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Here's 2 Us - Victoria Justice (Lyrics)
I don't know why I like this song so much. I'm sorry. Have this video. Sorry if the words are cut off.
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Feels Like Tonight - Female Version
yadda yadda yadda it's a song that's cool yay.
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Love The Way You Lie - Male Version
This is not the Rihanna/Eminem version, this is the Ariana Grande version! You've been warned.
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Better Than Revenge - Male Version
Sounds weird, but hey, I like it.
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So sweet and awesome and romantic and OMG SEDDIE FOREVER
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i wish you were here (sam puckett + freddie benson)
Admit it: this song makes you tear up. Admit it. iDSaF is tomorrow. Tomorrow. To-freaking-morrow. excuse me brb squeeing 4ever
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Thinking Of You - Male Version
So yeah...
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True Love - Chipmunk Version
[squeak squeak]
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Black Widow - Susanne Sundfør (LYRICS)
Oh hey look, a lyric video. This is new. I just noticed there were no lyric videos for this amazing song and took it upon myself to deliver. I may do this more often. I own nothing. Duh.
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once when i was 13 i fell in a pond
i literally just said what this video is in the title
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Sick Of You - Male Version
Have I ever said how that I love this song? Well, I do. A lot.
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We Own the Night (Jessie And The Toy Boys) - LYRICS
Isn't it cool? So many purtty lights, dood. I know it's not entirely complete, so don't freak out. "OH MY GOD THAT LAST PARTS NOT DONE OMG U SUXX!111!!11!@11" Yeah I got it kthxbai.
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Determinate - Chipmunk Version
Lemonade Mouth = awesome. That is all.
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i remember the night you said, "let's go for a ride", SEDDIE
I keep getting bored and holy crapola my Sony Vegas is back, I'm not sure how but whatever...
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{high maintenance} -seddie-
iAm Losing My Mind waiting for iLost My Mind... *cue spazz attack*
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Ivy Fandub - Lackadaisy Begorra - Brimstone
In honor of the amazing comic pages coming up and the three released today, I did this fandub. Why, I'unno. I felt like it.
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King of Anything - Male Version
Guy has too much of a deep baritone... Oh well ^^
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A Year Without Rain - Male Version
I LOVE AUDACITY. 'Nuff said.
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i'll put a spell on you . . . (multishipping)
something i did while on vacation and had multishipping feels featuring, in order: sparity, twipie, sunlight, a fluttershy/rainbow dash/twilight sparkle triangle, and flutterpie
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stupid grin // gamrezi
(warnings for depictions of physical and emotional abuse) i just think the song fits really well... i don't know. also i haven't used vegas in like two years and yes i know there are mistakes. sorry. i tried. also it's 3am and the vegas 13 watermark won't stop appearing unless i render it in like 18 second portions and then piece it together in the youtube editor. it sucks but it's better than nothing? yeah. sure if you recognize the art in the video, tell me the timestamps/artist and i'll add credits to the description.
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Breakthrough - Chipmunk Version.
Enjoy, my lovely peoples.
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A bunch of 11-year-olds' reactions to Homestuck characters
Captions added to the most important parts of the video. Purple text is the girl who knows very, very little of Homestuck.
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Perfect Shade of Red (Jessie and the Toy Boys) - LYRICS
Lyrics of a fantastic song.
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Recovery Of A Blind Cat - Video 1
Seamus, a 15-year-old cat, has hypertension. His heart rate had been astoundingly high (204 over 185.) He is, by all standards, blind, and a blood vessel that burst in his right eye has now caused most of his eye to go well. This series of videos will track Seamus' progress as he gets better (or worse) and has to deal with re-adjusting to life.
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let's be friends // seddie
I got this song stuck in my head. I had no other option D:
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'cause our world is spinning at the speed of light... SAM//FREDDIE
This has got to be the most beautiful Ke$ha song ever. EVER I TELL YOU. Also, I may or may not have just ifgured out how to change the opacity of layers and had some fun with that... Also, I freaking love how the thumbnail came out. The other two are... bleh, but the default one is amazing.
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HereComesTheBreakthrough // Tribute To Sam
Lemonade Mouth is awesome. iCarly is awesome. Put it together and you get the impossible: more awesome.
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Of Megaminds And Dead Elephants
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"I wanna know... when you first started to like me?" - the REAL answer
Shut up, go-by-the-show warriors. You know it's true. xD
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Experiments with Dry Ice
I love my biology class soooooo much...
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Bethy tries fandubbing- Lackadaisy Houdini
My ten-year-old sister tried to do her very first fandub- Ivy snuggling up to our favorite Slovak in Lackadaisy Houdini. For a first try, it turned out really nicely.
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Alexandra Amor Singing With Katy Perry - ET
The two have actually never sung together, as far as I know. I downloaded both Katy and Alexandra's versions of the songs and put them together using Audacity. The result was awesome.
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Windows Movie Maker Effect #1 - Desaturate
How to desaturate a clip in Windows Movie Maker Live 2011.
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The Berries - Horror Movie Snippet
I'm not quite sure why they kept saying beans... they were definitely berries...
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Ivy Fandub - Lackadaisy Deadeye, Dotage, Handyman, Sandwich, Rhubarb, Gallivant
For some crazy reason, I figured fandubbing might be a good idea. And it was fun, yes, but was I good at it? Ahahaha- no. I'm thinking of adding the hilarious Homestead to this mix, and I have another fandub to upload (the most recent four comics) if anyone wants me to add them. Well, if anyone else wants to add voices (Viktor, Rocky, Freckle, Mrs .Bapka) don't bother PM'ing me, you can just make the video and add it as a video response. :D
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[here's my dilemma] SEDDIE
I'm trying to take advantage of the trial version I have of Sony Vegas...
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"but momma, I'm in love with a criminal!" - iCan't Take It
First up in the vid-dump: whatever this is. Whoo.
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{PMV} l υη∂єя тнє ѕρєℓℓ σƒ α gσσ∂тιмє gιяℓ l rarity/fluttershy
I got bored and I think it turned out really nicely and this is the finished product AND YOU WILL LOVE IT.
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Twister - Horror Movie Commercial Parody
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{E.T. :: Seddie}
You're so hypnotizing...
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She's deranged~
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Seddie :: Love Like Woe //COMPLETED\\
And it turned out great, if I do say so myself. xD
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тнιѕ aιn'т тнe gaмe ι wanna play - LACKADAISY
I'm so glad that this is finally done. It's been finished for almost two months, but refused to render for the longest time, and uploading took 280+ MINUTES. Dear lord.
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Please Don't Leave Me :II: Seddie
From the moment I heard this song, I knew it fit Sam to a T. And then this happened.
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Lacy and Mitzi Fandub - Lackadaisy Sneakthief
I've never fandubbed Lacy before, so I hope I nailed her. I pitch-shifted it ever so slightly so that she didn't sound like a bored fourteen-year-old girl. I think she still does.
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Reaction to iOMG
[SPOILERS ABOUND] I shall never doubt the likes of Dan Schneider again. Is this what paradise feels like?
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haunted ( sam + freddie )
You guys watched iDSaF, right? Cause I didn't. I don't know how it happened... I was walking the dog and I forgot and came in checked the time... "HOLY CRAP IT'S 8:22." Yo soy muy ma.
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Lackadaisy Ivy i need a doctor
Another one of Bethy's videos.
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Sleeping Bag Races
This is an old video. Note the distinct lack of Cassies.
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::Seddie:: // ::Love Like Woe::
I love Seddie. I love this song. It's awesome. I did not make the whole thing, it's only the first few lines before the chorus begins, but it still looks good. Take a quick look?
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