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Battlefield - Battlefield 4 Widespread hacking. Worse in BF1.  [mass]rubilaxEy
Ok... so why do people buy BF games. For that golden moment, where there are no hackers. When that happens, it is the best experience. It is the pinnacle of gaming. Sadly, it almost never happens. This example is from BF4. Howver, it is even worse in BF1. I have a friend who owns a hack site, his conversion ratio is 20 to 1 from the BF1 site. This effect is exponential. Because, unlike BF4, where human admins could kick scumbags, BF1 has no such counter. Every server is basically forced to suck up the massive failure which is EA and FairFight cheat protection. EA know it well, so why do they kill off their own game. Even my Xbox friends are hacking the crap out of BF1 with impunity but none of them will buy the next BF because.... hackers!? wtf? Note: it is possible to get some incredible scores in BF4 from within a chopper. Done it myself. However, not when people are underground :-) It is also usually very possible to hit them with the odd stinger, before they hit you, especially when even your own team are telling people where you are in voice chat and reporting on what you are doing.
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