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Sanctuary Fun :) - We R Who We R
Just a random Sanctuary video with some quotes. I was having fun :) Song: "We R Who We R" -Ke$ha
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Sanctuary- "The Story" of Helen Magnus and the Five
I really LOVE the five and wanted to make a tribute to them. Each member has a verse (except for Nigel, he gets a shorter time because I didn't have as much to work with). HInts of James/Helen, Tesla/Helen, and John/Helen ships. Also I wanted to highlight the tragic friendship of James and John. Hope you like it :) Song used: "The Story" by Brandi Carlisle
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Sanctuary: Helen & WIll "How to Save a Life"
I don't consider this a ship video, more just their friendship and how Magnus' secrets almost cost them that friendship. Interpret it as you wish ;) Enjoy!! Song: "How to Save a Life" by The Fray *This is just for entertainment purposes. I would never even attempt to make money off this and claim none of the material as my own.
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Amanda Tapping "Puff and Ruffle/Laugh" (Audio Only)
I downloaded the audio from the original video before it was taken down so I could listen to it on my ipod (lol) It's been a while since the video was up so I decided to share this with you :) I love the video but audio is better than nothing, right?
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Sanctuary- "I Get Knocked Down"
I'm not really sure. Just another fun little video :)
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Sanctuary  "Fix You"
I guess you could call this a music video for all the relationships on Sanctuary. Hope you like it!! :D
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Sanctuary: Helen and Nikola "Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better"
Somebody on tumblr said a few weeks ago that someone should make a Helen/Nikola video to this song and I have been meaning to ever since. I didn't know someone else already had until I finished it. So here it is. Just some fun :) Enjoy!!!! Song "Anything You Can Do" from the broadway musical "Annie Get Your Gun"
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Sanctuary: Crazy, Random, Fun "Blow"
Completely random, nothingness. Enjoy :) Song: "Blow" by Ke$ha
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Sanctuary: Helen & John "Make You Feel My Love"
My first Magnett video that has very little angst in it!!! I heard this song last night and knew it was the perfect for John to sing to Helen. Hope you like it!!! Song: "Make You Feel My Love" By Adele
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Bones and Booth: "Story of a Girl"
My first Bones and Booth video. They are one of my favorite couples on TV and I think this is a perfect song for the two of them. The song is "Absolutely (or Story of Girl)" by Nine Days
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Sanctuary Crackvid... what?
It's never taken me so long to make a video before... I really don't even know what to say about this video. It's just pure craziness. I don't even know what's happening... Enjoy? Spoilers for all seasons and season 4 dvd extras :)
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Robin Dunne Drops His Pants...... (at the Leos)
Mr. Robin Dunne keeping it classy at the Leos by dropping his pants ;)
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Sanctuary- Helen Magnus "Paradise"
To escape the horrors of her life gone wrong, Helen Druitt creates a world of her own. She creates a paradise. I usually have a story with most my videos. But this one had a very distinct story to it for me. So much so that I wrote a short fanfic based on the video. It wasn't proofread or anything. I just wrote down exactly what my thinking was as I made this video. It can be read here if interested: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8964721/1/Paradise
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Sanctuary: Helen & Will "Accidentally in Love"
Helen and Will are accidentally in love (With special guest appearances by Amanda Tapping and Robin Dunne) For all the Helen/Will shippers on the Sanctuarians Facebook page. Enjoy!!!! :) P.S. I'm still a Helen/John shipper. For all eternity.
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Sanctuary- The Five
A video introducing each member of the five. Made for my Sanctuary page so it's nothing fancy :)
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Bleeding Love- Multifandom
I decided to have a little fun and make a Valentine's day video with all my favorite TV couples. Enjoy!!! TV shows used: Stargate SG-1 Sanctuary Bones NCIS Leverage House The Closer Song: "Bleeding Love" -Leona Lewis
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Sanctuary: Helen & John "I'm Not That Girl"
I was listening to my Wicked soundtrack in the car and an idea came to me to do a Helen/John video about Victorian Era Helen and present day Helen. Hope it works!! Enjoy! :) Song: "I'm Not That Girl" Idina Menzel
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Stargate SG-1- "I Need a Hero"
I know this song has been used before but I had to use it because SG-1 really are heroes. Enjoy!!! Song: "Holding out for a Hero" - Bonnie Tyler
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Just Raise Your Glass (Multifandom)
One of my longer videos. Just a fun little multifandom video. Song: "Raise Your Glass" -Pink
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Cover Affairs Panel FanExpo 2013 - Peter Gallagher sings!!
Part of the Covert Affairs panel from FanExpo 2013. Kari and Peter talk married life in the CIA and Peter sings!!! (right before this the moderator asked the two of them to talk about their fictional marriage and Peter handed it over to Kari saying "and that's what marriage is about") He is really great and super funny!!!
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Bones: Brennan/Booth "Not Like the Movies"
My second Bones video. This has been just sitting on my computer because I have mixed feelings about it. Enjoy!!!! P.S. BONES AND BOOTH ARE HAVING A BABY!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!! Song: "Not Like the Movies" by Katy Perry
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Warehouse 13 Panel- Last episode and taking home props
Aaron talks about the last episodes and Allison talks about the props she's going to take after the show's done.
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Stargate- Sam/Jack "Taking Chances"
Looking back, this video is really bad :P I'm not really sure how I feel about this video. It's my first stargate video. These were just some of my favorite Sam/Jack moments through the years. I hope you like it!!!
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Sanctuary "Just Dance"
I couldn't help but make a video to this song when I saw the dance scene with Will. I know I used a lot of clips more than once but what can you do? Hope you like it!! :D Song: "Just Dance" by Lady Gaga
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Stargate- Sam & Jack "Girlfriend"
I know it's been done already but I wanted to make my own version. Hope you like it!!! Song: "Girlfriend"- Avril Lavigne
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ncis - gibbs rules
My first NCIS video. Not really anything else to say. Enjoy!!!!
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Sanctuary: Helen and Will "Starry Eyed"
Requested by Christie. I love taking requests because I usually get asked to use songs I've never heard and end up really liking them :) Enjoy!!! Song- "Starry Eyed" by Ellie Goulding
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Sanctuary- "Tik Tok"
Not nearly as good as "We R Who We R" but it's pretty fun :) Enjoy!!! Music: "Tik Tok" by Ke$ha
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Sanctuary Fans- Give Us a Season 5 (Pretty Please)
***Unfortunately our plea for Sanctuary's renewal was in vain. I made a follow up video dedicated to the fans and all the people involved in its production. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8qe9L_jeuA&feature=plcp I'm worried about Sanctuary. I made this little video to show all the good things Sanctuary has given us. Whether it be the inspiration to draw or edit pictures, Sanctuary for Kids, or even just the wonderful friendships that were formed because of it. I got the pictures and statuses from Facebook, Twitter, and tumblr. I really hope you guys like it :) Song: "Stronger" by Kelly Clarkson Link to "Sanctuary- We Want a Season 5 video"- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a8M4Njp8izk
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Glee: "It's Brittany, bitch"
Really funny moment on Glee. From season 2 episode 2: "Brittany, Britney" Enjoy!! :)
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Sanctuary: Helen & Nikola "My Life Would Suck Without You"
I always thought this song was perfect for Helen and Nikola so here it is. My very first Teslen video. As soon as I started making this the article about John's death was posted. Ship karma. Still a Magnett shipper through and through ;) Song: My Life Would Suck Without You by Kelly Clarkson
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Anything Castle can do, Beckett can do Better
My first Castle/Beckett video!!! Anything Castle does Beckett does better... or does she? ;) Thanks for all the wonderful comments!!!
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Sanctuary- Helen & Will "According to You"
Who's the one guy that always stands by Helen's side.... This is a Helen/Will video. I really am a Helen/John shipper but I just get an idea for a video and have to make it. Hope you like it!!! :D Song: "According to You"- Orianthi
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Sanctuary- Helen and John "You Lost Me"
Merry Christmas heartmulgrew15!!!! A little angsty Magnett video, although I decided to end on a hopeful note. I really hope there is more light in their future :) Song: "You Lost Me" Christina Aguilera
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Sanctuary "Helen/John- Apologize"
It's too late to apologize... both ways. I actually really like this video and hope you do too :)
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Sanctuary Helen/John- "I Got Nothing Left"
My first Helen and John video. The song is "I Got Nothing Left" By Celine Dion No copyright infringement intended.
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Sanctuary- Helen Magnus "9 Crimes"
Cleaning up my computer and I found this finished movie I must have made a couple years ago. Thought I'd share it now :)
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Sanctuary "Bad Reputation"
They just don't care about their bad reputation:D
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Sanctuary: Helen and John "Safe and Sound"
Made for Eleanora who requested a Helen/John video :) Song: "Safe and Sound" by Taylor Swift
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Sanctuary "Battlefield" Helen/Ashley
My first Sanctuary music video. It's an Ashley and Helen video. Sanctuary does not belong to me and neither does Battlefield. I am making no profit from this video it is purely for entertainment purposes. Song: Battlefield by Jordin Sparks
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Sanctuary- Helen Magnus "Letters From the Sky"
This is for heartmulgrew15 :) Enjoy! Song: "Letters From the Sky"- Civil Twilight
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Sanctuary: Helen & John "May I" (for xXHelenMagnus)
Requested by xXHelenMagnus Hope you like it!!! :) Song: "May I" by Trading Yesterday P.S. I had never heard this song before but now I am completely in love with it!
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Sanctuary- Ashley Magnus "If I Die Young"
I have wanted to make another Ashley video for a while and really wanted to use this song but didn't because there were already 2 videos to this song. Well I decided to make mine anyway. Hope you like it. It does not go chronologically, it goes back and forth in time. Enjoy!! Song: If I Die Young by The Band Perry
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River and the Doctor "Thousand Years"
This is probably the most overused song for fanvids and has already been used for the Doctor and River more than once but I just couldn't resist. My very first Doctor Who vid. Spoilers through season 7. Enjoy :)
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Sanctuary- Helen and John "Sad Beautiful Tragic"
Helen and John video made as requested :) I think their story is very much two sided so the video switches povs between the two of them. I've listened to a lot of songs that fit Magnett but this one is probably my favorite because it's just so perfect.
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Sanctuary- Ashley Magnus Tribute
This my very short tribute to Ashley. I really hope that they'll bring her back next season.
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"The Monster Mash"- Multifandom Halloween :)
I know it's a week early but I LOVE Halloween and basically celebrate all month long! So here it is! My Halloween video. It's got a lot of Sanctuary but there are other fandoms too :) P.S. Don't ask about the beginning I was just having some fun :D First song was composed by Jake R. Sanderson- link to video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ZE4HYfoQo4 2nd Song: "Monster Mash" by Bobby "Boris" Pickett
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Sanctuary Trailer "Open Your Eyes"
This is my Sanctuary season 4 trailer. It's actually more like a music video tribute in celebration of the premiere in a little over a week. Hope you all enjoy. This vid took me a LONG time. I started it, thought it sucked, worked on it a bit more, finished it, and now I'm pretty happy with it :) Song: "Open Your Eyes" Snow Patrol
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Kitten in the sink
One of my kittens really likes water. She was just hanging out in the kitchen sink after I didn't turn the water off all the way. Too cute!!!
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