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Playing Never have I ever challenge with my friends
Go check out my friend’s channel: http://www.youtube.com/channel/TheAJMaster7615!
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If every animal had their own theme song (animal jam play wild)
This took a while, so if you could like, subscribe, comment and share this video, that would be very appreciative. Bye!!!!!! 😋
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Drawing competition (read description)
To enter you have to: Like, subscribe, draw one of my three main looks (either one idc) and have a terrific day! Hugs for everyone yay 🤗
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Showing you guys my inventory on animal jam play wild!!!
Music: Mika ft. Ariana Grande- popular song
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If every animal had their own theme song part 2 (animal jam play wild)
Thx for watching! This took me a long time so if u could plz, like, sub, comment and share this video, then I’d love that.
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Having fun with my buddy
Music red- kiesza- Hideaway
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I saw crunchymom on animal jam play wild AGAIN (better this time) read description
So sorry to brag guys. I feel bad posting this. But I am just SO happy. Wouldn’t you if you saw a famous jammer on animal jam? Anyways guys byee! 😊👋
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My new outro (comment down below what you think of it)
So should I keep this outro from now on?
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Try not to laugh challenge (original)
So did you laugh? I did 😋
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Announcing the giveaway winners!!! First, second and third place prizes
As I say so many times please do not be disappointed. Just subscribe to my channel, and comment saying that you subscribed in my next giveaway. Also don’t lie please I will be checking if you actually did. So good luck everyone
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Thank you SO much!!! (Screaming)
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Hidden secrets in animal jam play wild
Let me know if you see any other secrets hope you enjoy
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My trip to Jervis Bay day 1
Omg u guys r the best!! I still can’t believe that I got 100 subs!! 😱😍 TYSM!!! So come along with me on this adventure to Jervis Bay :3
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Ok so I was being a bit “dramatic”... But I’ll get over it. It’s not the end of the world getting suspended. Anyways bye
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My new intro
Credit to: princesslunablossom She made me this cool intro! Shoutout to her :D
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The time machine skit ft. Sirhowlalot77  and gfgf110
Hope you enjoy. Please like, subscribe, share and comment what you think I should do next. Bye fam!! Love you 😍😘
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What I do when I’m bored
MY RECENTLY USED EMOJIS 😂🌈👌💩😈😉😊😭😋💖🙄😸😔🤗👋😁😓🙊😘💓🍭😐😬💞💕😢✌🏻👍🏻🤣💗 YEET
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How to put a facecam  in your video using IMovie
Hope you enjoyed this video. Comment down below if this helped you. Bye now have a great day
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Attempting to get a flower crown on animal Jam play wild
Hi guys I hope you enjoyed the video. Sadly I didn’t actually get the flower crown but that’s okay.
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Doing the try not to get mad 😡 challenge! (Epic fail just watch and see)
Ok guys so comment down below what other videos you want me to do. Bye 👋 love 💖 u! Xoxo have a great day 👍🏻😀
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I bought every animal on animal jam play wild. (Showing you guys my looks for them)
Music- sugar- Maroon 5 https://www.vevo.com
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My dog Charlie
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Calvin Harris- outside ft. Ellie Goulding ajpw music video (100 sub special + 150/ almost 150)
Guys this took me hours I’m not kidding. I do it for u guys so plz leave I like, I’d love that :3 💖 Anyways feel free to leave a comment saying what u want me to do anyways bai
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This random jammer just came up to me and started giving me sass on ajpw
Guys plz report this random jammer that gave me sass. Idk what to think but ya.... 😋
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Playing what are the odds with SweetGirlyGamer
Subscribe to her: http://www.youtube.com/channel/SweetGirlyGamer
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My birthday
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My trip to Jervis Bay day 3
This is my last day here... 😓 But that’s ok, at least we can share this last day together :D Anyways plz like, sub, comment and I’ll see u in my next video 👋🏻
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Blind folded drawing challenge with my friends
Leeara’s channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/TheAJMasters7615! Please forgive me if this link doesn’t work
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Robbery in the Furn house
I hope you enjoyed this video
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Doing try not to laugh challenge with LDwildflower
Check out Sataya’s channel at LDwildflower on YouTube!
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Art for princess Luna blossom aj
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My trip to Jervis Bay day 2
Remember to check out my last video: my trip to Jervis Bay day 1 Anyway thx for watching.
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Intro for SweetGirlyGamer (subscribe to her)
Go check out her channel and subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/channel/SweetGirlGamer
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Den competition with myself 😋
So sorry I haven’t been uploading in a while long story... Anyway hope you enjoyed this lil vid I came up with. Btw TYSM for all the support guys! I have been trying to do an animal jam play wild giveaway and a special vid for 100 subs. Cri I’m working on it. Anyways guys thx for watching bai ✌🏻
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How excited I am for Christmas
Very funny
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