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The Giant Cursed Hippopatomus
Hey guys! Today I show you "Devin and the Unlucky Emoji Pillow" for entertainment and I hope you liked it. Please comment video ideas. Like my video and subscribe to my channel.
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Reverse Gymnastics Challenge
Hey guys. This weeks theme is reverse Gymnastics Challenge so I hope you enjoyed my video! See you next tremendous Thursday --Devin
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Devin's SevenGymnasticsGirls Audition
Hi my name is Devin, I am 12 years old and I come from the USA. I am a bronze gymnast and practice gold skills 2 hours a week plus the time at home. I own 2 gymnastics mats, a bar, and a beam. This is my 1st Audition video and good luck to everyone else auditioning. I am sad that Rachel is leaving but if I could take Colette's Tuesday spot because she is transferring to Saturday then that would be awesome. I hope you enjoyed and go check out all of my other videos. Comment, subscribe, and like this video if you want to see more of my videos. To email me, my email is dreimer1288@gmail.com. Peace out! ---Devin
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BackHandSpring Tutorial
Back Hand Spring Tutorial. Hope it helped! Keep trying! Comment any video ideas! Music by Kevin Macleod: Cipher
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Papa’s Scooperia | Unlocking Papa Louie | Rank 66
Today I play papa’s Scooperia enjoy! Subscribe, like and comment video ideas
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Bad Leg vs Good Leg Gymnastics Challenge
Sorry I posted late but I was really busy Thursday and Friday. I was at our State Capital for State Track. I hope you enjoyed anyway. See you next Thursday!!! Bye!! --Devin
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ABC Gymnastics Challenge
ABC Gymnastics Challenge. Hope you liked my video. I will post my next video next Thursday. Subscribe to my challenge, like, comment down below any video ideas. I will start doing shout-outs when I get at least 30 views and some comments.
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SO CLOSE to my Back Half. Hope you enjoy!!! Thanks for watching!!! --Devin
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My Audition For The GC's, SAKS, SevenSweetAngels, and SevenSparklingTweens
Thanks for watching my audition. Subscribe. Like. Comment. Please pick me for a collab channel. In this video, I travel to the 1960's with the magical traveling pants. 1. I love gymnastics 2. I love emojis😜😜 3. I love to do DIYs 4. I have an older sister and brother and dog named Lucky 5. I love zebra print.
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Top 10 Skills
This weeks theme is top ten so here I show you mine. If I could have, I would have filmed a front handspring on vault, pullover on bars, and other stuff on beam maybe. As you know, I do have a bar at home but it was rainy so I couldn't film outside. Hope you enjoyed the video!! See you next tremendous Thursday!! ---Devi
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Papa’s Scooperia To Go! | Day 100 | Reaching Rank 60
Today I play Day 100 on Papa’s Scooperia To Go! Hope you enjoy! Please like the video and subscribe to my channel!
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60 Second Back Hip Circle Challenge
Today I show you how many back hip circles I can do in a minute. I got 8 and my hands were ripping. Subscribe. Like comment below video ideas. Have a nice day.
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Devin's Mini Floor Routine
This weeks theme on seven gymnastics girls was mini Floor routine so I hope you guys enjoyed my Floor routine and to get a shout out next weeks video comment down below what your birthday is I will see you guys next tremendous Thursday Bye!!! --Devin
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All Around Gymnastics
Thank you guys so much for watching this video subscribe my channel and a like this video comment down below what's your favorite ice-cream flavor is to get a shoutout next week's video. see you next tremendous Thursday
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Backbend Kickover Challenge
This week I am doing the Backbend Kickover Challenge. So I have to see how many Backbend kickovers I can do in 60 seconds. Hope you enjoy! See you guys next Thursday, bye! ---Devin
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Easter Charades
Here are the answers 1. Basket 2. Bunny 3. Chocolate 4. Resurrection 5. Egg Hunt Thanks for watching!! Comment, Like, Subscribe! --Devin
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Papa’s Burgeria To Go! Reaching Rank 20 (Day 31)
Today I play Day 31 of Papa’s Burgeria To Go! Make sure to smash the like button and subscribe!
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Cartwheel-Roundoff Tutorial
Comment down below video ideas. Like this video. Subscribe to my channel. Hope you guys got your round off and cartwheel. Make sure you go check out my BackHandSpring tutorial so that you can do a round off backhandspring.
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Roundoff Tutorial
In this video I teach you guys how to do a roundoff. Thank you guys for watching my video. Please give it a like down below, subscribe, and hit that notification bell so that you get notified everytime I upload. See you next time! Bye! Make sure you follow me on my social media!! Snapchat-devin_r1288 Instagram-dreimer_rose Musical.ly- dreimer_rose
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The Making Of The Chocolate Chip Cookies
Sorry my video was late comment below video requests. Subscribe and like this video.
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My Beam Tutorial
This is a video of a Beam tutorial I made up. Hope you like it. Comment down below any video requests/ideas. Comment down below my score you gave me and that is how you will get a shoutout. Like this video. Subscribe to my channel!
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Papa's Sushiria: Day 2 - TheGymnast_Devin
Comment video ideas. Like, Subscribe to my channel. Be sure to come back tomorrow for day 3. Shoutout go to: seter34, grayson562, berryfire1, and gamevideo7. Comment the secret to tea station and song I played.
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Devin's Do's and Dont's
I hope you enjoyed this weeks video if you did give it a big thumbs up and subscribe to my channel thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you guys next totally tubular Thursday on TheGymnast_Devin. Bye
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Devin's Freestyle Beam Routine
Hey guys this weeks theme on the real SevenGymnasticsGirls was Freestyle Beam Routine. So today I showed you a Beam Routine that I made up. I hope you enjoyed! See you next tremendous Thursday! Bye!!! -Devin
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Papa's Sushiria: Day 1 - TheGymnast_Devin
Comment video ideas, Subscribe to my channel, like this video and I will have day two coming tomorrow.
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Cartwheel on Beam Tutorial
How to do a Cartwheel on the beam. I hope this tutorial helped you, remember to keep practicing! Comment down below video requests and make sure to like, rid video, and subscribe.
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Aerial Tutorial
Thanks for watching this video. I hope you enjoyed. I hope this helped you get your aerial. See ya next Thursday. Music by Kevin Macleod. Fluffing A Duck, Killing Time, Carefree, Dirt Rhodes, Scheming Weasel Faster. -Devin
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The Balance Challenge
Music is wallpaper by Kevin Macleod. Hope you enjoyed See you next Thursday --Devin
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Papa’s Scooperia To Go | Entering Baseball Season | Day 54
Today I play Day 54 of Papa’s Scooperia To Go! Entering Baseball Season! I hope you enjoy this video and comment below what else you want to see from me. Give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel.
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Level 3 skills
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My Audition for SevenTwinklingTweens
Hey guys, it's me Devin and today I am auditioning for SevenTwinklingTweens. Good luck to everyone else and I'll se you guys later. Subscribe to my channel. Comment down below video ideas. Like this video and share with the friends if you enjoyed. Peace out, rainbow trout.
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AirFX Trampoline Park
AirFX Trampoline Park Fun!!!!!!!! Fun twisting!! Comment any video ideas! Like, Subscribe to my channel! Sorry video was late had technical difficulties with camera and powerdirector
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Devin and the Unlucky Emoji Pillow
Like, comment, and subscribe. Parts of this were bad, but I tried. Kevin Macleod was the music. Sneaky snitch and bad kids
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