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New Beat-- Everything You Ever Wanted
not finished yet, just a what i got so far. rate/comment
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Albanian English Translation
translation to what it sounds like in english.
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Where is Steve? Drive Thru Prank
We went out searching for Steve. We Drive Thru Prank McDonalds Burger King And Some Dudes Working On Their Car. And Landon Shirt Gets Naked On a Bus We Also Set Out To Apartments In Our Search
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Nas & Keri Hilson -Hero - Do The Damn Thang -Sick REMIXX
remixed Do The Damn Thang with Hero By Nas Ft. Keri Hilson. please leave a comment! Used virtual DJ
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Sum Dang ol' Giviner.
we decided to do some whiskeys and givner. unfortunatly the babes tried to ruin this by playing succubus. we ended up killing them and made this video!
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coke and mentos
almost blew my thumb off
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12 year olds make a teaser for amazing race season 3
teaser for amazing race first time cheesiethecheese has teamed up for a vid guise
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endangered species science project
12 year old does science project on werewolfs and leap of faith
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12 year old does leap of faith on micraphone
mulitytasked 12 year old guise
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The Amazing Race
one man..... on a bike.... one fat kid, three other mans..... one race........ this summer........ song : Kasabian - CLubfoot
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Mountain Man
I own mountain man. loik
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Amazing race Through Mall 2
Amazing Race Season Two. skate sesh gets boring nauhmsayin nauhmean so we raced to see who had theu guudest barrings guise
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New Beat-- RnB style
not finished yet, just a what i got so far. rate/comment
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12 year old does leap of faith!!!
some 12 year old kid tries to do the leap of faith. look at the bails section!!!! INSANE!!! so hardcore..
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12 year old gets hit by a car
yo mang that kid swore on his own man we didnt even see it coming and wernt gunna put it in but the editor guy had a gun on us sorry to those of you who are offended yo man this guy had a stomach ache and he literally exploaded!!! 100% REAL yo mang t
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New Beat-- Dr.Dre still Dre - cover
kinda messed around with the dr.dre beat and added my own beat and organ. remember that its garage band so quality of everything is pretty low
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insane windmill
learning to break dance this pro got lessons from me thats why he enter all competitions now!
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Amazing race 3 extended
ohhh brannin
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Drive-thru prank. Where is steve?
We set out to McDonalds Burger King Tim Hortons and Outer Space in our quest to find Steve. We Build A Rocket Chair In An Attempt To Find Steve In The Streets Of Saskatoon.
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12 year old does leap of faith on bmx extended
12 year old does leap of faith and much more on a bmxicle feat. al gore
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