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Trapped Inside My Head
3D animation made over 11 years of work by Jean-Sebastien Perron (and no one else) www.NeuroWorld.ws 2003 - 2014 Software -Shade R5 (First Half Scenes: Garden, House, Tunnel and Cave) -Strata 3D CX (Second Half Scenes : Elevator, Bridge, Portal and Bedroom) -Realsoft 3D (Dead Trees, Tombs, Bridge and Elevator Models) -Silo (Turtle Dragon and Portal Models) -Cheetah 3D (Alien Ring Models) -Vista Pro (Mountain) -Vue 4 (Plants and Trees) -Cool 3D (Text in Fire) -Gimp (Image Editing) -Final Cut Pro X (Video, Compositing and Sound Editing) Music -Jean-Sebastien Perron / Trapped Inside My Head -Boards Of Canada / Sundown -Boards Of Canada / Disengag -Multiplex / Secrete -Ochre / A Midsummer Nice Dream Sound FX -Mike Koenig -freesfx.co.uk -soundbible.com -freesound.org Note -The master file is 12 Gig -720 x 405 15fps 96khz audio -Textures are mostly below 256 x 256
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Kawasaki ZX-6R Dyno and MSQ BBQ 2015
Kawasaki ZX-6R Dyno and MSQ BBQ 2015
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Snowmobile Brownsburg-Chatham 2013 ( Club de motoneige d'Argenteuil )
Frank should win an Oscar for best GoPro alignment. Salut Benoit!
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