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Karyn's Corner - Entrepreneur of the Week
Correspondent Shannon Lanier visits Karyn's corner in Chicago to feature it's owner Karyn Calabrese as an Entrepreneur of the Week. Originally aired on the nationally syndicated TV show, "Black Enterprise Business Report.
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"Clean This House" Mime
Watch LaNier Mime Ministry praise God with Isaac Carree's hit song, "Clean This House" at St. Luke AME Church
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Monique Greenwood's Bed & Breakfast
"Black Enterprise Business Report" correspondent Shannon Lanier visits the Akwaaba Mansion in Brooklyn, NY. He features owner Monique Greenwood, as an Entrepreneur Of The Week.
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Lanier Mime: James Fortune's "Live Through It"
Watch Shannon Lanier praise the Lord in mime to "Live Through It" by James Fortune
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Outlander Recap w/ Sam Heughan & Caitriona Balfe
Sam Heughan & Caitriona Balfe take Shannon LaNier's challenge to recap the hit STARZ show "Outlander." New Episodes start April 4th! Who do you think won? Follow @MrShannonLanier
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Nick Cannon's Success Secrets
Nick Cannon's talks with Shannon Lanier about corporate america, success and how he always knew he would marry Mariah Carey! The full interview will be on the nationally syndicated TV Show "Black Enterprise Business Report," this weekend!
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"I Need You Now" Mime dance
Watch LaNier Mime Ministry dance to Smokie Norful's "I Need You Now.”
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Byron Cage: "Broken But I'm Healed" Mime
Shannon LaNier ministers in mime for New Years Eve service at Convent Baptist Church in NYC.
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"Dear God" Mime
Shannon Lanier praises in the New Year at 2 NYC churches with a mime to Smokie Norful's "Dear God."
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Brooklyn Circus - Entrepreneur of the Week
Correspondent, Shannon Lanier, is going classic... with his wardrobe outfitted by Brooklyn Circus, a company succeeding thanks to a past failure. Originally aired on the national TV show, "Black Enterprise Business Report."
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The Hottest Fashion at the Women of Power Summit
Shannon talks to Fashion legend, Audrey Smaltz, for tips on dressing powerful at the 2009 Women of Power Summit.
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Donnie McClurkin "Stand" by LaNier Mime Ministry
Watch Lanier Mime Ministry at Rockdale Baptist Church in Cincinnati, Ohio ministering to "Stand" by Donnie McClurkin
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Cake Bliss - Entrepreneur of the Week
Correspondent, Shannon Lanier, goes to Brooklyn, NY for a taste of Cake Bliss. Owner Margo Lewis is the Entrepreneur of the Week. Originally aired on "Black Enterprise Business Report."
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Tiana von Johnson of Gold Star Properties on BEBR TV Show
Shannon Lanier discovers how one Entrepreneur took a leap of faith to follow her real estate dreams in a down economy.
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The Black Rodeo
Shannon Lanier Reports for Black Enterprise on the Bill Pickett Invitational Rodeo
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Easter Mime 2011
Watch Shannon Lanier mime to a mash up of 3 powerful songs. Location: St. Luke AME church in Harlem, NY.
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You Name It Challenge
The family that has fun together stays together!
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Shannon Interviews Ed Dwight
To tour your passion into profit, watch Shannon Lanier's interview with a world renown artist/sculptor, on the Nationally Syndicated TV Show, "Black Enterprise Business Report."
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James Fortune: "I Trust You" mime
Shannon Lanier at St. Luke AME Church doing a mime presentation for Men's day on Oct. 19, 2009.
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Chris Pratt gets injured on Jurassic World set!
Chris Pratt speaks to Shannon LaNier on the making of Jurassic World, & how he was hurt doing stunts!
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Will Bryce Dallas Howard let her son be a child star? Watch...
Bryce Dallas Howard's son is in the new Jurassic World movie, but what does his future in film hold? Watch Bryce make it very clear...
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What's Under Sam Heughan's Kilt
Sam Heughan plays Jamie on the STARZ series "Outlander." Any clue what he wears under his kilt? @MrShannonLanier finds out while attempting to get his kilt swag on!
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Donald Lawrence: "Encourage Yourself" mime
Shannon Lanier let the Lord use him on Oct. 24, 2009 to remind people that sometimes we have to continue to encourage ourselves as God carries us through the storm. Remember it will pass and you are Blessed! 2 Th 2:16/&17
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President Obama's Stimulus Package
Shannon Lanier goes to President Barack Obama's Inauguration in Washington D.C. and explores Obama's plan to help save the economy
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Barack The Vote
During President Barack Obama's Inauguration, Shannon Lanier hung out with the brother sister team that created the Barack The Vote T-shirts.
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Dr. Michael Jones - Entrepreneur of the Week
Dr. Michael Jones gives correspondent Shannon Lanier a tour around his new state of the art House of Beauty complete with a hair & nail salon, spa, and Lexington Plastic Surgeons.
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Marvin Sapp: "Praise Him In Advance" mime
Shannon Lanier doing mime presentation at St. Luke AME church for a 100 Black Men celebration on Sept. 13, 2009.
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Chris Pratt's deepest darkest fear is...
You'll never believe what tough guy Chris Pratt is afraid of in real life! #MustSee Shannon LaNier's discovery!
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Pastry - Entrepreneur of the Week
Pastry owners Angela & Vanessa Simmons share they're secrets to shoe success with correspondent, Shannon Lanier. Watch how they're creating their own legacy! Originally aired on national TV show, "Black Enterprise Business Report."
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Chris Pratt gets candid about his son & wife Anna Faris
Shannon LaNier gets Jurassic World star, Chris Pratt to open up about missing his son and his funny marriage to Anna Faris. Watch!
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Scott Tucker on BEBR
Shannon Lanier gets an inside look behind the creative doors of Scott Tuckers homegrown business, In Square Circle Design Concepts. Scot Tucker was honored on the nationally syndicated TV show Black Enterprise Business Report as an Entrepreneur Of The Week!
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Outlander #TeamJamie or #TeamFrank??????
Calling Outlander Fans... are you #TeamJamie or #TeamFrank? Leading lady Caitriona Balfe tells @MrShannonLanier whose team she's on!
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Shannon LaNier's Sizzle Reel
National TV Correspondent, Author, Producer, and motivational speaker, Shannon LaNier gives you a sneak peek into his world. Watch this sizzle reel for just a glimpse of the stories he loves to cover...
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Harlem Lanes.mpg
Shannon Lanier goes bowling at NYC's premier entertainment complex in Harlem. The co-founders are the Entrepreneurs of the Week on the nationally syndicated TV Show, "Black Enterprise Business Report."
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Backyard Makeover
Shannon Lanier takes you on a ride to take a backyard jungle and turn it into a beautiful oasis.
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Host/Correspondent Reel
Host, Shannon Lanier, gives you a look inside a few TV shows & segments he's hosted or reported in both nationally and locally.
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NYC Rentals
Shannon Lanier shows you the hottest places to rent in NYC.
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Jay-Z video
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Bryce Dallas Howard's 1st reaction to Jurassic Park
Do you remember how you felt when you first saw Jurassic Park? Bryce Dallas Howard does and she tells Shannon LaNier about the experience!
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This warm holiday film is already showing. Watch what the cast had to say about it and why you should see it!
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After Obama's DNC Speech
Shannon Lanier Reports on what voters thought of Sen. Barack Obama's Democratic Nominee Acceptance Speech
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News Standups
Reporter Shannon Lanier shares his news standups...
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Local News Reel
Shannon Lanier reports local news stories for Fios 1 News in NYC/NJ/LI.
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National Show Packages
View short versions of Shannon Lanier's business feature segments from the nationally syndicated TV Show, "Black Enterprise Business Report"
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Wildchild Nation on BEBR
Shannon Lanier interviews the founders of the hip-hop dance inspired clothing line, Wildchild Nation. The segment originally appeared on the nationally syndicated TV show, "Black Enterprise Business Report."
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Daddy Does Hair for Pitcure Day
Created by VideoShow:http://videoshowapp.com/free
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Bryce Dallas Howard gets fit for Jurassic World!
Bryce Dallas Howard looks extra fit in Jurassic World movie and here's what she did to get in shape! #Watch
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Mission To See Obama
Shannon Lanier has a little fun at the DNC on a mission to get into Sen. Barack Obama's Democratic Nominee Acceptance Speech.
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