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Jack Greene "Statue of a Fool"
Jack Greene's 5th #1 Hit, Topped the Country Billboard Charts in July 1969.
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Abbott & Costello 'Jonah and the Whale'
Routine from the first episode of the Abbott & Costello television show, originally broadcast in 1952.
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"Sweet Inspiration" by the Sweet Inspirations
Top 20 Pop and Top 5 Soul Hit for the Sweet Inspirations in the Spring of 1968.
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Marty Robbins "I'll Go on Alone"
Marty Robbins' first hit record. Reached #1 in 1952.
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Elvis Presley "Snowbird"
Elvis Presley recorded this cover of the #1 Anne Murray hit in September 1970 at RCA Records' Studio B in Nashville. It was released in an overdubbed form on the 1971 album "Elvis Country."
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Bob Luman "Lonely Women Make Good Lovers"
A #4 Billboard Country hit in 1972. Luman was a poor man's Conway Twitty, a former 1950's rocker who found a home and a second career in country music. I first heard this song in the 1988 movie "Rain Man."
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Glory Hallelujah How They'll Sing - Susan Raye & The Hagers
From Episode 9 of Season 2 of "Hee Haw," first airing on Nov. 17, 1970. Buck Owens' discoveries Susan Raye and The Hagers perform a song written by Bobbie Gentry.
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"Rings of Gold" Don Gibson & Dottie West
A #2 Country hit in 1969, from the album "Dottie and Don." Includes Jerry Reed playing electric sitar.
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David Houston "Baby Baby (I Know You're a Lady)"
Hit #1 for 4 weeks on the Billboard Country Charts at the dawn of 1970.
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The Everly Brothers "Glory Road"
A previously unreleased track recorded circa 1970. From Bear Family Music's "Chained to a Memory" box set.
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Hank Snow "The Reindeer Boogie"
Classic Hank Snow Christmas song from 1953.
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"Cast Your Fate to the Wind" Vince Guaraldi Trio
Most famous for his soundtracks for the Charlie Brown television specials, Guaraldi scored an instrumental hit and a Grammy for this original composition in 1962.
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"The Immigrant" Merle Haggard
Album track from Merle Haggard's "I'm Always on a Mountain When I Fall" 1978 Album on MCA Records.
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Cream "I'm So Glad"
Track from Cream's debut album "Fresh Cream." The trio consisting of Ginger Baker, Jack Bruce, and Eric Clapton recorded the Skip James blues number in 1966.
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"Just a Little Talk with Jesus" Avery, Alan, Aimee and Amber Clark
December 20, 2015, Red Hill Baptist Church, Roanoke, VA
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"How Great Thou Art" Alan Clark, Freddy & Sylvia Clark
December 20, 2015, Red Hill Baptist Church, Roanoke, VA
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Taj Mahal "Take a Giant Step"
From 1969 double album "Giant Step/De Ole Folks at Home" Written by Gerry Goffin and Carole King
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"He Can Be Found"
Alan Clark & James Jordan
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"The Warmth of the Sun" The Beach Boys
Sunrise and sunset at North Myrtle Beach, SC
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"That Silver Haired Daddy of Mine"
Alan Clark & James Jordan
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Gunsmoke "Merry Christmas, Cowboy"
Miss Kitty and Marshall Matt Dillon exchange Christmas greetings on Gunsmoke. From "P.S. Murry Christmas" episode.
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You Don't Have to Be a Baby to Cry
James Jordan and Johnie Haskins. This song was first popularized by Tennessee Ernie Ford back in 1955 as the B-side to the million selling "Sixteen Tons." Country singers Ernest Tubb and Moon Mullican had earlier records with it. Presumably Ford's version was the one which inspired a British Girl Duo called The Caravelles to cover it in 1963, taking it to #3 on the American Top 100. Most recently, Del McCoury revived it on his latest album with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band.
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Searching for a Soldier's Grave
Heather Stewart with James Jordan. This song is credited to Roy Acuff, but was actually written by Jack Anglin, who wrote for Acuff-Rose Songs Publishing in Nashville, and was one-half of the country duo "Johnnie and Jack." The "Johnnie" was Johnnie Wright who was married to Kitty Wells. She recorded a version of "Searching for a Soldier's Grave" at her first session for Decca Records, which yielded her breakout hit "It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels" in 1952. Others who have recorded "Soldier's Grave" include the Louvin Brothers, Bob Dylan and Hank Williams, who called it the "purdiest song [he] ever heard."
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"The Angels Rejoiced Last Night"
Alan Clark & James Jordan
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"Where Jesus Is" Heather Stewart with James Jordan, Alan Clark & Dan Bryan
Cover of Joey + Rory's song from their "Album Number Two" album. Recorded 10/11/2015 at Red Hill Baptist Church.
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"Last Month of the Year/Children Go Where I Send Thee" James Jordan, Alan Clark & the Clark Family
December 20, 2015, Red Hill Baptist Church, Roanoke, VA
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Foggy River
James Jordan with Johnie Haskins A great song written by one of the initial inductees to the Country Music Hall of Fame--Fred Rose. Originally a Tin Pan Alley songwriter, Rose helped to steer the talent and career of Hank Williams and wrote or co-wrote many of Hank's greatest songs. This particular number, covered by many artists, is associated mainly with Red Foley and Carl Smith, who both had hits on the Country/Hillbilly charts with it.
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"Mama Tried"
Alan Clark & James Jordan
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"O Holy Night" Aimee and Amber Clark with Alan Clark
December 20, 2015, Red Hill Baptist Church, Roanoke, VA
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"The Family Who Prays"
Alan Clark & James Jordan
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"The Friendly Beasts" Alan Clark, James Jordan & the Clark Family
December 20, 2015, Red Hill Baptist Church, Roanoke, VA
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"Sing Me Back Home" Alan Clark & James Jordan
Red Hill Baptist Church, Roanoke, VA June 2015
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"Christmas Time's A-Comin'" Alan Clark, James Jordan & the Clark Family
December 20, 2015, at Red Hill Baptist Church, Roanoke, VA
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KOWW Black Valentines
From February 1998, radio KOWW's only Valentine-themed show, Bobby Hodges and Mike Frite co-host with songs from artists such as Willie Nelson, Aretha Franklin, Dolly Parton, John Prine, Nancy Sinatra, Sam Cooke, Spice Girls, Marvin Gaye, Joe Ely, and Hanson.
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"Christmas Hallelujah" Alan Clark & James Jordan with Marie Britton
December 20, 2015, Red Hill Baptist Church, Roanoke, VA
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How Great Thou Art
Heather Stewart & James Jordan This well-known hymn was popularized by George Beverly Shea, was recorded on June 18, 2011, at Red Hill Baptist Church. I used photographs which I took outside my lake front studio apartment, in the fall of 1994 on Flint Lake in Valparaiso, Indiana, where I attended law school. I certainly don't take credit for the amazing images. I was just fortunate enough to be around with a camera when they were painted by the Master Artist.
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