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Little Game map open
Only use ur oc and use pink and blue and purple Rules 1 u can have a water mark I don’t care 2 say the part u want and say weird kid 3 no 18+ stuff allowed only gore 4 must have the link to map 5 send link when done 6 do not put the audio just listen to ur part while doing I’ll put them together 7 only ocs or friends oc if they say u can Song little game by Benny Parts 1 2 taken from amino 3 my part 4 Bishops journey 5 my part 6 BENDY LOLPOP 7 LizzzyBunny https://youtu.be/KDsZ0EWgSIQ 8 Crystalise kitty 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Tingly_Foxer https://youtu.be/oqX6Ciy22zI 17 18 Confused Baby https://youtu.be/-QlQursrl5Y 19 willof the wolf:3 20 willof the wolf:3 21 willof the wolf:3 22 willof the wolf:3 all her parts done 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 BENDY LOLPOP 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48
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Bumble bees are out vent map
Song: https://youtu.be/8xWhVn5Ny38 Rules U need to say “ pick a flower...” to join Must at least use character and colors U can have up to three watermarks ok Don’t add audio Parts 1 taken 2 3 4 mine 5 6 Taken 7 8 taken 9Taken 10Taken No part 11 srry 12 Taken 13 14 taken 15 16 17
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Bloom meme mint weird Kids bully
It’s about weird kid getting bullied by mint and telling Judith to join her Original https://youtu.be/gjlseq-5NP4
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Dhmis wrong neighborhood meme
Song is not mine it’s made by https://youtu.be/kwWl6dN3SCY
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Looking like this meme gift for sr fluff
I hope u like it OwO Sr fluff : https://www.youtube.com/user/fluffyjentlekittn Original: https://youtu.be/Fpw2uDmE1Ns
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Halp meh read description
Mom and teacher be the same person I’ll be WeirdKid and if u r someone else get amino and record your voice I’ll tell u lines Mint- mean bully Stacy- careless and curios Macy- helpful kind Teacher- strict Mom- nice and sweet
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Bye bye meme Dhmis au
Au on amino dis where it starts oWo :http://aminoapps.com/p/798ead I hope u guys liked it
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Contest stars dash OwO
For Stars dash contest
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Map part 4
It for my own map k Here chu go https://youtu.be/mUvbf-A1sjI
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Map parts I’m finished with
I know it’s run and go I just um kinda got it spelled wrong k Maps ( not in order) https://youtu.be/qk3MGQvvvNQ https://youtu.be/LdK7wZxFqIM https://youtu.be/bsROO3B5_6Q https://youtu.be/5erIJavheas https://youtu.be/Cb6exykK_DY
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Gift for sr fluff hope u like it OwO
Song is not mine Oc is not mine Sr fluffs channel : https://www.youtube.com/user/fluffyjentlekittn
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Psycho Teddy meme  Frangle
I hope u guys like the way I did this meme And if u don’t ship go away plz
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Honey lavender meme
I did this a while back Don’t judge me I ship it Inspired https://youtu.be/6mdR_1dicNg https://youtu.be/eF3Q0BC6kck Original https://youtu.be/nqP1ITQsutc
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Song https://soundcloud.com/thisisarizonamusic/electrictouch
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Monsters meme
Original by sr fluff It’s about how mint wants to kill wk And she feels bad for killing their friends but she Doesn’t know what she is feeling Evil Or pity
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Some animations and animatics I  made ( read description )
Some r memes Camera meme Luv u ( inspired by birdie ) And some short animatics
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Everything at once DHMIS short animation
Music Everything at once by Lenka Animation by me audio from Flipagram Animation app flipaclip
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Big collab animation meme so happy
Original https://youtu.be/0iskJHkgFFM Rules Follow the color pallet plz No 18+ stuff No gore No fighting over parts I really don’t care if u use flipaclip at all Use the word “so happy” if you read the rules and say what part u want or a backup Contact me on Flipagram OwO Parts Intro One Two Three Four Five bendylolpop Six Creative battlers Seven Outro Backups Creative battlers
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Map part 12
Map https://youtu.be/TbLp6FbPCZE I don’t know if this is good enough TwT
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Flipagram - March 02, 2018
For Lizzy Bunny ♫ Charli XCX - Boys Made with Flipagram See more at https://flipagram.com/f/1OQ61J7WuWM
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Weaboo meme
I made weaboo meme Original https://youtu.be/ye15sBYkvKg
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Map part 20
Map : https://youtu.be/7GAafKlShm4
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Gold animation meme with all my ocs
In order Idk her name yet Mint Stacy Blake Moni Judith Paris and peter Macy I forgot his name Roni I forgot her name aswell because I left my stupid notebook at school Odette Jen Deleted Jake Weird Kid OwO
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Map part 7
Map: https://youtu.be/AEXlvkrcI7g
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Goner map part 40
Map https://youtu.be/lfkq0Kc4LHk
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Part 6
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Happy Late Easter OwO
I think I made the Easter bunny as one of my Ocs pretending to be him but it’s actually a girl so uh yeh her names flower
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First and a frick a bee
Video https://youtu.be/56vQlL4FO4s
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Life letters meme OwO
Inspired by Tingle Foxer , Macy animations, sashley I hope u like my version
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Wip for living island meme ( vent/edgy)
Idk I just was making something and I was like hey y not the living island meme
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Emoji pop meme new oc?
OwO her name is Edith She is cute Gets mad easily Short Fav holiday: Valentine’s Day Original meme: https://youtu.be/Pp9HYUD7VMs
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Pick a flower vent oc
Her mom left her when she was a baby So three years passed and her father beat her and abused her bc he was broken..... So one day the neighbors heard her screaming and decided to call the police ..... One of the police “accidentally” shot him ..... so she was alone and the kids at the orphanage didn’t like her......
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Tangled up meme
I made with Judith OwO Original remake right here https://youtu.be/zmYJgHPZmpg Song https://youtu.be/cyNwWTnCaEA
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Animation gifts I did on Flipagram
Songs are not mine Ocs r not mine except wk And animation is mine My Flipagram https://flipagram.com/Fnaf_bendy_undertale_ect.
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Broken map part 3
Map: https://youtu.be/O85o5xSluVE
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The beginning of left behind
OwO hope u like it Song belongs to Dagames
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Fnaf mashup part One
Lefty I making a fnaf mashup I hope you like it Song https://soundcloud.com/gdlv-de-lima-vieira/five-nights-at-freddys-mega-mashup-40-fanmade-fnaf-songs
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Valentine's Day drawings
These drawings are for my friends OwO do you think they'll like them
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Song Overtime https://youtu.be/85ftfVUTzM4
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Map parts 15 and outro
Map https://youtu.be/8Y2YSw6fYlk My new oc And her character OwO
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Map part 10
Map: https://youtu.be/5hR-VwS2E9A
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Soul meme Caroline
Original: baconshark I made a version of Caroline since I just watched it yesterday OwO
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Part 22 and 23
Map: https://youtu.be/mONOxSUMuDY
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Collab with Sakura the cat animations
Done OwO Her channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKvwwz77T_4kBYq1Q0nRSug
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Chocolate Map part 12
Map https://youtu.be/nexl0EkNFxk
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Music box ...
Original : https://youtu.be/6mdR_1dicNg
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Jump in the caac meme ft creativeBattlers and LizzyBunny
Idk wat dis is anyways I hope u two like it ITS LIT cb https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbx0lrhIWbOP8pgNi1HhpvQ Lb https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCB0CFuWGRqZTztS5kZq0Qdg
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Fnaf sl animation
OwO fnaf
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He is a scary bear
Ready to get scared by Freddy kiddos see my vid and like sub on my vid thx
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Beachball Map part 8
Map https://youtu.be/JdZtlfiELME 12 Frames OwO
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