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The Arizona Cancer Center at the University of Arizona
Preventing and controlling cancer is the goal and passion of each member of the Arizona Cancer Center at the University of Arizona. Our members are physicians and scientists who care for our loved ones, study cancer prevention, educate the community and inspire the next generation of health professionals. Visit www.arizonacancercenter.org to learn more.
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Dr. Christopher Hulme, a University of Arizona Leading Edge Researcher, 2011
Arizona Cancer Center member Christopher Hulme, PhD, Associate Professor of Pharmacology and Toxiclogy; Associate Professor of Organic and Medicinal Chemistry; and Director, Southwest Comprehensive Center for Drug Discovery and Development at the University of Arizona, was honored as a Leading Edge Researcher during the 2011 Innovation Day activities.
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How to spot skin cancer
Learn how to detect skin cancer early and seek help. See http://arizonacancercenter.org for more advice from Arizona Cancer Center physicians and scientists.
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Clara Curiel, MD, Wins Recognition as 2018 Arizona Bioscience Researcher of the Year
Meet Clara Curiel, MD, the winner of the 2018 AZBio Researcher of the Year. The bioscience industry organization named Dr. Curiel this year’s top researcher for her pioneering work in skin cancer prevention, screening, treatment and community outreach. Learn more here: http://uacc.arizona.edu/news/clara-curiel-md-wins-recognition-2018-arizona-bioscience-researcher-year
Act Against Cancer: What Is Immunotherapy?
The University of Arizona Cancer Center is leading the way with innovative research and clinical trials in immunotherapy. Find out more in this issue of Act Against Cancer: http://uacc.arizona.edu/sites/default/files/2018_-_spring.pdf
Cell Migration Example FINAL
See: http://uacc.arizona.edu/news/evil-proteins-are-force-good-ER-breast-cancer Two cancer cells exhibit different actin architectures. Over a period of four hours, the cell in the top right inset is able to migrate, while the cell in the bottom right inset remains in one location. Video courtesy Mouneimne Lab at the University of Arizona Cancer Center.
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UA Cancer Center Team Identifies a Switch that May Help Target Dormant Cancer Cells
Cells can enter a dormant state called quiescence, and dormant cancer cells are resistant to chemotherapy and other treatments. A team led by UA Cancer Center researcher Guang Yao, PhD, has identified ways to regulate cell dormancy and “wake” these cells from their “slumber” to make them susceptible to cancer treatments. More information on our website: http://uacc.arizona.edu/news/ua-cancer-center-team-identifies-switch-may-help-target-dormant-cancer-cells
Dr. Evan Unger, University of Arizona's top innovator for 2011
Evan Unger, MD, Professor of Radiology and Biomedical Engineering; Director of Body Imaging for the University of Arizona College of Medicine Department of Radiology and Co-Director of the Arizona Cancer Center's Cancer Imaging Program talks about the commercial successes of his research.
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Supplementary Movie 3
See: http://uacc.arizona.edu/news/evil-proteins-are-force-good-ER-breast-cancer Over 48 hours, breast cancer cells treated with estrogen form cytoskeletons that inhibit their ability to move. Cells treated with tamoxifen, an anti-estrogenic drug, form protrusions, allowing clusters to spread and cells to break away. The cluster labeled “vehicle” is made up of control cells. (Video courtesy Mouneimne Lab, University of Arizona Cancer Center)
Better Than Ever Season 14
Better Than Ever Fall 2013
Unlocking Cancer’s Secrets Using the ‘Social Networks’ of Cells
Scientists now can harness the tools of social network analysis to understand connections among genes, an advance that someday could lead to medical advancements. Read the full press release at http://uacc.arizona.edu/news/unlocking-cancer%E2%80%99s-secrets-using-%E2%80%98social-networks%E2%80%99-cells Video: Gaius J. Augustus Music: Comedie by Jahzzar is licensed under a Attribution-ShareAlike License. Based on a work at betterwithmusic.com
Dr. David Alberts, a University of Arizona Leading Edge Researcher, 2011
Arizona Cancer Center Director Dr. David Alberts, University of Arizona Regents Professor of Medicine, Pharmacology, Nutritional Sciences and Public Heath, and BIO5 Institute member, was honored as a Leading Edge Researcher during the 2011 Innovation Day activities.
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