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This is my first edited video!
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Elevator tour at Monterey Bay Suites, Myrtle Beach, SC
(Taken July 2016) This is a night time elevator tour at Monterey Bay Suites. Sorry about the quality and my voice being higher, this was taken a year ago.
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Otis Traction service elevator @ Terrace V3, SKYSCRAPER SIMULATOR
This is NOT a real building. AND THIS BUILDING ISN'T MINE! If you have skyscraper and want to download the building, click this link (MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE NEWEST VERSION OF SKYSCRAPER INSTALLED, OR ELSE THE BUILDING WONT WORK): https://forum.skyscrapersim.com/index... If you want to download skyscraper simulator, click this link: https://forum.skyscrapersim.com/index...
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This is NOT a real building. AND THIS BUILDING ISN'T MINE! If you have skyscraper and want to download the building, click this link: https://forum.skyscrapersim.com/index.php?topic=3132.msg77865#msg77865 If you want to download skyscraper simulator, click this link: https://forum.skyscrapersim.com/index.php?topic=7627.msg78871#msg78871
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NICE Schindler 3300 Elevators @ Best Western PLUS, Cranberry, PA.
These are very nice elevators, and run very well. Buttons and the Cab could use a little clean-up though. INFO-- Brand: Schindler Model: 3300 Type: MRL Traction FPM: 150
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Aging Westinghouse Hydraulic Elevator at JCpenny, Century 3 mall, West Mifflin PA
(Taken April 3rd, 2017) This elevator really shows its age, it still runs very well though.
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2018 RETAKE!! - MODDED! 1971 Service elevator @ Brentwood Middle/High school, Brentwood, PA.
Since my last take of this was almost 1 year ago.. And I had the elevator key due to a torn muscle in my thigh.. Why not do a retake of this quite interesting elevator. The reason why the elevator makes that scraping noise Between D and C is because the elevator cab slants towards the outside level, causing the door to scrape against... Something... Info: Former Brand: Unknown.. Possibly Westinghouse Brand Now: Schindler Type: Hydraulic Installation Date: 1971 (Modded 2000) Floors served: 6 (mostly half-levels) Capacity: 3500 lbs (1587 kg) Fixture type: Epco INCHline + Circleline Maintained by: Otis (Got a new stop switch recently)
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2017 retake of the Schindler Glass Hydraulic elevator @ South hills village mall, Bethel Park, PA.
They added lights on the bottom of the elevator shaft and ontop of the car!! NICE!! But the indicator is all screwed up now.
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1 AM: Otis Series 2 (Former Dover) Traction elevators (L - 15) @ The Sheraton, Station Square, PGH.
These are pretty similar to the Low-Rise, except these are older and were former Dover. (I am pretty sure they were dover, there is blue ontop and below of the elevator) Info- Brand: OTIS Former Brand: Dover Bank: High-Rise Type: Traction FPM: ?? (400-450) Floors Served: L - 15
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Zackville Offices (ROBLOX) - Polar Service Elevator (With E-STOP test and Fire service)
A 1080p 60fps video of the Polarized Service Elevator @ Zackville Offices, ROBLOX. A building that I made.
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1997 Schindler MT LOUD/SLOW hydraulic elevator at Brentwood middle/high  school. Brentwood, pa
(Taken May 3rd, 2017) This is the crappy high school elevator, its rough and slow. Only 1 light is on in that thing.
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Stupid Montgomery hydraulic elevators(#1) at JCpenny, Lehigh Valley Mall, Whitehall, PA.
(Taken April 15th, 2017)This elevator needs some work, when the indicator reached 2 the whole elevator has a really hard stop, then keeps moving. The other elevator works 10x better than this, it even has a better motor.
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Could of easily been made glass Otis Lexan hydro elevator @ Caste Commons,  Caste Village
Never knew this existed until now. It has an epic motor, but it could of easily been made glass.
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Final Ride: Schindler Non-Scenic Hydraulic Elevator @ Sears, Robinson Mall
(8-31-18) It is sad to see this go as this was a nice elevator. Info: Brand: Schindler Model: MT Type: Hydraulic FPM: 100
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Westinghouse hydro elevator @ Village Square, Bethel Park, PA.
This is a crappy scenic westinghouse elevator.
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1997 Schindler HIGHdraulic elevator at Brentwood Middle School
(Taken April 28th, 2017) This elevator is fairly nice, its locked out but I have a way of getting in. ML is where the rear door leads to.
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2018 Update - Westinghouse Glass Elevator @ Century III Mall
Not much has changed. 1:12 ALARM TEST! Macys now has caution tape all over it and there are fans blowing inside.
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(Short) 2018 RETAKE! LOUD Schindler Hydraulic ANNEX elevator @ Brentwood Middle/High school.
Nothing special, except the motor. Details- Brand: Schindler Type: Hydraulic Installed: 2000 Floors Served: 1-3
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RUINED Westinghouse? (Mod by ICE or Hadfield) Traction Elevators @ Coraopolis Towers, Coraopolis PA.
2:18 Big Elevator 3:47 1R I have no idea what this elevator was before, nor what company modded it. Weird how 99% of the elevators have Innovation Bruiser, but 1R has red Universal. **PLEASE NOTE: YOU NEED A KEY TO ACCESS THIS BUILDING, I HAVE ACCESS TO IT BECAUSE I KNOW SOMEONE HERE** Installation date: 1980 Former Brand: Unknown, possibly Westinghouse. Brand that modded it: Unknown Type: Traction FPM: N/A Button Type: Innovation Bruiser, And a little bit of Universal.
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Strange But nice Westinghouse hydraulic elevators @ Fort Couch Tower, Bethel Park, PA.
These are nice Westinghouse hydro scenic elevators, the elevator on the other side only serves floors 2-5 (2 is G) and has a really loud motor.
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2018 RETAKE!! Schindler Main Elevator @ Brentwood Middle/High school.
The Nicer elevator at my school.. It needs a key to access it, there are no call buttons, except keyholes. Info: -Brand: Schindler -Installation Date: 1997?? -Type: Hydraluic -Fixture Type: Schindler MT -Floors Served: 6 (No Half-Levels except ML) -Maintained by: OTIS
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Fire alarms at my school.
I was allowed back in the building when they silenced the alarms.
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Final Ride: Nice Schindler Scenic Hydraulic Elevator @ Sears, Robinson Mall.
This is nice elevator for a sears. Sad to see this go though. Info- Brand: Schindler Model: MT Type: Hydraulic FPM: 100
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(Bad Take) NICE! Schindler HT Premium Elevators @Bethel Park High School, Bethel Park PA
NOT EXPECTED!! Especially in a High school! There are 3 other elevators in the school. I had a better take, but then my SD Card fucked up, so this is the only footage I have.
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Computer startup after 6 years
(UPDATE: THE FAN IS NOW BROKEN) This is a Dell optiplex gx280. I can't believe it started ! This was in my garage so don't mind the mess
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(8-11-16) Monterey Bay Suites (Myrtle Beach) Fire Alarm
*The Specralerts you see in the video, are not the voice evac alarms. The voice evac alarms are the Simplex 4903 alarms. Before I started the recording, the fire alarms were playing a simplex voice evac message. A woman went to the fire alarm intercom and told us not to evacuate. These alarms went off all day.
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Talking Schindler 400a Elevators @ Childrens Hospital of UPMC, Pittsburgh, PA.
I was here because my brother was having surgery. Details- Brand: Schindler Type: 400a Traction FPM: 400?? Date Installed: 2007
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(DECOMMISSIONED 9/1/18) Schindler Hydraulic glass elevator @ Sears, Robinson Mall, Robinson, PA.
Once Saturday, September 1st hits, this will now be decommissioned because the store is permanently closing. It's sad to see this go, as it was a nice elevator.
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Dying 1980 glass Westinghouse hydro at Century 3 mall.
This elevator is only 1 of the 2 running elevators in this mall. This mall will close eventually and the elevator will die.
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2017 RETAKE OF THE EPIC OTIS VINTAGE Hydraulic Elevator @ South Hills Village Mall
EDIT: THIS HAS BEEN MODDED Lets see how this elevator is doing in 2017! DieselDucy, PAelevators, and many other users have filmed this elevator!
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Last day of school fire alarm. (6-9-17)
Some kid in 6th grade pulled the fire alarm when class ended on the last day of school.
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FAST Otis (Modded By Otis) Traction elevators @ William Penn Hotel, Downtown Pittsburgh, PA.
These are very nice elevators, and fast too! There are more elevators down the hall but they are the same elevators as these ones. These elevators serve more floors than the other elevators.
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2018 Retake + EPIC FAIL! MURDERNIZED Westinghouse Elevators @ Coroapolis Towers, Coroapolis, PA.
I decided to revisit these elevators (and my aunt :P) and see how they are doing! Nothing much has changed except for 1R now being locked off. --Specs-- Brand: Westinghouse Installed: 1972 Modded: ?? New Brand: Industrial Commercial or Hadfield Type: Traction FPM: 300-350?? Floors Served: 10 Previous Fixtures: Supposedly Westinghouse Mark IV (According to PAelevators) New Fixtures: Innovation Bruiser/Universal (The Universal buttons exist on 1R) Only right elevator is the only elevator that serves 1R. 1R is the only floor the rear door leads to.
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(FOUND LOCATION) KONE EcoSpace elevator @ At Loves, Oaklahoma.
Taken on my dads iPhone 6 in May 2016. This is at Loves in somewhere in Oaklahoma. There is another elevator at the end of the rest stop, but its exactly the same.
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CRAP Otis Lexan hydraulic elevator at Boscovs, Lehigh valley mall, Whitehall, PA
(Taken April 15th, 2017) This elevator is crap, but it has a nice motor, which is probably new.
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Otis Gen 2 Traction elevators at Terrace, SKYSCRAPER SIMULATOR
This is NOT a real building. AND THIS BUILDING ISN'T MINE! If you have skyscraper and want to download the building, click this link: https://forum.skyscrapersim.com/index.php?topic=3132.msg77865#msg77865 If you want to download skyscraper simulator, click this link: https://forum.skyscrapersim.com/index.php?topic=7627.msg78871#msg78871
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1 AM take: Otis Series 1 elevators (L - 9)  The Sheraton, Station Square, Pittsburgh, PA.
These are probably add-ons, as the other bank has dover blue in it, and don't have the OTIS logo. These do not have dover blue, have series 1 fixtures, and have the OTIS logo. Info-- Brand: OTIS Type: Traction Bank: Low-Rise Installation Date: ?? FPM: ?? (Maybe 400-450) Floors Served: L-9
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Triggering BSOD on my laptop
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(MARCH 2016) Century III mall Epic Fail....?
The mall does this to save energy, as of July-August 2017 they still do it.
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