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Playing Guns Of Boom With My Dad!! *MUST WATCH!!!*🤯😱
Welcome back guys!!! Today I played with my dad Guns of Boom just for fun I hope you enjoy it!! Subscribe and like for mire fun videos and tricks for games!!! XoXo, RaZe Lightning💖💖
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Guns of Boom Battle Trick #1 :)
Hi guys today I will be showing you one of the tricks during the 3-points A,B,C during a battle :) Please like and subscribe for more fun videos and tricks!! 💖💖 Xoxo, RaZe Lightning
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Did I Just Lose The Battle?! 😱 *GONE WRONG*
Please subscribe ti my brother he helped me with this video!! @RaZeVoltz Thank you for watching my first video I appreciate it. Like and subscribe!! XoXo, RaZe Lightning 💖💖
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Playing PUBG mobile game. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner or a total fail?! 😱😱🤯
Hi guys today I played pubg. I hope you enjoyed this video please like and subscribe for more videos like this love you all!! XoXo, RaZe Lightning 🌩
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Playing 100% Sensitivity for the first time ft my dad!! (It was hard)
Hi guys welcome back to my channel, Today my dad and I played on 100% sensitivity it was hard, but we made it through!!! I hope you enjoy this video, please like and subscribe for more fun videos :) XoXo, RaZe Lightning
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