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Sally Sad Clown Sometimes Crying is best
This was meant for Instagram, but it was too lengthy.... for a 3.5 minute long video. Section 107 fair use law Music by Melvin Hein
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Let Us Out!
It's Gramp's goat and rescued elk Elvis. We were leaving the cow barn and they didn't want us to go without them. :p
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My Shy Girlfriend
The Title is the name of the plant or the english meening of it. It's from Mexico.
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Sugarglider Scares Dog
Spice shows Rocketdog who's the man of the house. Sorry about the darckness, Youtube made it darck to see.
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Sandstorm (Italian Poison remix) Waveboard vision
I was just having fun. This song is by Darude Section 107 fair use Music by Darude
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Pronounced (cho*ko*lo*ku). I've still probably have miss spelled it. It's a mexican wild chicken. Mexicains consider this bird a delicasy. I consider it a realy cool pet. Wright now it is making a call for it's friends. Another call that they use is a warning call. This warning call is what makes them reely cool. it's beginning call soinds like it is working up for a much louder call, and it is. It's last part of it's warning call is a reely loud almost screaming call, enough to wake you up. Too bad I don't have it's warning call on tape. :( People who've been around these birds call any one who talks too munch, a chachalaka.
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Sugarglider Exploration: Balcony Door
Good thing the door was closed.
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Christmas Tree Fashion?
Sorry about it being filmed side ways. This video is from a long time ago. At that time, I had just started using the video camra and had forgot about the unability to turn it around like the other pictures. As you can see she had put it in the trashcan. A great way to help keep it tidy, and interestingly decorative.
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Let me pick you up Grub .3
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Inda Eaton concert .4
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Inda Eaton concert .5
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Hello there Grub .1
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Inda Eaton concert .2
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My sugar glider, Spice and his treat
My sugarglider loves his apple juice icesicle.
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That noisy squirrel
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Inda Eaton concert .3
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Throwing a tantrum Grub .2
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Inda Eaton concert .1
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Pullet Run  My Bug!
Chicks love bugs and would fight over them. :3
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Spice Eating Ham
Normal sugar gliders like to eat small birds, lizards, bugs, and fruit. But not Spice. He eats ham.
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