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Justin Bieber- Catching Feelings (Cover By Kailey Doku)
I listened to the 'Believe' album only a few days ago and i fell in love with this song! The lyrics are amazing, and his VOICE?! (apologies for spelling BIEBER wrong in the video) Hope You Enjoy! xo
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Adele- Lovesong (Cover by Kailey Doku)
I Loved the original by Cure, but this version stripped the beat so much that it sounds like an acapella. I decided to do it (with an actual backing track this time), hope i did the song justice! Hope You Enjoy ox
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The Day In The Life of A Sex Addict
Bethany, student at Teesside University is a self proclaimed sex addict. Here are her memoirs
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Who You Are by Jessie J (Chace Community School Cover)
This (attempt of a) music video was produced and directed by yours truly. I had fun making this as i have a passion for music so i hope that you have fun watching! Whether you like or dislike the video (or this song), comment and share with others so i can get feedback.
 This is a university project. Many Thanks to Chace Community School x
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Cultural Appropriation - Kailey Doku
A white female student with dreadlocks is accused of culturally appropriating Rastafarian black culture. The black male allegedly approached 19- year- old Teesside student Alisha Carling at a campus bar. Alisha spoke about her experience with being identified as a racist.
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Teesside Taboos Blog Introduction
Click here to find out more: http://kaileydoku.wix.com/teessidetaboos
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Arch North East Intrerview
Nicky Harkin (ISVA) for ARCH North East explains to potential male rape victims how they can get help from counselling in Teesside.
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Social Media and Narcissism
A look at whether excessive use of social media is a form of narcissism. Pros and cons, with interviews.
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Memoirs Of A Student: Freshers
A mock of today's reality shows. I'd love to get everyone's feedback on the video. Tell me what you think could be changed to make this more educational, funny.. just better. Thanks, Kailey x Music Youth by Foxes Girl Gone Wild by Madonna
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Teesside Taboos TV Advert - Kailey Doku
Teesside Taboos is a Social Enterprise that aims to be the middleman between charities and students, so that they can reach a younger demographic, as well as being aware that help is available to them, should they need it. Website: kaileydoku.wixsite/teessidetaboos
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The Dating Game - Kailey Doku
Cue material: Many students are 'lucky' enough to have their fees temporarily paid for by the government/ regional loan companies. While most will recover the debt in their lifetime, the rest will be in debt forever essentially. But as the number of predominantly female students in the UK has grown in setting up financial 'arrangements' with sugar daddies through social networks for paying off these debts almost instantly, is being in mental debt better than being in financial debt, and what does this say about modern day society?
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Christianity - A Question of Belief
Katie Stanton, 19 speaks about there trials and tribulations of being a devoured christian at university.
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Triumph Over Adversity  - Drug Addiction
A student speaks about his past habits and how he managed to kick them.
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Falklands War Footage (HD Quality)- Kailey Doku
A Minute's worth of war footage. My part of a collaborative project for a live dance performance at The BRIT School.
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Elevator Pitch: Teesside Taboos (Kailey Doku)
A 2 minute brief of my blog compiled with the idea concept, audience engagement, revenue opportunities and professionalism of original content. - Competitors in a similar market: How To Adult: https://www.youtube.com/user/learnhowtoadult/featured Hannah Witton: https://www.youtube.com/user/hannahgirasol Laci Green: https://www.youtube.com/user/lacigreen
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