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Deals to be Had at Dillons 1/27/11
Here's a quick run-down of some items I snagged at Dillons. Below I have also included the rest of my savings this week, split between two trips. There seems to be a glitch at the end of the video where the visuals pause and then rapidly catch up a the last few seconds, so enjoy the fast forward effects, lol! *Note, if you don't see links where my coupons say "Printable", try going to www.shortlittlemama.com, my blog site, where you should be able to access them easily! So, you may have watched my Dillons Fiasco vlog already & if so, you'll not be surprised that I finished up my shopping at a different Dillons location this time. You, of course, will be able to get nearly identical bargains at either : ) Remember, these deals reflect a Mega sale where stated and all physical coupons double up to $1 in total value at Dillons. I took that into account when giving you the final totals too! HINT- If any of my abbreviations do not make sense, it's time to read the Coupon Academy page. Frugal shoppers love to save on typing as well! 1st Trip Deals *Prices on this first set reflect a purchase of 10 participating items as part of Mega Event Rotel Tomatoes: $.49- $1/3 Printable = $.19 ea OR- buy 4, use that coupon plus B3G1 from Jan. All You = $.12 ea Hunt's Tomatoes buy 3: $.49- $1/3 All You Jan or $.45/3 1/23 SS= $.16 to $.19 ea Pure Silk Almond Milk 1/2 Gal: $1.99- $.75/1 Printable (I got a coupon back for $1.50/2)= $.99 *Same Deal Works for Almond Milk- $.75/1 Printable Kettle Chips buy 2: $1.29- $1/2 Printable= $.79 ea (I LOVE the Sweet Onion kind!) Progresso Soup buy 4: $.99/ea- $.50/4 (1/16 SS or 1/2, 12/5 GM or Printable) & $.50/2 eQx2 here or here or here= $.49 ea **use the same eQ links for any eQ items below as well** Balance Bars buy 3: $.50 - $1/3 Printable= $.17 ea Red Baron Pizza: $2.89: $1/1 from 1/23 SS or Printable= $1.89 Pace Salsa buy 2: $1.69- $1/2 1/6 SS or $.50/2 12/5 SS = $1.19 ea Ken's Dressing- $1.99 - $1/1 1/9 SS = $.99 Other deals not part of Event CoffeeMate Creamer: bought 3- $1.99 (16oz): Catalina for $1.50/2 and $1/1= $1.16 ea (get $2 oyno Catalina back after purchase when you buy 3, or buy 2 get $1 oyno or buy 4 get $3 oyno) Yoplait Yoplus Yogurt 4 pack- $2.29: $1/1 and $1/1 eQ= $.29- that's about $.07 each! 2nd Trip Deals in McPherson- I'm detailing my 10 items first Got 2 Pure Silk Almond Milks with my coupon from first trip= $1.24 ea 1 Red Baron Pizza (see 1st trip for details) 1 French's Spicy Mustard: $1.29 - $.50/1 from 1/23 SS= $.29! 2 Hormel Chili Masters: $.89 ea- $.75/1 Printable (2 of these)= 2 FREE!! 4 Hormel Chili: .$89 ea- $55/2 Printable= $.39 ea AND Del Monte Canned Vegetables are $.49 ea when you buy 10, so I did. *other deal Kraft Sandwich Shop Garlic Mayo was on close out for $1.79- $.75/1 from 1/23 SS= $.75
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Don't Throw Out Your Catalina Coupons!
When you're cleaning out your purse, you may be tempted to toss out these valuable coupons along with old cash register receipts. Don't do it! The coupons that print out at the cash register, called Catalina Coupons, are often very valuable.
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Short Little Mama Explains Swagbucks Toolbard Download
Here's a short demonstration to help you install the Swagbucks Toolbar. This is the easiest tool to use for scoring Swagbucks daily without doing anything special. Visit www.shortlittlemama.com for more information on this topic.
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Wal-Mart Deals 1/9/2011
Here are some freebies and deals that I was able to obtain at Wal-Mart with coupons. Prairie Farms Milk- $2.07 ea: Coupon Save $1/3 from Smart Source insert 11/7 Pantene- Can't find my source, but fairly sure it was a P&G coupon Schick- $1.97/pack: $2/1 Coupon from 12/5 Smart Source Insert International Delight Coffee- $2: There's a coupon available http://www.internationaldelight.com/Special-Offers for $.55/1 Swiss Miss Cocoa- $1 ea: (coupon I used no longer available) All You Magazine- Jan. '11 coupon $.50/2 available Sunbelt Products- $2 ea: $1.50 Coupon was accessed through Facebook; no longer available, but you can still print and use if you downloaded when I blogged about it previously- or get a copy from a friend : )
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Save While Shopping- 12/29/10
Here are my latest purchases. Read below for the items and current available sales/coupons. eQ= electronic coupon Q= paper coupon (remember, Dillons doubles up to $1, so I just gave the adjusted amounts) B1G1= Buy one get one free Catalina Coupons- The coupons you see printed out at the cash register after purchasing Yoplait and either my International Delight Creamers or perhaps the Nestle Cocoas. Free Pile: Dawn Dish Soap- $1.49 (eQ$.50+Q-$1.00)=free Febreze Air Effects Spray- $1.49 (eQ$.50+Q$1.00)=free Frebreze Set and Refresh-$1.49 (eQ$.50+Q$1.00)=free 2 International Delight Creamers-$1.00/ea (2Q$1)=free 2 Packs Coast Bar Soap- $1/ea (2Q$1)=free Triaminic Fever Reliever- $4.99 (Q$3+eQ$2)=free Mirra Shampoo- $3.99 (QB1G1)=free 2 Almond Breeze Milk- Mistake, weren't free- $1.50/ea (2Q$1)=$.50/ea Rotel Tomatoes-$1 (QB3G1)=free Snack Pack Pudding- $1 (QB3G1)= free Ivory Bodywash- $1 (Q$.50+eQ$.50)=free Crest Toothpaste- $1.50 (Q$1+eQ$.75)=free Olay Body Wash/Lotion-$4.45+$4.49 (QB1G1+Q$2+eQ$1.50+eQ$1.50)=free Old Spice Body Wash/2 Deodorant- $2.50+$.99/ea (Q$1+eQ$1+B1G1)=free *Note, I couldn't find the $4.45 in my coupons at the bottom, so I know the checker messed up and I overpaid. Mysteriously, I had a $.10 "free coupon, which I suspect was supposed to be a $1 for my tomatoes or pudding. Oh well, that's what happens when you're busy sacking and can't watch the cashier : ( Go to the address below to visit my blog and find more links and complete details on maximizing savings at your local Dillons this week. Mary Kay http://www.shortlittlemama.com/2010/12/shopping-vlog-122910.html
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Wal-Mart Deals 1/22/11
Here are a few Wal-Mart deals that I found today. Many of my purchases were full priced, without coupons or sales. For those items, I really prefer to shop at my Wal-Mart, as it is generally cheaper than Dillons. If only I could partner a sale with two coupons for everything! Betty Crocker Cookie Mix- $1, save $.40 w/coupon = $.60 ea M&M's Hearts (Mars)- $1, save $1/2 w/coupon= $.50 ea All You Magazine, Feb.- $2.49, save loads! Tide Detergent, Travel Size- $.97, save $1 w/coupon= free Bananas- $.39/lb Grapes- $.88/lb
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Cutting My Hair for a Cause
I am off to the beauty shop to get a cut and donate a ponytail to a great cause! To find out more about how you can make a donation or where this hair goes, visit http://www.locksoflove.org/
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Dillons Trip 2/6/2011
Today was a great day to shop at Dillons. Read on for the breakdown and coupon connections to snag some savings for yourself! Yellow items were part of the buy 10 Mega Event; price reflects purchasing 10 participating items. Go to http://www.shortlittlemama.com/2011/02/dillons-trip-262011.html to see the breakdown with links to printables and for the color coding : ) Farmland Sausage BOGO @ $2.99 x6: $.55/2 Q 1/9 SS (doubles) = $1/roll Colgate Toothpaste $.98 x4: $.75/1 Q 1/30 SS (doubles)= Free Philadelphia Cream Cheese $1.19x 4: $.50/2 Printable= $.69 each Hormel Pepperoni $1.50 x2: $.55/2 Q 1/23 SS (doubles) + $.55/2 eQ= $.73 each Bar S Bun Length Franks $.99 x2: $1/2 Q 1/30 RP= $.49 each Sea Pack Frozen Shrimp $4.99: $1/1 Q (1/30 insert?)= $3.99 Garden of Eatin Tortilla Chips $1.79: $1/1 Printable= $.79 Gardettos $1.49 x 2: $50/1 Printable (doubles) x2 + $.50/1 eQ x2= Free Maruchan Yakisoba $1 x5: $.50/1 Q 1/2 SS#2 (doubles) x5= Free Del Monte Green Beans $.49 x10= $.49 each Dole Salad Bag $1.19 Manager's Special Kroger Barbeque Sauce $1 Sun Drop Soda 2-Liter $.99: $.75/1 eQ= $.24 Dannon Light and Fit Yogurt 4-Pack $1.88: $.50/1 Q Printable no longer available(doubles)+ $.50/1 eQ= $.38 Yoplait Yogurt Cup $.60: Free with Yoplait Coupon in the Mail Dove Deodorant $2.50: $2/1 Q from 1/30 RP + $2/1 eQ (try shortcuts.com)= Free + I made $1.50! *NOTE, there is a Dove for $2.99 as part of Mega Event, but I got a regular kind a little cheaper. Savings= $61.10 Tax= $3.82 Spent= $27.91
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How To: Coupon Binder
Here is brief tutorial on how to organize your coupons using a binder system. It's not fancy, but it works for me!
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Back from the Salon
I drastically cut my hair, and I will be donating all 12.5" to Locks of Love. To find out more about this organization or how you make a donation, go to http://www.locksoflove.org/
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Here are current deals available at your local Dillons (and very likely Krogers) this week. Best Life Buttery Spread- $1 : use coupon from 1/2 Smart Source insert= free KC Strip Steaks- B1G1, no coupon needed Vitamin Water- $1: use facebook B1G1= $.50, or cash register coupon doubles to $1= free Colgate Toothpaste- $1: use coupon from 1/9 Smart Source insert= free Kool-Aid Bursts- $1/6 pack Veggies- $5.99 for a case of 12 Chef Boyardee products- $1: use coupon from 1/2 Smart Source insert, save .$70/3 and use coupon from All You Magazine (Jan) B4G1= $.66 per can for 5 cans Glen Muir Organic Tomato Paste- $1: printable coupon from coupons.com save $1/2= $.50 per can (note, Wal-Mart has a slightly better deal for this with the price starting at just under $1 per can) Farmland Bacon- $3.50: use coupon from 12/5 Smart Source for $.55 that doubles to $1= $2.50 FROZEN PROMOTION (buy any 10 participating items, save $.50 on each- sale reflected below and assuming 10 items purchased) 4 Bags of Wanchai- $5.49 : coupons from 1/2 GM insert or printable at http://www.macaronigrillathome.com/ for $1.50 off= $3.99/bag 4 Bags of Macaroni Grill- same as above 8 Toaster Streudels- $1.49: coupons from GM inserts 10/3 & 1/2, printables from Pillsbury, smartsource.com, and coupons.com- all save $1/2 with doubling & e-coupons from softcoin and cellfire save extra $.50/2= $.74-$.1.24/ea , depending on your coupons 4 Lean Cuisine- $1.64/ea: use coupon $1/2 from 1/2 Smart Source insert, or save $1/3 from Jan. All You Mag.= $1.14-$1.31/ea depending on coupons 1 Lean Pockets- $1.64: use printable coupon from smartsource.com to save$1= $.64 1 Tyson Chicken Nugget- $4.99 8 Green Giant Steamers- $1.49: Printable from http://www.bettycrocker.com/Products/Green-Giant/Default.aspx save $1/1 or 1/2 GM insert to save $1/2 PLUS e-coupon for $.50/2= $.74-$1.24 each depending on coupons **This was the scenario I used to get 30 items**
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Jolly Time Deal at Dillons 1/22/11
I really love vloggers like Shay Carl, who feel comfortable shooting footage anywhere. I stood in this aisle for 5 minutes waiting to share this deal, and then ended up leaving and coming back, just to get this tiny bit of film before another shopper was headed my way. I'm sure I look like a nut talking to my invisible audience and shooting a popcorn deal : ) This popcorn was a waaaaay better deal than the Kroger popcorn that was on sale for a dollar! With the save $1 on Jolly Time coupons, each box was $.79. Plus, this stuff always used to show up on the shopping game on the Price is Right when I was little, so it has sentimental value too!
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Tiny Dillons Fiasco
First of all, this was my first attempt at using the webcam on my computer, so I apologize that it's a bit awkward. I just wanted to share my disappointing experience from this evening, and highlight the lesson to be learned. Make sure you get all of your items on the conveyor belt before you let the cashier ring anything up and then watch EVERY item like a hawk!
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Dillons Round Up 2/11/2011
Go to the following link or copy and paste it into your browser for full details on my deals and savings that are mentioned in the vlog! http://www.shortlittlemama.com/p/coupon-academy.html
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Dillons Deals 1/22/11
Here are my Dillons deals for the week. As I mentioned in the previous vlog from my van, I saved more than $50 and spent just over $27, so it was a pretty good day, despite the extra time and patience that was required. IIdahoan Potatoes- $1, save $.40 with Dillons eQ= $.60 Best Life Buttery Spread- $1, save $1 from SS 1/02= free Hunt's Ketchup- $1/ea, save $1/2 with All You Jan. coupon= $.50 each Malt-O-Meal Cereal (mega bags)- $2.50, save $2/2 from SS 1/02= $1.50 each Crunch N Clean dog treats- $2.99, save $2 w/coupon (not sure which insert?) = $.99 Cream Cheese- $1 Yoplus Yogurt- $2.29, save $1 w/coupon, save $1 w/eQ = $.29 Eggs- save $1 with coupon (was printable, but gone) on 2 dozen Pillsbury Grands Biscuits- $1, save $1/3 w/blinkie,(or printable save $.60/2) save $.30/2 with eQ=$.52ea Jolly Time Popcorn- $1.79, save $1 from SS 1/09 = $.79 Excedrin- free coupon in the mail *Hopefully you can ignore all of the background noise. I have three boys, so there are rarely any silent moments in our house. If you are looking to save money like me, you probably have some idea of what that's like : )
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Wal-Mart Trip 2/6/2011
I really spent more than I would like today at Wal-Mart, but I had a few high dollar items and a splurge or two. There are a few good deals available, so check out the break down below. Hopefully it will give you some good ideas as you make your list. **GV= Great Value Brand** GV Coffee $6 GV Vinegar $.92 Uncle Ben's Rice Mix $1.74 Easy Writer Food Markers $3.82 Green Bell Pepper $.88 (about $.10 cheaper than Dillons this week) Gillette ProGlide Razor Set on Clearance at Checkout $5: $4/1 Q P&G 1/30= $1 GV Chicken Broth $.72 x2 (Finally ran out of my November sale stockpile; we use lots) GV Black Olives $1.38 Vanilla Frosting $1.54 x2 White Cloud Training Pants $16.47 Oreida Hashbrowns 6 lbs $5.18 Farmland Thick Sliced Bacon $6.28: $.75/1 Q 1/23 SS= $5.53 Kraft Italian Cheese Mix $2 GV Mozzarella Shredded $1.86 Valentine's Cupcake Liners $1.33 Heaving Whipping Cream $1.85 GV Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts $9.59 Minced Garlic $3.98 Sara Lee Poundcake $4.26 x2 (Way too expensive, but one less stress of baking : ) M&Ms Mini Hearts $1 x6: $1/2 Q x3= $.50 each (one was in last Sunday's news insert, and I can't remember where other 2 came from, but they were in a recent coupon insert) Purina One Beyond $7.47: Free with Purina Coupon in the Mail Total Savings: $15.22 Tax: $8.21 Spent: $91.86
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Supper time Fire
Love Mason's face right after his first smile when flame goes again!
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I Don't Shop During the Day
Arg, shopping on a Saturday afternoon is not my idea of a good time. I spent entirely too long at Dillons and went on to waste even more time at Wal-Mart. However, I wanted to take advantage of nap time for the boys and not get to bed quite a late as usual. Wasted time standing in line and waiting to pass in the aisles is the price I had to pay, lol! PS- Please ignore the bangs in my face. Where's a ponytail holder when you need one? : )
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What My Menu/Shopping List Looks Like
This is just a quick preview of one tool I use to guide my weekly shopping trips. You can try this as well by going to www.allrecipes.com and creating a shopping list, selecting recipes to add to your list, and then editing the list to fit your needs that week. Not only can you delete ingredients, you can adjust the amount and add other shopping necessities that aren't necessarily part of your menu (toilet paper, detergent, etc.).
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