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Crayola silly scents sticker maker
Don't buy mom,dad, grandma,grandpa, uncle and Aunt. Just don't it doesn't really work you aren't making real stickers what a joke. And if have problem with word screwed up you don't want munchkin to watch
Paper plate peacock
It isn't naughty just a type of bird. Sorry it was poorly introduced. My camera must not have recorded the part where I explained what we where doing. Paper plate peacock for it you need a paper plate,sciccors, tape and crayons.
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Velveteen Rabbit game review
with a guest.
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Miss Amanda's world episode one
Miss Amanda teaches children about snow in episode one. If you want your childs name in future episode please inbox me name(s). Keep in mind this show is targeted at young children. Hope you enjoyed.
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Princess animator collection review
I was in Disney world the 19ths to 25th as I said I gave them away to kids except Belle. 4416 8th floor contemporary. I'm honest some of it is good and some of it sloppy for characters.
F animals
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Gerber gradites fruit pick ups review
Just simple review fruit pick ups by gerber
God is good song
Song. God is good
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Miss Amanda'world episode 11
As i explained in discussions i again apolgize for lack of video on FridayyYouTube and my phone ate it please enjoy episode 11 that was supposed to be 12. Here is coloring page http://www.colordad.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/Armadillo.png
What should I do
Just about out of preschool lessons .Miss Amanda wants to know how you think she should handle it.exude me for burp as I turned camera off.
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Sight words lesson 1
There are 16 sight words lessons. Welcome to first one I'm posting you don't have to watch in order if come across them later. These are Kindergarten sight words. I say the word spell the word say the word
Christmas give away closed
Be over 18 or have parents permission. Just comment below for chance to win $20 digital gift card. All names will only be entered once. You have till December 5th to comment. I will draw winner December 6th.
Yellow hunt
R dance
Rc dog
It said name was Chip on Amazon but I think it's another dog from that rc line on Amazon.https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B07BD5SYR2?psc=1&ref=yo_pop_mb_pd_title I'm not trying to type that brand name on my own. It's the perfect toy for preschooler to play with with little help from mom and dad with the buttons. Some kindergartners will like him some won't it's abc and counting to 10 on study. However he seems to have some cool songs and dances that even kids up to 8 or 9 might like. Also the dog here seems very entertained when I turn on this toy. Oh btw turn it off when not in play or it whines worse then a real dog.
Miss Amanda's toy review #5
Qixels review and play. Sorry if it is a bit long
P animals
Miss Amanda short #2 let's be a clock
Stand up if you can and be a clock with me. May help with time telling and fun simple way to get moving with little ones. I made up the song.one take video once got camera set no edits.
For letter u only animal is umbrella bird. Try to find stanley ep if want to know of umbrella bird. I was able to find a cheap game I will play and review for you. I will do it on V first then letter then craft. Vole and vulture are only two V animals and voles is hard to say and I don't think any of kids want to know of vultures. The v game is called velveteen rabbit if recalling it right. I bought it off off hollar for $7 plus had $2 off my total order.
Miss Amanda's world episode 19
Iguana have some UN if you do come on in.
Happy summer
E animals
Exuse my voice I am sick. If I am still not feeling well on Friday am taking the day off. Search sandiago zoo emu if want to learn more about 2nd largest bird that is flightless.
T animals
Miss Amanda's world episode 24
come on in for more st.patricks day fun
Miss Amanda's toy corner:bicyln Stacie update
Just don't buy it. I decided to let this be it's own video
Hark  the hearld Angeles sing
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Captain America and Battle cycle review (parents read description)
I accidentally swore I don't think I said it loud enough to hear when corrected to what the fluff said what the fluff loudly. You just may want to check to make sure your kids won't hear swear or watch with them and explain if they hear the bad word grown ups sometimes slip in words that aren't nice.
Windmill craft
Jesus wants me for sunbeam
Me singing Jesus wants me for a sunbeam
Avengers playskool heroes reviews
Power pack Thor can barely stand on his own. Beware Hulk's launcher can be used as weapon parental supervision needed. Jungle pack beware Falcon has sharpish wings in his arms not back.
Me singing zachues
Miss Amanda's toy corner review #3
Review of sew cool sewing machine and it is bogus about using sew cool fabric felt and fleece work just fine. I show some creations. Sorry for miss titling number 2.
W animals
Do Lord
Me singing do Lord
Writting the letter u
Sorry only u animal is umbrella bird if want to know more look up stanley episode under the umbrella bird. So today is writting letter U. Wednesday will be making a straw umbrella. Then week from today will be V game hopefully with a special guest or 2.