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Team Eversion 2 - part one
A little Eversion soundmod I made for fun, but when I showed it to a friend, he suggested that I would upload it. After many ifs and buts I agreed to do it, so I hope you're happy (I won't say any names *aptaincay iratepay onkeymay*) Here it is. I am playing a bit slow, I know, but that's because I always forgot that I was recording. I hope you others enjoy it... "not suitable for children or those of a nervous disposition" ©Zaratustra Productions - the game ©Valve - sounds and music
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Turret Wife Serenade [8 bit]
A friend of mine sent me Famitracker to have as a new play toy. I had NEVER used this before, so to get the hang of the whole program, I decided to make something short and quick. I did this by ear, so I think it took maybe... 8-9 hours. Yes, I work very slowly. Deal with it! The picture in the background is drawn by me. Drew it, since just a black screen would've been boring. Honk! Portal 2 © VALVe and all that rot!
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Prelude of the Chambered - 100% speedrun
Well, since everyone is doing this right now, I decided to do one myself :P A little break from MPC... This is not a speedrun like "from start to end". No this is a speedrun where I did EVERYTHING!! Took every chest, every trinket, killed ALL enemies and even broke everything!! cut all bars and smashed all walls (punched all balls as well :P). I also replaced the sound with a somewhat fitting song, because I forgot to plug in my headphones, which makes the sound go extremely trebled. If you want the real sounds, play it yourself! Here's the link: http://s3.amazonaws.com/ld48/index.html Have fun! I did this ONLY because I was bored... I'm having a cold at the moment and it is not fun at all! I'm feeling hot and my nose hurst. My ears has been affected by the vacuum in my head... *sigh* Just to add a little... meh... to the video, I added my thoughts that I had while playing. If you don't want that, Disable the annotations. :P
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A short video I made today (last June as of publishing time), using an iPad and a picture program made for these kinda things. Video is made out of nothing but cut paper. Framerate: 12 fps. Frames: ≈180 Time: ≈3 hours (cutting the paper, animating + 15 min of fika)
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Team Eversion 2 - part 2
(Description coming soon) Happy Valentines!!! ---UPDATE--- So here it is: the second part! I decided to put it up on Valentines, because of the good end part of this video. The animation in the end was custom made by me. In other words: it does not end like that... Of couse, it would be awesome if it did. :P Those evert effects are messed up, I know, but the motion blur effect it gave was quite cool as well... right? P.S. Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, BOINK, BOINK, BOINK, PEEK-A-BOO, KABLOOIIIEEEEE!!! P.P.S. Watching these videos made me realize that I have a somewhat hard time to concentrating... short attention span...
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