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Runescape Cockroach Murder
A video of me and my friend killing cockroach soldiers in RS. Disclaimer: I do not own Runescape or any rights to it, all of which belong to Jagex.
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Runescape Minion Challenge!!
My friend summons familiars which I attempt to kill. WATCH AS I "FAIL"!!
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Pel competiton Entry
This is not a real video, and only makes sense to those who entered the same competition. I own no rights to Pel or the host site of Kongregate.
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Player-less Luigi
Watch as Luigi wins without even having anyone PLAY him!! This video is from www.destructoid.com/ I do not own any rights to this game, Nintendo does.
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Moechte Dich Gehen (Final)
By Drew, Alan, Robyn, and Matt H.
Runescape Classic!
My first video! I Hope you enjoy this little expriment in RS Classic. RS members can trial the game for about two weeks now! Disclaimer: I do not own any rights to produce, republish, or anything other than play runscape and Runscape Classic, all other rights belong to JAGEX.
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