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NBA 2K14 on PS4 99 field goal percentage on any shots glitch
figured this glitch in another glitch..... While i was stucked in the 20 shots in a row glitch. I tried to make any one shot count into that 20 shots. of course i failed but i found out another glitch. I was trying to shoot the ball from the very top left courner of the court(out of the court). i made 4 shots at one postion continuously; i thought i was just lucky, but when i moved to other spots, i could still make the shots. In this video you can only see one shot missed and i have no idea why it was missed. I tried this glitch few times and i got this glitch activited each time successfully. 2k please fix this.
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Bloodborne Vicar Amelia Slay
Fun game and it is the first time we defeat him
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