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Saints Row: The Third Johnny Tag Glitch
I caught this glitch while playing Saints Row: The Third while I had Johnny Tag as a homie.
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The New Years Warzone
Midnight hit and my quiet rural neighborhood turned into Nam y'all.
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Inktober 2018 Day 2: Keep Smiling
Apparently, my time lapse app said I'm not allowed to put music over my videos anymore 😠
Pug life
I'm not a human in a dog mask, I'm a dog in a human mask.
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Day-O- Haunted house behind the scenes
When Day-O comes on at the haunt, it means it's time for all the spooksters to clean their rooms and go home.
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Cult of Personality- Living Colour cover
One of the greatest metal songs of all time, in garish 80s color!
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Janitorial Randomness
I'm a custodian and I found this Nero gun that was going to be sold in a yard sale. Then this happened.
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Saints Row: The Third: Nyteblayde Glitch
In which Nyteblayde starts talking like an old Mexican woman.
Saints Row: The Third: Enemy Glitch
They see me wavin', they hatin
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Bamfest 2016 Freddy Krueger performance
I went as Freddy Krueger to a local anime convention and my sister filmed it (though she accidentally cut some of it out.)
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Janitorial Randomness 2
Megan can't tell me what to do.
Jump in the Line - Haunted House behind the scenes
I volunteer at a Haunted House, and during break, the lights came on and we all go to eat. When we came back, this was our cue to get back to our rooms. I decided on an impromptu performance!
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Saints Row 4: Donald Trump walk
After Trump became POTUS, I knew it had to be done.
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Inktober 2018 Day 1:Chelsea Grimm
My channel mascot Chelsea Grimm. I can't believe I actually made an art video! 😮 Music: Creepy Clown Symphony - myuu
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