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Blinky the Robot
I record a sky view of my friends tech fair project named BLINKY while Jiyuu no Tsubasa from the anime Shingeki no Kyojin plays i do not own Jiyuu no Tsubasa don't sue me i have no money
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Go Go
out yo Copyrighted Music Pokemon Sun & Moon Team Skull hey you should play that game its gr8
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Floofy Dreams
Its weird that the movement fots with the video WtF i dont own Hopes & Dreams Toby Fox chan does its Undertale Dont sue me i swear if you do
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Godamn Neaner Beaners
I like everything except rap and Country
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Overwatch "I'm not that good"
i feel like a new man with that POTG
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Attack on Titan season 3 - Trailer (2018)
Fucking beaned
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