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Vayne ADC Full Game Feat. xDarkBloodx13
Awesome game play and an even better support phenomenal plays by the thresh even though the audio is delayed which I'm working on fixing atm still a great game.
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SoulStealer Vayne ADC Full Game (Not PBE)
Got Soul Stealer Vayne from a reroll fix the game delay and had a hard but good game.
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Kalista ADC Full Game Feat. FFF1
3 straight games of great games didn't play too well but climbing was good and the team was doing great and put me back in my promos so I'm happy.
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zed mid full game ft. Warrior of the past
just another regular game still in the tesing realm with my channel hope is gets bigger plz like and sub for more content.
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Lucian ADC Full Game Feat. Rafina
A killer game with my boy Rafina. He str8 Killed it this game and deserves the spotlight for this game
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Singed Top Full Game
Just a Singed game with some friends and killed it and carried a lil enjoy.
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Top MaoKai Full Game
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Vayne ADC Full Game Feat. xDarkBloodx13
This thresh is a mad man when it comes to the team effort to control lane and win and keep your team alive, just another terrific game. also sorry there is still delay my recording program is being buggy today and will be fixed soon thanks for watching it helps if you mute the sound and just watch lol peace.
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DRAVEN!!!! ADC Full Game Feat. xDarkBloodx13
So my Vayne got pick but didn't worry about it and just ran it down mid with my boy thresh aka xDarkBloodx13 and we killed it got a lot of kills secured from me but hey, we won the game and that's all I would like, sure carrying is fine but when the team works well and we pick up the win I'm happy nothing better then that. still some delay on the sound and the curser but still a great game thanks if you watched the game.
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Twitch ADC Full Game (Legendary)
got demoted back to silver 3 so I had to pull out the hard carry after a loss and what ya know I killed it more to come.
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yasuo mid full game
first recording and I just lose lane but lucky enough I get carried by a volibear and have some good game play in the mix. all the music is from my mix so check that out too.
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Jhin ADC Full Game Feat. Rafiina & FFF1
Just another killer game with the boys rough start but we just mobbed them in team fights sub for more content please and thank you all.
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