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Nickelback: if today was your last day: dinosaur extiction event
Music videos there creators never intended to be made! This one more of a streatch, I mean come on, Hoplites and citzen solider? not as much as a leap as this one. Presenting, the music of Knicelback's song "If today was your last day", with video from dinosure revolution eposide four, end game, were we go over the last days of the dinosaurs. I am less pleased with this one, but come on the eposide was a hour long, I had a lot of stuff to sift though. I could have just used the first five mintues for the video, and teh qulity could be better. but, I think i'll post it and see what people think. I own nothing: If today was your last day belongs to Knicelback and Dinosure revolution belongs discovery channel
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steven theory theory, the Gem Empire (SPOILERS!)
This if my first time making a video this long, and at first I was unsure how to make everything work. As such the odd format was just the most logical way for my mind to space out the information. If I get that negative a response I'll just go back and alter it I suppose. Also I apologize for the flipping but youtube copyright system has a reputation of being. . . over zealous so I figured best to try and avoid what risk I could. Link to TTS reader: it's not the best program I've seen of this type, but it's not a bad one. http://www.sphenet.com/TTSReader/index.html link to Sonicis deviant art page: http://sonicsis.deviantart.com/ All pictures are from wikipeida and are either Public domain or under CC BY 2.5 allowing free shareign and adopting. The exception is "Da Vinci Vitruve Luc Viatour" which has been properly credited with a link next to the picture. link to his web site. www.lucnix.be Link to Rose quartz is a diamond theory http://lapislazuhli.tumblr.com/post/117035905061/palolabg-stevemanrp-jay-oracle-so-everyones All videos are from Steven Universe, I own nothing of them, have made no profit from them and acquired the video clips from World of Steven Universe. Episodes used: Gem Glow, Cheeseburger backpack,Cat Fingers, Serious Steven, Lars and the Cool kids, An Indirect Kiss, Mirror Gem, Ocean Gem, Space Race, Lion 3 Straight to Video, Warp Tour, On the Run, Marble Madness, Rose's Scabbard, Story For Steven, The Return And Jail Break. I
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3 Doors down Citizen soldier: Greek Hoplite
In my first video, posted to You tube and first video ever created, I presnt a possible new series, Presenting. Music videos there creators never intended to be made! Starting off i present, 3 Doors down Citzen soliders combined video of the very first Citzen soliders in histroy, The greek hoplites. in creating this video i ran into a couple problems useing windows video editor. namely how to preserve the audio of a clip while getting rid of the clip it self. advice? now that that is out of the way, Enjoy. I own nothing: all rights belong to there respetive owners.