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Men Of War - Mission 2 - Train Defense (No Commentary)
The final 10 minutes of the mission, im sorry that the game gets really laggy towards the end, the enemy really had me pushing back and i lost alot of men. The amount of troops on the map really bogged down the system with the recording and all that going on at the same time. I will try to add a commentary to the video at some point in the near future! enjoy!
Men of War - Mission 2 - Train Defense Part 1 (No Commentary)
My 2nd time trying to beat mission 2. I'm still a newb but I guess i did OK? lol. Sorry for the lack of audio in the first few minutes, i had the game muted and didn't even realize it. I've tried to add commentary to this video but I'm having a real hard time making my not sound like its muffled and attaching it to the video without increasing the file size 10 fold. Enjoy! this first part is most of the battle, i took a short break and recorded the last ten minutes in another segment sorry! lol