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Jason Bourne fire alarm scene
Fire alarm scene from the movie 'Jason Bourne' (2016)
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Very Blink happy PL bulb
Here I have an 11W PL bulb which often struggles to start and sometimes never stops blinking until you turn the light off.
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iPhone 5: iOS 6 vs iOS 8 vs iOS 10
Today I will be comparing the iPhone 5 on 3 major firmwares; iOS 6, iOS 8 and iOS 10. Enjoy!
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Philips 9w PL bulb w/ adapter startup
This is a startup of a Philips 9w PL bulb with adapter that I just got from eBay. This test was performed I the UK (with 240v mains power)
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4 ft 36W fluorescent lights starting (switch start)
Here I have 2 different fluorescent lights starting. One is of the Tamlite brand and another is from the Thorn brand. Both are switch start.
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Cheeky dog tries to open Christmas present!
Our dog Jules tried to open one of our Christmas presents!
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