's run. What do we want? PvP gliding! When do we want it? As soon as is practical within the obvious and legitimate constraints of the beta testing schedule! Something something firefall, something something request beta key, something something www.firefallthegame.com woo gliding!
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FireFall Gameplay: 45 minutes of PvE
If you haven't played FireFall yet, here's a loooong look at some of the lower/middle level content. Free to play, pick it up on Steam 00:20 Pinpoint glider run (Hard glider path) 04:20 Skydock (Map event) 27:45 Brontodon King 34:20 proof BK uses wallhacks and should be banned (XD) 35:20 Dredge Drift (Easy glider path) 36:55 Orbital Com Tower (Map event) 45:15 Darkslip surfing
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FireFall Gameplay: To the arclight
Quick glide out from the southern end of the map starting out past sunken harbor, gliding alongside the hull of the Arclight back to Northern Shores. Gives you a good look at the arclight.but not really much else. Starts with the in game UI on but I pull up the console and turn it off part of the way through.
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Firefall Gameplay: Melding Twister gliding
Firefall's favorite slash insanest glider pilot Angus McSplatter throws caution to the wind (I see what I did there,) and take a glider into the middle of a melding twister in search of some updraft action. Everything goes better than expected. Firefall is a free to play FPSMMO from Red 5 studios. See more and sign up for the closed beta at www.firefallthegame.com
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FireFall Gameplay: Solo play
Video answer to a question Grummz asked in the forums about solo PvE play. Rather than a wall of text (or more accurately, in addition to the wall of text I already posted,) here's some video of solo thumping outside copa, with narrated comments. Using a T1 Engi, dropping a stock personal thumper. Nothing special, just getting it done.
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FireFall Gameplay: long glide is loooong
Thumpdump to Copa and beyond. (sorry about the downsampling.)
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FireFall Gameplay: Thumping, gliding and bug herding.
First up I go hot-dogging with the glider through Copacabana, then I solo an advanced thumper by dropping it at the tail end of a melding twister and letting the assembled masses of other players kill the bugs for me while I dance (And get hell lag. And die. But not because of the lag.) Nobody in my group, I get all the resources from the thumper, so technically, it's soloing with a crowd. Then, I wrangle a medium sized herd of bugs and run them up the back steps of copa. ...and cut away before you get to see the NPCs rip them to shreds with their elite combat skills. Want to get in the game? Post a video reply of yourself telling me why you should be in the beta. Hell, I'll even throw in a tiki mask for the winner.
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FireFall gameplay: Gliding  again
Angus McSplatter returns to FireFall following the August milestone update and discovers gliding now has achievements.
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An arma 3 war story
A story of a unit's push toward the enemy HQ, as seen from the perspective of the squad's AT rifleman. Set among the windfarms on the coastal hills of Altis, the squad must advance through hostile enemy territory using stealth and surprise to overcome the combined arms of CSAT forces. There are many war stories to be told on the 77th JSOC Invade and Annex ArmA 3 server, this is just one of them.
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FireFall Gameplay Video: Thumping til dark.
Sunsets in FireFall have taken on a whole new look. Natural lunar cycles have been added. We take a small squad out to fill a couple of light thumpers at dusk and stay until dark, so you get to see what sunset looks like now in the beta. This is my first video with the UI and HUD turned off completely so you get wall to wall eyecandy. Enjoy!
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FireFall: Copa by air.
So I got bored and started looking for new and interesting places to take the glider in FireFall. Found a path from the top pad, round past Al's, through the tunnel, over the PvP plaza and down to the bottom pad. Next time I log in, I want to see heaps of people flying this path. I wish emotes worked while we were gliding, I wanna fly through copa singing the dance emote song. Bo-boo-ba-doom doom boo boo ba doom. (trivia tip, dance emote song is actually cottoneye joe. true story.)
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FireFall Gameplay: Fastest glide from Transhub to Copa.
I think I may have just set a record. Yes, I just hit the updrafts from the Transhub public pad. I'm not sure if we're meant to be able to do that.
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ArmA II Day Z Gameplay Video: Friendlies don't sneak.
I jogged into a building, keeping low but not too quiet. You want to live? Don't startle anyone. I find a zombie body and I hear a scuffle from upstairs. Not someone walking, ...someone sneaking. Day Z city survival rule Rule #1: Friendlies don't try to sneak up on you.
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FireFall Gameplay: Shanty Streamline II
Had a few more runs at Shanty Streamline, still haven't got 100/100 but I've started working on the Hard Mode run in Coral Forest now. I might come back to it later to see if I can get a perfect run. Here's the last few runs at shanty town to say goodbye ...for now.
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