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Boy takes wheel when grandma passes out
10-year-old Gryffin Sanders was riding with his 74-year-old grandmother and 4-year-old younger brother in Colorado when his grandma passed out at the wheel.
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'Queen of IRS fraud' gets 21 years in prison
Rasida Wilson has been sentenced to 21 years in federal prison. Why? She admitted to stealing more than $3 million from the IRS.
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PSV crush NEC 5 0 in Eredivisie
Teenage sensation Zakaria Bakkali scores a hat-trick as PSV Eindhoven beat NEC Nijmegen 5-0 in the Dutch Eredivisie.
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Dying father has last first dance with daughter
25-year-old Rachel Wolf's father, Dr. James Wolf, had been diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer and had been given around six months to live. Not wanting to miss out on those magic father-daughter moments she decided to expedite things a little, planning her wedding sans a significant other.
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Oprah on her 'raunchy' scenes in 'The Butler'
Oprah Winfrey, who stars in Lee Daniels' latest film "The Butler," says she drew the line on some of the steamier love scenes her character Gloria has with a frisky neighbor, played by Terrence Howard. (Aug. 12)
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Jesse And The Rippers perform on Jimmy Fallon
The 'Full House' band performed for the first time in almost 20 years on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon." The fictional band led by John Stamos showcased a medley of 'Full House' hits including their hit song, "Forever." And yes, Bob Sagat was in the audience.
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AOL's Armstrong fires Patch employee
While on a conference call, AOL CEO Tim Armstrong fired a Patch employee in front of 1,000 co-workers, reports CNBC's Andrew Ross Sorkin, with all the details.
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Cirugía extrema para bajar de peso
Dos jóvenes se sometieron a una cirugía para hacer de la comida una experiencia dolorosa y, así, poder bajar de peso. Además: trabajadores obligados a usar pañales, excéntrico millonario construye montaña sobre edificio y la más colosal propuesta de matrimonio.
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Elon Musk unveils Hyperloop plans
His 57-page plan called "Hyperloop Alpha" is filled with formulas and renderings of next-gen travel. It's an idea for tube-transit moving faster than the speed of sound.
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Los españoles en El Cairo relatan su experiencia
Las protestas se extienden más allá de la capital, de El Cairo. Los islamistas han quemado edificios oficiales en Guiza y en Alejandría pese a las advertencias del ejército. Los soldados y la policía tienen permiso para disparar contra quienes asalten sus sedes, y aseguran que no les va a temblar la mano si tienen que hacerlo. En su defensa, insisten en que las revueltas responden a un plan de los Hermanos Musulmanes para derrocar al Gobierno.
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Do not compare Lukaku to Drogba says Mourinho
Chelsea manager praises Romelu Lukaku
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Asiana CEO The plane, engines are not at fault
Asiana President Yoon Young-doo said at a televised news conference that it will take time to determine the cause of the crash. But when asked about the possibility of engine or mechanical problems, he said he doesn't believe they could have been the cause.
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Crowds swarm papal car as Pope Francis arrives in Brazil
Thousands lined Rio's streets to see Pope Francis on his arrival in Brazil but security teams were challenged to keep crowds from swarming his papal car. Mana Rabiee reports.
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Aly and Aj Michalka Return to Music
After five years away from the music scene sister duo Aly and AJ Michalka are back with a new sound and single, "Hothouse." (July 17)
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96 year old clerk offers robber candy, not cash
Robberies are never a good idea -- especially if you're facing this 96-year-old Marshfield, Wisconsin woman. Margaretta Wolf stood her ground when a would-be robber tried to take her money.
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The royal baby name game
Now that the royal baby has finally ended the Great Kate Wait, and made his grand entrance, attention of many is now turning to what the little sire's name might be. So what are people saying?
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Data spying bins raise privacy fears
The City of London has banned high-tech recycling bins from collecting phone data from passers-by. The CEO of Renew, the start-up who owns the bins, says their technology trial has been misunderstood. But as firms increasingly look to monetise data collection, concerns about privacy are growing. Joanna Partridge reports.
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Trippy new NASA video on solar explosions
It's called magnetic reconnection and it's the secret behind explosions on the surface of the sun. With new footage from 2 spaceships, NASA scientists were able to make this explanatory video on the mysterious process.
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Farmers vow to break thousands of eggs in protest
A group of French farmers vowed to break 100,000 eggs every day this week in protest of falling egg prices due to overproduction.
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Tourists to the UK get caught in the great Kate wait
Visitors to the United Kingdom talk about the hype surrounding the royal baby. Alicia Powell reports.
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Prepon's Netflix role scared her
'Orange is the New Black' is latest original series available for binge-watching on Netflix. Cast member Laura Prepon talks about the show and how it's truly like nothing else out there. (July 18)
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Hallan a anciano de 123 años en aldea de Bolivia
Pensamos encontrarlo tullido en una cama y con los extravíos mentales que trae la vejez, pero bajó de la pendiente montañosa por un sendero pedregoso sin bastón, saludó con la mano alzada, se sentó en una roca y comenzó a conversar amigablemente.
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Could even 'safe' doses of sugar be harmful
According to a new study, sugar could be hazardous to your health, even in "safe" amounts.
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Al Qaeda reports leader killed by U S
Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula releases a video message saying its number two, Said al-Shehri, has been killed in a U.S. drone strike in Yemen. Lindsey Parietti reports.
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The Civil Wars top Billboard, Chris Brown charge dismissed
The latest celebrity and entertainment headlines including The Civil Wars top Billboard 200, hit and run charge against Chris Brown is dismissed and Lindsay Lohan books gig on HBO comedy. Lindsay Claiborn reports.
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Sweat Machine turns perspiration into drinking water
Built and designed by Swedish engineer Andreas Hammar, the Sweat Machine extracts the moisture from sweaty clothes and turns it into purified drinking water. One t-shirt produces roughly one-third of an ounce of liquid.
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Iraqi man marries woman more than four times his junior
A 92-year-old man marries a 22-year-old woman in an Iraqi village. Tara Cleary reports.
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Beijing subway rush
Getting on or off the subway in Beijing during the morning rush is almost an impossible task.
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New Belgian King presides over military parade
King Philippe presides over a military parade hours after becoming Belgium's new monarch. Rough Cut (no reporter narration).
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Rare footage of isolated Amazonian tribe
The video was shot by Brazil's National Indian Foundation in the Amazon Jungle back in 2011, but the footage was just released Wednesday.
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Asiana CEO Plane crash victims are two Chinese teen girls
After nearly 11 hours in the air, the passengers and crew aboard a jumbo jetliner traveling from Seoul to San Francisco were looking forward to a quick and uneventful landing as Asiana Airlines Flight 214 approached the airport from over San Francisco Bay. What they got instead, without a word of warning, was terror, panic and confusion.
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Microsoft Research turns Kinect into sign language reader
A new piece of software allows Kinect to read Chinese Sign Language gestures using the device's hand-tracking technology, then quickly translate it into text.
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12 year old arrested for allegedly robbing bank
The boy reportedly rode his bike — alone — to the Bank of America around 3 o'clock in the morning.
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3 year old girl now a member of Mensa
Three-year-old Selena Janick, is now a member of the organization of people who score in the top 2% of an intelligence test.
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Dutch Prince Friso dies following 2012 ski accident
Dutch Prince Johan Friso, who went into a coma following a skiing accident in February of 2012, has died. Deborah Lutterbeck reports.
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Celebrity birthdays pack the month of August
Madonna, Jennifer Lawrence and Robert De Niro are just some of the a-listers celebrating birthdays in August. Alicia Powell reports.
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Perro velado en funeraria causa revuelo República Dominicana
El lugar donde se llevó a cabo podría ser multado | Facebook revela número de usuarios en México | Entre más usas Facebook, más infeliz eres: estudio | Descubre Twitter University | Abuela le arruina, sin querer, la fiesta a la novia
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Madonna turns 55, Miguel arrested
The latest celebrity news including Madonna turns 55 years old and Miguel arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. Roselle Chen reports.
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Beyonce stops mid concert to scold a fan
Beyonce wants her fans to live in the moment. Or at least, to stop taping her with their damn phones. The notoriously controlling star paused at a show to yell at a front row fan who was recording the show.
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Torrential rains flood Tennessee city
Cars were abandoned in the streets of Kingsport, Tennessee and roads shut down following the storms, which also flooded local businesses.
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A taxi driver is arrested in American tourist's death over fare dispute
A taxi driver is arrested in Bangkok for allegedly killing an American tourist with a sword after an argument over the fare. Karen Hendren reports.
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Woman dies on Six Flags roller coaster
What was supposed to be a thrilling ride on The Texas Giant Coaster at Six Flags Over Arlington turned deadly when a woman died on the ride.
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Sex study shows campus 'hook up' culture hyped
A lot's been said about modern-day college students and their newfangled "hook-up" culture, but are they really getting down more than their previous generations? A study conducted at the University of Portland says maybe not. As it turns out, sex on campus is just as rampant as it has always been.
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Egyptians in New York stage their own Day of Rage
New York may be thousands of miles from Cairo but its Egyptian residents are still participating in its political protests against the military's actions this week. Nathan Frandino reports.
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Russian gas truck crashes   then explodes
A dashboard cam in Russia caught this traffic accident, in which a truck carrying 119 gas canisters crashes in a ball of flames.
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Meyer on 'Austenland,' Future 'Twilight' Books
'Twilight' author Stephenie Meyer on producing her 'Austenland' film starring Keri Russell and whether she'll pen more 'Twilight' novels. (Aug. 14)
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