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Dick Gregory Stand Up early 1960's.  Archive film 97974
Dick Gregory, black stand up comedian at the Hungry I club in San Francisco. He tells a Willie Mays baseball joke. Baseball is a great sport for his people; it's the only sport in the world in which a negro can shake a stick at a white man and not start a riot - laughter and applause. White audience. Another political joke - 'We have a lot of racial prejudice up north but we're so clever with it. Take my home town, Chicago. When Negroes in Chicago move into one large area and it looks like we might control the vote, they don't say anything to us, they have a slum clearance.' Laughter. Follows with 'You do the same thing on the West Coast, but you call it Freeways'.
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Tom Hanks Q&A on Cast Away, 2000's - Film 92984
Interview with Tom Hanks about 'Cast Away'. Asked how he managed to convince himself as an actor that he was alone in scenes where he was supposed to be completely isolated. Funny and informative answer about how some days in acting aren't as easy as they may look on film.
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Steven Spielberg discusses score of Saving Private Ryan with John Williams - Film 90006
Behind the scenes of "Saving Private Ryan". Steven Speilberg attends recording of orchestral score for the film. Discusses a problem with the conductor, John Williams. Spielberg makes suggestion of a suitable alteration to the score - to extend the string section over a scene, and John Williams agrees the key is the solution.
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Gwyneth Paltrow Smoking, 1990's - Film 91292
Gwyneth Paltrow puts out a cigarette before beginning an interview saying "I don't smoke".
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Working as a bricklayer in the 1940's - Film 1751
Postman, trolley bus (612). Building post war block of flats. He gets tools out, cement mixer, lift, lays bricks, lever, architect's plans different patterns, tea break, apprentices, trade college, pay day, suburbia, high street.
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Hamlet - Robin Williams entertains between shots, 1995 - Film 90082
Hamlet - Robin Williams entertains between shots. Kenneth Branagh as director amused
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Stokely Carmichael, 5th April 1968 after death of Martin Luther King.  Film 91049
Stokely Carmichael. Reaction to the death of Martin Luther King, the leader of the Civil Rights Movement in America. 5th April 1968 - Stokely Carmichael warns of retaliation after the death of King. Carmichael standing at table on dais before seated journalists. All present have their heads bowed, praying for King. White photographer standing next to black man taking pictures. Carmichael, in sunglasses, white shirt and casual jacket talks of white America being able to justify deaths of Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X because they were extremists. However, King's death cannot be justified as he was the only one teaching the black man to love the white man. So, when white America killed King he declared war on the black man. He calls for black people to retaliate for the death of their leaders. States that there is no need for intellectual discussion now because when white America killed King they lost.
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Coronation of Tsar Nicholas II, 14th May 1896, Russia.  Film 11138
Russia. Tsar Nicholas II and Tsarina descend steps at his coronation in Moscow, Russia. There are large crowds. Bells ring in close up. Huge crowds in square. 1913 - Imperial parade at the Kremlin. Lots of Russian Royal court people in regalia. The Tsar and Tsarina, their four daughters being escorted by four officers. First part of film repeated silent. 14th May 1896.
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Keanu Reeves Is Asked to Explain Buddhism, 1990's - Film 93092
Behind the scenes of 'Little Buddha' (1993). Interview with actor Keanu Reeves who has been generously coated in fake tan. He is asked to explain Buddhism, which is quite a difficult question.
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Making The Battle Of Britain, 1960's - Film 7185
Behind the scenes of Battle of Britain. ~Peter Townsend, fighter ace on location. Robert Shaw crashes a Spitfire. Camera plane. Continuity woman.
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Trans Alaskan pipeline welding, 1970's -- Film 9610
Trans Alaskan pipeline welding.
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Harry Lauder sings Roamin' in the Gloamin' in 1931.  Film 91565
Harry Lauder. Harry Lauder sings. Sir Harry Lauder, Scottish music Hall artiste, sings at Lime Grove Theatre which was testing the sound equipment. First test had crackles because of sparks from the trains where the cables crossed He sings Roamin the Gloamin and an extraordinary speech about how happy he is, how funny it is to propose marriage, and that he has the best job in the world.
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Wisbech Upwell Tramway, 1960's - Film 521
Main line diesel trains. Fyffe Robertson describes journey by diesel tram between Wisbech and Upwell. Car parked on railway line. Diesel (very early). Padlocked gates. Crossing open roads.
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Starsky and Hutch Premiere in London, 2004 -- Film 26970
Starsky & Hutch premiere in London, interviews with stars arriving - Antonio Fargas, Paul Michael Glaser, David Soul, Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller.
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Hotel Indonesia, 1960's.  Film 15067
Hotel. An advertising film showing the Hotel Indonesia in Indonesia. Looking at the rooms, public spaces, conference facilities etc in the 1960's. Riung Gunung coffee house
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After Polio, 1970s - Film 95742
Young woman with polio puts her legs into artificial leg braces. She has learnt to walk in the artificial legs. She is married and can drive a car. She finds it hard to do the shopping as she can not carry things. She walks around the market. She is then in a wheelchair, her husband is encouraging her to throw a javelin. She talks about the importance of vaccine, especially as it is taken on sugar.
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Keanu Reeves on the Story of Siddhartha, 1990's - Film 93055
Behind the scenes of 'Little Buddha' (1993). Interview with actor Keanu Reeves who has been generously coated in fake tan. Keanu explains the story of Siddhartha in his own words, and seems to struggle to articulate his answer. He then explains that he's not really in the mind-set for an interview talking directly to the camera. We all have those kind of days!
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Measuring The Speed Of Light, 1950's - Film 15119
The measurement of the speed of light and the whole film is animated. A diagram shows that the constant c (speed of light) occurs in several physics formulae such as in optics, in electromagnetism, in relativity and in atomic physics (Einstein's E=mc2). Diagrams describe how Fizeau in 1849 first measured the speed of light. Another diagram describes Foucault experiment to measure the speed of light, it is followed by Michelson's experiment which produced the value to be 2.99773 x 10 to the power 10 cm/sec.
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Sheffield, 1940's - Film 33219
Dramatised amateur home movie. Couple meet at a bus stop, then visit Sheffield centre with the cinemas. Great shots of Sheffield streets and houses. Industrial area. On a back street a man and a woman meet at a tram stop. They get on a tram. They chat on board. A view past industrial buildings. Tram shots. The Town Hall? The Catholic Church of Saint Marie. Fire engines rushing through the street. A busy street scene with pedestrians. Policeman directs traffic. Close ups of walking feet. Crowd arrives at ground for Sheffield Wednesday football match. Exteriors of theatres or cinemas. Cinema queue and queue with shots of feet and legs. Film is 'Lovely to Look At' release in about 1937. The Gaumont Regent. The Hippodrome. The News Theatre. The Empire. The Lyceum. Queues outside. A marching band. They walk away her with her arm through his.
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Japanese Life, 1920's - Film 6606
Picturesque Japanese life. Woman in bath with baby in Japan. Japanese children play "patter-cake". Baby tied on a woman's back. children pray at temple. Japanese street market. Toy seller with huge mobile display. A puppy with toy dog. A long tailed chicken. Street market, child entertains on raise stage. Children perform dance up side down with a model head on their bottoms. Street musicians with dragon dancer. Girls in kimonos with umbrellas bow, possibly Geisha. Two girls enter paper house and kow tow or low bow to a man. They dance with musician in a house. Two men play majong (?) and play on a swing. Two young girls eat in ceremonial style, they may be Geisha in training. The mother smokes. Bedroom of traditional Japanese house. Girls go to bed, perfection in child discipline.
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Tralee and Dingle Railway.  Archive film 508
Tralee And Dingle Railway in Ireland. Irish country narrow gauge railway. The 'cattle special'. "The Tralee and Dingle Railway which operated only on the occasion of the Dingle Fair on the last Saturday of every month". The working Cattle Special. The deserted station at Tralee. Locomotive working. Travelling to the next stop at Castlegregory Junction. Climbing the hill to Garrynadier. Fair Day at Dingle the No2T at Castle Dock. Cattle in pens. Lispole viaduct. No 8 Locomotive.
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Anna Pavlova performs ballet solos, 1920's - Film 7224
Anna Pavlova performs ballet solos.
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Instructional film on how to play American Football, 1940's - Film 7291
How to play American football and in particular, " Offensive Football ". Crowd in stadium then formation of players on pitch. Balance line, single wing variety. The ball is passed to the full back who makes for his opponent's half. Then an on-balanced line, with a modified single wing to the right. From the single wing formation, the half back receives the ball and goes up the field for a touch-down. Another unbalanced line with a double wing back formation. The back receives the ball and passes it forward to the left wing-back. The ball carrier is away for a substantial gain. A Notre Dame style of play is shown. A "T" and then a Notre Dame "shift". Then the model "T", Shaughnessy style. The back field make the "T", the do not shift, employ a man in motion, a form of deception that sees the ball carrier come through the middle line. Example of blocking by on e of the backs. He mows down the would be tackler and the ball carrier sprints through to the line. Powerful line blocking is shown by Minnesota Powerhouse team. They drive and push their opponents backwards. Deception is shown being employed in blocking. A cross block shows the right and left tackle cross over, take out their man, allowing the ball carrier to advance unhindered. Notre dame coach, Frank Laney, shows his players formation tactics on a blackboard and they study the play. They then trot through it to get the hang of it. The same play is repeated under game conditions and shown in slow motion, finishing with a successful offence. Minnesota demonstrate team play. The end cuts in between the defensive end and tackle. Minnesota make a wedge and the ball carrier drives through. The end taking out the full back to enable the ball carrier to gain lots of yardage. The running guard is shown as a pivot point in the play. he leaves the interference, the quarterback blocks off the defensive man allowing the full back to get closer to the line. Then a double wing back formation with both guards being used. Blocking away from the ball allows the carrier to advance upfield. Princeton illustrate an off-tackle play. The ball is passed diagonally to the fullback who passes it forward to the left pad who crashes through gaining valuable yards. An end run is shown by the Louisiana States team. The full back blocks out the defensive end as the right guard leads the play. He blocks the defensive pass back with the quarter-back putting the safety man out. The same play is shown in a game resulting in a touchdown. The black-jerseyed Navy team demonstrates a reverse play that winds up as an end run. An end run is shown from an Ohio state "C" game. Ohio players block off the would-be tacklers and complete a successful run. Perdoux illustrate the end around play. The left end receives the ball from the left hand and runs behind the line of scrimmage, tucking in behind the right side of the line for a good gain. Mississippi show deceptive ball-handling. It looks like a play to the right as the block is made but the ball carrier steps back for a forward pass. A spot pass is shown. The ball is passed, the back receives it and throws it to the waiting end. Then a spot pass from the man in motion formation. The full back fakes giving it to the man in motion and passes back to the quarter back who throws to the man in motion who has run around the right end thus making a good gain. A forward pass is shown in an actual game, resulting in a touch down. An optional pass is demonstrated. It can be thrown to the left end, left hand or the right end. The pass is made to the right end. The same play is shown in a game and the receiver makes a touch down. Louisiana State show how a shuttle pass is used behind the line of scrimmage. The left half has the ball, plays to the right half as the quarter back leads the interference. The move is then shown in an actual game, resulting in a touch down. An overhand forward pass is shown behind the line in another game winning yardage. Minnesota play an effective pass from a centre. The ball carrier comes through the line, turns and throws a lateral pass to the left hand. Combining a lateral and forward pass is shown.. The right end send the ball laterally to the quarter back. He throws a forward pass to the right end, who is waiting for it. The centre passes the ball to the back who make a statue of liberty play with the end making a run for it.
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Will Smith speaks about working with Tommy Lee Jones, 1990's - Film 91199
Will Smith speaks about working with Tommy Lee Jones.
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Denzel Washington on Much Ado About Nothing and Kenneth Branagh, 1992 -- Film 90014
Interview with Denzel Washington on the set of 'Much Ado About Nothing'. He is excited about the film and how Kenneth Branagh is bringing Shakespeare to a wide audience. Questioned further on what it is that Branagh is doing to make Shakespeare more accessible, Washington finds it is the freshness of his ideas and his simplifying of the text, which makes the visual expressions take precedence over the verbal ones. The interviewer takes issue with the "trimming" of the text to which Washington replies that it is no good if no one is looking at it and that this film is trying to reach people who might feel intimidated by the language. He is asked about the kind of films he chooses to do. He appreciates variety in his professional life and takes on films which are interesting to him and are not necessarily the big budget Hollywood films.
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Madonna's thoughts on the film Evita, 1996 -- Film 26716
Interview with Madonna, promoting the film Evita. Generic interview to promote the film. Questions along the lines of how she identified with Eva Peron etc. She has long hair , red lipstick and is wearing an outfit that looks like a flak jacket. (Last section is mute)
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Sailing Ship Battles Through an Atlantic Storm, 1938 - Film 95221
A four masted sailing ship battles through a storm in the Roaring 40s of the Atlantic. Rough seas, captain looks up at sails, crew shorten sails, man carrying a bucket tries to balance as he runs along the deck, boat rocks and waves hit side of ship, crew pull on ropes and climb rigging to shorten sails whilst precariously hanging on to the masts, crew steer the ship in wet weather gear, stormy seas, water pours across the deck, view up to the shortened sails, view of the crashing waves through the rigging, the storm reaches a crescendo as it gets darker, sails flap madly and the ship leans.
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Natalie Portman's 'I'd Never Seen Star Wars' Candour, 1999 -- Film 90330
Natalie Portman interview about 'Star Wars - The Phantom Menace'. Before signing on for the three film contract she hadn't seen Star Wars.
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Jack Nicholson talks about acting, 2000's - Film 91210
Jack Nicholson talks about acting and trying to be seen as the character, not himself.
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Leadbelly And Lomax, 1940's -- Film 429
Leadbelly and John Lomax. Lomax records Leadbelly singing 'Goodnight Irene' in his prison uniform. Later Leadbelly goes to stay with Lomax.
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Canadian Military Excercises, 1950's - Film 15442
Canadian military keep fit exercises. A man from the Royal Canadian Air Force talks about fitness. A man stands in his pyjamas beside his bed and does callisthenics. Four men do sit ups, and other exercises in the barracks. A man does jumping jacks in his back yard while his wife looks on. An air crew in the mess hall. An announcement comes over the Public announcement system, they all stop what they are doing and dash out of the room. They run across the tarmac to their planes. The pilot is strapped in, he gives the thumbs up sign. Jet airplanes take off. A fire bell ringing, you can see the little hammer hitting the bell. A fire truck pulls up and a fireman jumps off to hook up the hose to a fire hydrant. A summer beach at a lake, looking over the shoulder of a lifeguard. The lifeguard looks out from his chair. He runs a boat out into the water and pulls hard at the oars. An office worker answers the phone. He jumps out of his chair. He runs from the Air Materiel Command office. He runs to his car. POV from the car, as another vehicle pulls out in front. The commentator talks about the 5 BX Plan ( The 5 Basic Exercises). He starts pointing to a table on a chart, showing increasing difficulty. Each exercise should take no more than eleven minutes. Three demonstrators doing a stretching exercise, that is now considered bad for your back. They bounce and then bend backwards, then bounce again. A skinny man demonstrates lying sit-ups. The third man lies on his stomach and contracts his back muscles, lifting his legs and torso off the floor at the same time. Exercise four is push-ups. The fifth exercise is running on the spot, and doing various jumps like jumping jacks. The progression in difficulty of the exercises, first the man does push-ups off his knees. Normal push-ups. Push up with a variation. The fourth variation means putting your arms farther apart. Push ups with a hand clap. Pushups with a chest slap. Variations with running on the spot. And stretching. Close up view of the plan.
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The sights of Bucharest, Romania, 1930's -- Film 15000
A pan shot of Bucharest , Romania, from above. Very good shots throughout. A silhouette of a lady looking through the window, she leaves the frame, the roofs of Bucharest are seen through the window. Out on a main road, big buildings, cars, two statues, people walking on a summer's day, horses and carriages, modern buildings, 2 ladies in a carriage. A man balancing two big fruit baskets on his shoulders, he puts them down next to a fruit display on the pavement, the seller weighs them on old fashioned scales. A girl comes and tastes the grapes. Modern buildings from different angles, a tram on the move. A woman carrying a basket full of flowers on her head. A church seen from the outside, decorations. paintings of saints, antiques. A collection of hand-made carpets, hanging side-by-side outside. A man with a music box. The marketplace, a stall of embroidered shirts. Customers are stopping to look. Close up of a horse's face. Horse and carriages parking place. A man gets on a carriage and goes. We follow them into town centre, a busy street, many pedestrians. Shops on either side. A car. A policeman. An open-top bus. A highly decorated octagonal building with pillars at the front, overlooking a garden, children selling newspapers, 2 women seen from the back, another man with fruit baskets on his shoulders. Cafe - people sit outside. The King's palace, the guards marching down the street from above. Lots of carriages seen from above. Peoples faces as they walk in the street. A newsvendor, shoe cleaners. The great park, fountain in a pond, fish. Bell towers of the English Metropolitan..... all pillars and walls decorated, a museum. The capital's symbol, public building, Carol Park, the military museum, tomb and burning torch (eternal flame?) fountain coming out of sculptures, people bathing, musicians playing pan pipes, strings and percussion, close up of musicians, the marina is seen in the background. People on the beach, on the swings, in the pool, diving & swimming, playing, women looking at the men, men showering, boats, musicians.
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Mining in Somerset, 1960's - Film 6677
The Somerset Coal field: Map showing Somerset pits, view of countryside, ....... Hills, Radstock, Midsommer Norton ruins. Dried up Somerset coal canal, railway. Jolly Collier pub. Man talks of pit history, working and closed. Working and derelict pits. Countryside shots, view of the grave-yard, traffic at a level crossing, woman pushing pram down street, cyclist. Norton-Radstock Urban District Council. Mis-identified engineer, who is more likely Ron Bartlett, Labour Party chairman of the Norton Radstock District Council. Midsomer Norton, shopping centre. Houses under construction, different streets full of houses. Girls playing rounders outside Secondary modern school, primary children running around playground. new technical college. People (many women) leaving works factory. Man in allotments. Woman with umbrella and shopping bag on wheels. Car park. New colliery buildings under construction. Coal being mined, conveyer belt, men underground. Old miners. Row of houses. Old man reading paper. Old lady washing hands. Close up of wellies/wellington boots. Man planting young tree. Dirt from colliery being emptied into valley. O.S. map showing pits. Miners arrive from other areas. Council houses, chalet homes. Rugby. Football, pitch being mowed. People talking to camera. Old steam engine. View of town.
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Milk Delivery, 1970's - Film 6721
Montage of milk bottles being placed outside. Cows eating grass. Cows going into barn for milking. Milk tanker. Milk churns. Bottling plant process is followed. Milk man loading his truck. The milkman delivers his milk and brings money back.
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Norwich in the 1970's -- Film 16521
Norwich is a an old city in Norfolk, East Anglia, England. Near the centre of the city is its tallest building, The Cathedral. For nearly 900 years the cathedral, built of stone from France, has been the centre of the Christian faith for a wide area and many visitors come to see it. Nearly as old is this street of timber framed houses. Few people live in these old streets today for nearly all the houses have been converted into shops. This street was built before the days of motor vehicles and is less than four metres wide. The stone faced castle was built to defend the city but today it is a popular museum. Norwich, then, was an important city in the Middle Ages, defended by the castle and surrounded by flint walls. Parts of these walls are still preserved but the modern city has spread out far beyond them. Norwich began to grow on the inside of a bend on the river Wensum. (00 years ago the Normans built the castle and cathedral and the old walled city grew around these buildings. Today the castle remains in the centre of the city, close to the large and important market. Many of the buildings in the city centre are shops. The city is an important shopping centre, with shops of all sizes, both old and new. Every weekday the streets are crowded with shoppers. As well as the shops, there are many offices in the central area. Some of the buildings are very large. This one is the national headquarters of a large insurance company. Shops, offices and - in another part of the city centre - factories. Most of these old factories were built beside the river. Can you guess why? In a city like Norwich many different things are made. More than six thousand people work in the boot and shoe industry, for which Norwich has long been famous. This industry started because leather could easily be obtained from local farms, but today the raw materials come from many different places. in the same way the important food industry of Norwich began with local raw materials, such as mustard. Today, many other food and drink products are made, and more than six thousand people are employed in making them. Printing is another important industry in Norwich. This works specialises in colour printing and bookbinding on a large scale. Steel is used in engineering, and timber in joinery. As we have seen, these industries developed in the valley of the River Wensum, close to the oldest parts of the city. Today, as in other cities, Norwich has grown far beyond the old city walls, as much as six kilometres in some directions. These houses, just outside the city walls, were built a hundred years ago. They don't come up to modern standards and today some are being replaced by groups of flats. Traffic is kept away from the housing areas so that even close tot he city centre, people can live quietly. Norwich is the county town of Norfolk, one of the East Anglian counties. There are many towns in East Anglia closer to Norwich than to any other town. Roads lead from these towns to the city which is also a meeting point of railway routes. Because people come to Norwich from a wide area, the streets of the city centre become crowded. Lorries and vans try to reach the shops an, offices and factories, and buses are delayed by private cars. Some streets have been closed to vehicles and people can walk to work without worrying about the traffic. Shopkeepers say that business is better than before and there is space to sit and rest. Another way of dealing with traffic problems is to build an inner ring road, taking traffic round the central area instead of through it. But a road like this is expensive to build and people living in its path have to move. To re-house these people tall blocks of flats were built on the edge of the city, several kilometres from the centre. Thousands of students study at the University. It could not have expanded in the city centre. The offices of Norfolk County Council, the County Hall, were once close to the castle but now occupy this large modern building on the edge of the city. The livestock market was also close to the castle, in the days when animals walked to market. Today, fleets of lorries bring animals from all over East Anglia and the new site on the edge of the city provides space for three thousand cattle, four hundred calves and five thousand pigs. Cattle are put in pens to await their turn to be sold. Around the sale ring farmers bid for the cattle. This bustling market clearly shows that Norwich is the centre of an important farming region. So, cities like Norwich are important in several ways. They are places to visit for shopping and for entertainment, places to work in offices and factories and market centres for a wide area. Norwich has been important for hundreds of years, even before the castle and cathedral were built. Such old buildings remain to remind us of the city's historic past, whilst all around their is constant change.
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Catalytic Reforming, 1960's - Film 4773
Naphtha. Chemical composition of gasoline. Catalytic reforming unit. Reactor. All diagrams. Reaction.
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Jimmy Carter Struggles To Run A Marathon, 1970s - Film 37332
Jimmy Carter is interviewed while he warms up before setting off on a marathon race. The race is started, view of the field of competitors from a distance. Closer views of the crowds of runners. A struggling Jimmy Carter seen in close up. A circled distant view of Carter as he now struggles to jog and is helped by aides. He almost collapses and an ambulance appears. Footage then shows Carter turning up for medal presentation and he talks to the crowd.
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Pierce Brosnan interview about The World is Not Enough -- Film 24990
Pierce Brosnan interview about The World is Not Enough James Bond movie.
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Navy boats, 1950's - Film 290
gas turbine fast patrol boat Navy specification Vosper and Bristol Siddeley engine 96 foot long Engine room and crew accomodation
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Lloyds of London, 1980's - Film 33752
Lloyds of London, Insurance brokers. From coast we look down on a modern shipwreck. Lloyds of London. Man rings Lutine Bell to signal a major shipping disaster. Men in red uniforms are called waiters. Underwriters. Broker and underwriter discuss a claim. Man is handed a cheque over a table. It is for £1,800,000. Leading underwriter values insurance. Others do the same. One rejects a broker’s proposal. The governing committee and chairman. Policy signing office in Chatham where details are typed in. Queen Mother opening Chatham offices in 1979. A female candidate applying to join Lloyd’s. Sub-committee interviews woman. Voting with marbles in a box. Information on losses pinned on a board as underwriters check to find out about their liabilities. Computer room. Printing press and printing London’s oldest daily paper – Lloyd’s List. Printer holds up a completed broadsheet newspaper. Girl sitting at a rotating filing system. The Captain’s Room with members eating lunch as chef prepares food for flambéing (flambéing) in the room by pouring brandy from bottle into frying pan of meat. Firefighters fighting a fire at an oil refinery at night.
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Silent film record of Liverpool in the 1930's -- Film 767
Silent film record of various aspects of Liverpool in the 1930's, including Lime Street station and boat trains at the old Riverside station with an LMS Canadian Pacific special arriving with passengers, for the Canadian Pacific transatlantic liner Duchess of Altholl at Princess Pier, piloted into the the station by two ancient Webb coal tank engines LNWR 0-6-2Ts Nos 27615 and 7738. There are also some shots of the Liverpool Overhead Railway, and very rare scenes of the Railway Air Service at Speke (De Havilland Rapides). The city of Liverpool, Merseyside, Lancashire. Lime St Station. St George Square. St George Hall. Walker Art Gallery. General views, Adelphi Hotel. Lord Street (trams). Mersey Tunnel, bus and cars. Liverpool docks. Trams. Horse and cart. Overhead railway. Timber at Stalbridge Dock. Dock railway. Banana traffic. Bunches on vertical conveyor belt and horizontal. Royal Liver Building at Pierhead. Landing stages for the Mersey Ferries, good shots. P and O liner 'Strathmore' Canadian Pacific Liner 'Duchess of Atholl'. Riverside Station and LMS boat trains. Good platform scenes and luggage. Loading luggage by net up ship's side. Boarding ship via covered walkway. Funnel whistling steam. Withdrawn gang plank. Departure, large crowds waving.
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Surface Scraping, 1940's - Film 7413
Flat surfaces in a workshop. Close up of man's holding various work bench items. Man puts on goggles. Scrapers and other tolls. A vice. Metalworking. Metal. Metals.
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Royal Air Force Military Policemen, 1960's - Film 6934
An RAF convoy driving along a road in the country. There are two motorcycles a Land Rover and a truck. It appears that they are all Royal Air Force police. They arrive at their base - one motorcyclist has ridden ahead and is called over by another RAF policeman. He tells the other policeman about the convoy and the second policeman halts traffic leaving the base until the convoy has entered. Unarmed combat training in a gym. RAF policeman firing - Stirling ?- submachine guns at targets. An instructor watches them. RAF policemen firing revolvers at targets. A fugitive trying to escape the RAF police. He's running over grass, pursued by two RAF policemen and a dog in a Land Rover. He runs up a slope and the Land Rover stops. One of the RAF policemen gets out with the dog and runs after the fugitive. The other policeman reports over the radio. The fugitive enters woodland and the policeman lets the Alsatian off the leash. They both run after the fugitive. The fugitive emerges from the wood but is captured by the dog, who bites his arm. The policeman arrests him. Dog handlers, with dogs on parade training. A whistle blows. From marching in column, they move into a line. At the second blast of the whistle, they stop and stand to attention. They then march forwards. At the third blast of the whistle, they stop, turn around and march back. The whistle blows again and they stop. The dogs sit down. The handlers let the dogs off the leash and presumably tell them to stay. The whistle blows again and the men march off, leaving their dogs. The dogs look at each other. The whistle blows again and the men stop and turn round. They go forward two paces and stop at another blast of the whistle. The dogs look at each other. The whistle goes again and they march back to their dogs. Two RAF policemen on routine patrol. It's the same two who caught the fugitive. They check the doors of a hangar. Guarding keys. An RAF police guardroom. Two policemen are working in it. A policeman comes to the guardroom and returns a key. He signs a form. Policemen being trained in counter-intelligence ? and learning about locks. A Land Rover drives up to a transport aircraft. Three policemen and a dog inspect it as it will be carrying VIP's. A policeman and a dog guard the scene of a break-in where some radio equipment has been stolen. A special investigator arrives in a B-registered car (Hence the film was made in 1964 or 1965 - as this is a recruiting film they would not have someone arriving in an old car). The special investigator examines the scene of the crime. Comparing a footprint to a shoe. Policemen around a table with crime-solving equipment on it. (Trainee ?) policeman having his fingerprints taken. An RAF police sergeant using a microscope. He makes some notes. Policemen being shown how to dust for fingerprints. A policeman being shown a model of an aircraft's interior so he will know his way around it. Policemen being taught about security. Trainee policemen being taught about identity parade procedure. There are some women in the class being taught. The special investigator examining the scene of the burglary. A man pole vaulting. A man throwing a hammer. A man doing the long jump. A man throwing a shot ( Putting the shot ?) Men playing rugby. RAF men cheering them on. Men playing football. A goal is scored. Looking at a beach. Women on a beach, one in swimming costume, one in a bikini. They wave at men water-skiing. Aircraft flying in formation. The fugitive looks at them as he is led away. Passing out parade for newly qualified policemen.
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Farming in the 1940's - Film 39293
Farming 1940s Blacksmiths working with hot metal and Forge. Ploughing with a traction engine. Three Shire horses. Haymaking. A horse and wagon. Elevator. Making a haystack. Mechanised and horse drawn farm machinery. Thrashing machine. Harvesting. Farmer with his tractor on an old farm. Farm scenes. Farmers wife with broom sweeping on doorstep. Farmer tightens nut on tractor wheel before driving down the road. Horse and plough. Farmer takes off cap and scratches his head. Comparisons with Tractor ploughing. Horses with nose bags. Farmers sit together and have lunch but someone continues ploughing with tractor. Clouds in the sky. Horses leaving field. Farmer looks at his pocket watch. Tractor ploughing at dusk. Spindly International Farmall tractor. Harrowing. Lorry (G.S. Jones) drives through the countryside with load. Point of view through orchards. Man drives a tiny tractor.
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Meryl Streep on Working With Goldie Hawn and Bruce Willis, 1990's - Film 91835
Meryl Streep discusses working with Bruce Willis and Goldie Hawn on 'Death Becomes Her'.
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Washing Day late 1940's film 3351
Laundry day in the late 1940's. A Film made by the Electrical Association for Women. A woman stands surrounded by piles of dirty washing all over her kitchen. The commentary is in her voice and says how she hates washing day. It was alright when it was just hers before she was married but now she has a full household wash to do. She holds her hand to her head in distress and prepares to start. She has a large mangle and washes in a butler sink. The woes of washing day and its drudgery are expressed. Why does it always rain on Mondays ? The scene fades out. She leaves the kitchen hung with all the clothes she has just washed. She complains that they will haunt her till they dry. She sits with a cup of tea and turns on the radio which announces " Woman's Hour ". The women on the radio says she wants to talk about wash day. Our woman reaches to turn off the radio in disgust. The radio woman says wait, it needn't be that awful and she has some household hints and suggestions to help it all easier for the housewife. There then follows a subtle sell of electrical goods, made to sound like useful tips. Our woman closes her eyes, in her seat and dreams of the perfect kitchen and laundry room in an ideal home. A utility room with and electric washing machine, drying cupboard and two irons. First, you sort your clothes into different types of wash. The whites down to the delicates. A detailed description of how to fill the machine from the tap, make sure you plenty of soap powder in stock. Rinsing the wash in the sink and using the same water for a number of washes. Using an electric mangle rather than a hand one. Then hanging every thing in the drying cupboard. Everything and each procedure is described in great detail. Ironing on an ordinary ironing board or a flat plate iron for large things like sheets. But what about people who don't have the room for a utility room, like women on a housing estate. A exterior shot of a housing estate in Hackney, London. The communal laundry room where there is a rota system. But the commentary says no one would like their dirty laundry in public. But no, each woman has a separate room with a sink and a mangle and large launderette style tumble drying machines. However the rule is no children. Do the best you can and " Be ready for the brave new world as it is ready for you ". Our woman has a hopeful gleam in her eye and looks converted.
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Penrhyn Railways, 1950's -- Film 505
Penrhyn Railway, North Wales. Locomotive 'Linda' (Steam 895 Hunslett of Leeds) Bethesda. Diesel Shunter, slate wagons, Derelict locos, Lillian, Sergeant Muffy, "Lilla" Jubilee Eigiau.
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The Funeral of Emily Davison, 1910's - Film 17776
'THE FUNERAL PROCESSION THROUGH LONDON OF THE LATE MISS DAVISON, WHO DIED FROM INJURIES RECEIVED IN ATTEMPTING TO STOP THE KING'S HORSE IN THE DERBY.' This is film of the Suffragette, Emily Davison's funeral on 14th June 1913. The film starts with funeral procession making its way from Victoria to King's Cross station in London, from where the coffin is transported by train to Miss Davison's family vault in Morpeth, Northumberland. Crowds throng each side of the procession and in the background can be seen packed open topped buses and people perched on window sills of buildings for a better view. Fellow Suffragettes dressed in white with black sashes head the procession. The first carraige is full of wreaths and a clergyman walks solemnly behind. Police stand in front of the crowds as the carriages slowly file by. After the clergyman comes a large Suffragette banner held by women in the procession. Cut to the coffin being drawn by four black horses, draped in what is probably a purple cloth of the Suffragette movement. More packed buses can be seen as the carriage is flanked by fellow Suffragettes. Two undertakers in top hats can be seen at the front of the carriage. A carriage full of flowers and wreaths is followed by two motor cars, full again with wreaths. More crowded omnibuses can be seen as the carriages slowly file past. Many men in the crowd wear boaters, fashionalbe during the Edwardian period. Outside the Kingsley Hotel, the police form a chain to hold back the pressing crowd. Mounted policemen can be seen as the procession continues. Cut to an overhead shot of the leading carriage. Many men in the crowd remove their hats as the hearse passes by. Shot of one of the carriages as it comes to a halt. The packed crowd can be seen squashed behind metal railings. Police stand on the cleared pavements. The hearse is shown from a head-on angle on its open carriage. The women can clearly be seen wearing black sashes across their white dresses. The hearse comes to a halt outside what is probably King's Cross station. A number of men, probably funeral assistants, remove the coffin from its carriage. As her fellow Suffragettes form a guard of honour and salute, Davison's coffin is carried into the station after the cloth has been unfurled around it. Suffragette banners and flags can be seen as the women stand to attention. The pallbearers are shown climbing steps into the station.
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German Fitness, 1930's - Film 6031
Display of physical strength and exercise demonstrated by serious, fit young men of Germany (20's-30's) in shorts. Men in shorts and short hair cuts march in rows while holding metal balls and medicine balls. Very militaristic, suggestion of Greek athletes. Muscularly well defined men exercise in sync in a field, lifting arms, spinning arms, bending and touching ground. Medium shot of one man doing this exercise. Rows of men in shorts sitting, extending and bending legs and grasping knees with hands when legs bent. Closer shot of blond haired man (Aryan) doing this exercise. Medium shot of man lying on back, sitting up and slapping hands against grass. Two rows of men consisting of men pulling other men who are resisting. Man bent over with another standing behind him. Other men vault over the bent over man and do somersaults assisted by a standing man. Similar exercise but somersaulting men place hands on ground and are then folded over the arms of two helpers. Three men somersault in unison without assistance. In slow motion man somersaults holding on to two men's arms. Man somersaults over bent over man without touching him, then over three then over six. Rows of men throwing medicine balls at each other in unison. Instructor demonstrates how hard a medicine ball can be thrown. Row of men lying down and throwing medicine balls to standing partner. Pairs of men wrestle over medicine ball. Focus on one pair, they tug and pull, fall on ground and throw each other around, good example of writhing. Rows of men standing, throwing heavy balls into air with one hand, catching in the other and then repeating, different shots of this exercise. Throwing same ball in air with both hands, catching it with both, swinging between legs and throwing it up again. Same exercise but throwing in air with one hand. Throwing ball in one hand and catching it in same. Large ball with handle, throwing it up in air with one hand, catching it with the other. Flicking ball in one hand over shoulder. Men marching quickly in columns along running track. Walking along track bringing knee up to chest on each step. Again along track, long step and pushing back side as low to ground as possible while arms are stretched to the side. Running along track. In threes the men adopt the sprint start position and then run off. Single line of men jumping over high jump bar. Two lines of men jumping over high jump bar (straight at camera). Line of men scissor jumping over high jump bar. Men shot putting. Lines of men crossing elevated beam, ditto with medicine balls over heads. Standing on beam, throwing medicine ball into air and catching it. Medicine ball thrown to partner (also on beam) who throws it back. Men crouching and crawling along beam. Two men on beam attempting to gain balance, they both fall off into the ditch below, two men attempting to slap the other's hand while on beam, one loses balance and falls off, the other raises arms in victory. Men in lines running and then jumping over ditch. Men in rows jumping on to high wall, pulling themselves up and them vaulting over it. Shot of the other side of the wall. A much higher wall, men stand along bottom of wall, others run at them, place foot in hand, they are given a 'leg-up'. Another man at top of wall pulls them up. There is a sense of Nazism within the film as the fit young men of Germany are made fitter to make Germany great again. The men in the film are perhaps too old for Hitler Youth members but the images can suggest this.
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Diet and Nutrition, 1950's -- Film 6615
Diet of British people. Demonstration of appalling film consisting of long titles during narration and a lecturer reading his notes & writing on blackboard Cafes, hot dog sign, food advertising, soup ladled out, fried fish, salads, juices, interior of cafe, people and what they are eating. Fat man and too thin girl. Do not over cook vegetables, house wife over boils cabbage. The health food freak eats half a pound of parsley. Family at dinner, energy in people as factories. Family eat bread, milk. Fat people, woman struggles up stairs. Proteins, meat and egg. Factory stoker, beautiful furnaces, girl drinks milk, Chelsea flour mills, additives, vitamins, bread in the shop. Essential elements, explained. "Stop me and by one", ice cream seller. At the supermarket checkout
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