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Escorted out of courthouse after mediation for "no reason"...
After having all 3 of my kids for 5 months, since December 13, 2013 (yup Friday the 13th), 12 days before Christmas, this is the third time for mediation. Of which, the mediator stopped the process on his own despite both myself and my ex trying to continue to talk. He ended the mediation and we tried to continue talking and he threatened to get the Sheriff to escort me out of the building (He smiled btw, I thought it was cute). There had been no arguing, no yelling, no cause for him to intervene. He disagreed with what I was asking her for because he was advocating her pay $90, per month, per child. She makes $47,000 a year and has only 1 bill of $25 a month. She is living rent free, a new car (free and clear)... Outside of car insurance, she has no other commitments. She has paid 0 support for 5 months, I've been paying everything in HER and my name. Oh, btw, I'm disabled, my youngest son is disabled, so we're all on a fixed income. She has hired a lawyer, oh which, I can't afford because I'm paying for everything we had and maintaining the kids activities and life. Regardless... That's when he smiled and threatened to get the sheriff. 5 sheriffs showed up and this is what happened next....
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Life Changes Day 15 *Gut punch*
Holy crap... Trying to do my thing, gutted by the ex. Sorry I'm out of my routine on this one. Hopefully I can stream line this video one day.
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Life Changes Day 25 *Upping the ante"
I'm feeling good... I think. lol. Bumping the work outs up to twice a day and started working on seriously the chest/abs/upper body.
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Life changes Day 5
Sorry, wish I had some funnier stuff to give people to watch. Trying to make it to week 1 and finding it difficult to keep digging.
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Life Changes Day 22 The Ex is killing me slowly
Me bitching... Unless you want to hear me gripe, skip it. Not motivating anyone including myself today.
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Life Changes Day 2
Continuing my daily journal of recovering from a broken marriage after 20 years. Sharing views and thoughts as I go through
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Life Changes Day 8
Nothing really great here. Just trying to stay healthy and keep motivating myself.
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Life Changes Day 9-13
Sorry I took a break... Treadmill punished me for it. Hope all of you had a nice Xmas. Looking forward to being back on track.
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Life Changes 26/27 *No motivation*
Boring video, just catching up. Spoke to mutual friends yesterday and handling divorce papers. Wasn't a good day.
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Handling Life Changes...
Hello, I am going through a bad time in my life and I wanted to share with people how I am going to try to overcome certain issues I will be working with. If you want to share some words of encouragement or ideas feel free. I don't even mind getting negative feedback and I will try to respond with some funny stuff if I can find it in me.
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Life Changes Day 16
I wouldn't bother watching... Rambling garbage... Bad day yesterday that got worse...
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Life Changes Day 6
Trying to push to week #1. Wish me luck
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Life Changes day 24 *Meeting with the Ex*
Long video... I go into what transpired the previous day, I talk closer to the end what I've been told she has been telling her family and I discuss in graphic detail as to what had transpired.
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Life Changes Day 4
It's my birthday... yay... /eyeroll Tough day, just trying to make it throught this one
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Life Changes Day 7
Yay... week 1 behind me. 51 more to go.
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Life Changes Day 3
Feeling good today.... Help cheer me on and watch my daily log to maybe inspire you one day. I am going to hopefully show my weight loss and mental changes after a long relationship ending.
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Life changes Day 14, week 2 down.  50 more to go.
Nothing really exciting, more rambling then anything else. Starting to pay attention to what I wear since I sleep in the same clothes you see me in, I'll have to do something about that. Just keep trying to go at it. Good luck to you if you're there with me.
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Life Changes Day 23 *Wobblin*
So with lots of initial energy that was lost after recording 3 or 4 times, I'm putting this up. The ex comes tonight to enlighten me on what happened to my bank account. Should be good to tune into tomorrow. She returned some items from Christmas she bought so she can have the money while she had the kids.... Yup, she returned their presents in front of them at the mall. Quality time. Anyway.... The video started so much better, but this is all I got for today.
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Life changes Day 17-21  *Dodging cancer? WTF!*
Best of luck to all of you in 2014. I hadn't posted in a while cause among everything else doctors were concerned I had cancer. I had to go do all the tests and w/e and was wiped out yesterday.
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Life Changes Day 30-38 *Knife slowly turning*
Really down. Been a bad week. Doing taxes with the ex and the mind games she is playing is wearing on me.
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5 sheriffs escort, for no reason...
It's upside down, but if you watch the other video, you can see what I was dealing with....
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2014 09 01 10 35 57
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Life Changes Day 80  **Day after V-Day... Sucks**
Sorry for lack of updates. I appreciate you guys watching. Just slowly going through this thing called life. A lot of things went on and trying to keep my head up. Hope you guys are all doing well.
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