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Black Ops 2 Raging Kids
Unbelievable Rage from little kid. Black ops 2 raging kids.
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Black ops 2: Sickboy, cheap toilet paper, google it, despacito,
Black ops 2 more retarded antics from Sickboy.
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Black ops 2: $1000 Bet!! Pull that Belt Clean Out!!!!! Part 2
Black ops 2 trash talk, stepdaddy, goat and sickboy back for more putos!!!!!
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Nuketown noob tube spots
Nuketown noob tube spots. 40-5
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Black ops 2 singing Brick house and StepDaddy
Black ops 2 singing. I do a little paul revere and brick house then stepdaddy joins in on the trolling.
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Black ops 2 Lobby trolling: gyneproctologist!!!
Black ops 2 lobby trolling. Rpg anger!!!
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Grandpa Wu Tang
My 80 year old grandpa raps like a boss to Wu Tang Beat. C.R.E.A.M. Black ops 2
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Black Ops 2: Kevin Hart impression
Black ops 2 get cut off. Last words?
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Black ops 2: Movie Announcer Voice and baby daddy
Black ops 2 Movie announcer voice impression. Well my attempt at it anyways. Then I run into a kid with a kid acting like a kid. You'll understand when you watch.
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Black ops 2 Peto Cho Cha Chupa
Black ops 2 messing with randoms as sickboy and my regular voice. Trying my best at some bad spanish words.
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Black ops 2: Where did you get that rash?
Rolling with a few of the fellas. Hope you guys enjoy or smack talk..
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Black ops 2: Sick boy & MC Social Security
Black ops 2. Grandpa lays down a rap about wrinkled ball sack, defibulators, viagra, etc. Sick boy talks about his girlfriend's special parts.(explicit lyrics = if your a sensitive panzy ass then don't watch)
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Black ops 2: Sick Boy, Don't touch me there Grandma, Bring Lube
Black ops 2 Sick Boy Laying down the law, lube, and what ever else I felt like saying...Parental Advisory is suggested.
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Black ops 2: Sickboy and StepDaddy Exclusive
Black ops 2 sickboy rollin with the all Important skills of stepdaddy!!!!
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Jason Voorhees Original Song
Jason Voorhees original song. CS5 Gaming Exclusive SONG by BEAT BROTHERS https://m.youtube.com/watch?list=PLXlxtftxZX9DD9DrLK4z92E_Emdj0ZqJ_&v=zbalc_hoWUI
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Call of duty WWII rap song: Jason
Call of duty WW2 rap. Jason Voorhees
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Black ops 2: Sick boy He named it Bob
Black ops 2 meeting new friends and the weirdest conversation to this day.
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Black ops 2: Mom should have swallowed this kid
Black ops 2. This kid was making no sense at all. I think mom forgot his meds.
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Black ops 2: Sick Boy, Gentle-taleya, Snowman, Sunkist
Black ops 2 we talk about how snow alters your feelings. What goes great with the sunkist drink? Be Gentle.
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Black ops 2 I'm telling yo momma
Black ops 2 kid rages
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Black ops 2 Family Guy Wheelchair Joe
Black ops 2 Family Guy. I try my best impression at Wheelchair Joe. If not good enough for you I don't give a damn.
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GiftCard Giveaway 25 likes
Giving away $50 GiftCard. Follow rules and your entered
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Call of Duty don't rape the Chihuahua
Call of Duty Trolling this guy about a Chihuahua and he schools me on a googled definition.
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Black ops 2 Tea baggin
Tea bag montage. Tea bag king. Tea bag song.
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Call of Duty Deadliest Noob Tuber
Call of Duty Deadliest Noob Tuber on the planet. No mods so this is a lobby you never want to be in. If your a pussy ass modder don't hit me up.
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Black ops 2: Funny rap Beef Curtains
Black ops 2 funny rap. Just like to add different things from time to time. Keep you on your toes... SONG BY (L Rello) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vw31sdiTCwk&list=PLXlxtftxZX9DD9DrLK4z92E_Emdj0ZqJ_&index=9
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Professional Noob Tube: Went Ham!!!!
Ran with a decent crew. I noob toobed the whole time just for fun. Still went 19-2
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Call of duty funniest trolling!
Call of duty funniest trolling at it finest. 1 liners and arguments galore.
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How to make people rage in Black Ops 2 part1
I get out the noob arsenal and piss some people off.....Love stirring up the pot...
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Black ops 2 Worst Team ever unbelievable
I went 19-17. Here is my teams kdr. 2-12 and 2-12 and 0-18. I get no help...
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Black ops 2 Kid crying
Black Ops 2 Kid crying
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Top 10 Troll Call of Duty
Top 10 troll Call of duty. Trolling little kids and I get this kid to start getting heated then he leaves like a little biotch..
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Black ops 2 Flawless
Black ops 2 Flawless gameplay. Send noods and always brush your teeth...
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Adult comedy channel
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Black ops 2 Party all the time
Black ops 2 Party all the time SONG ORIGINAL BY A Picnic with a gun!!! https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCIb6c34IWI_Gu9kG9A05ZNQ
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Black ops 2 killstreaks
Black ops 2 killstreaks
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Black ops 2 hacker exposed
Black ops 2 hacker exposed
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Black ops 2 Modders:  Caught em!!!!!
Black ops 2 Modders. Caught some modders trying to deny it. Also Picked up a couple new friends. And some trolling as usual.
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Black ops 2: Sickboy, bulldog & mayo, I bring girls, mashed potato party
Black ops 2 sickboy gets invited to a party. Does your bulldog lick mayo?
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Black ops 2 Gamer Tag Change and World Peace
Black ops 2. Were just looking for world peace. Gamer tag changing
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Black ops 2: MC Social Security
Grandpa kills tap. Black ops 2. MC Social Security at it again with another original lyric rap with goodie mob's beautiful skin instrumental. Enjoy guys.
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Talking Trash on Black ops 2: country style!!!
Talking Trash on Black ops 2
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Black ops 2: Evil Song, Sickboy, Digesting Taco Bell
Black ops 2 granddaughter sings song, I attempt to digest taco bell.
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Black ops 2: Sickboy, New Friends, Dust Monkey
Black ops 2 trolling, noob tubing, and having some lobby fun...
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Black ops 2: Sickboy Uno Dos Tres Trolling
Black ops 2 sickboy trolls some hispanic fellas and gets them rolling!!!!!
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Black ops 2 Trolling with Sickboy
Black ops 2 trolling at it finest. What the hell is in sickboy's head sometimes?
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Black ops 2: Sickboy, Hittin on JZilla, Beating up da Vadge
black ops 2 sickboy rolls with friends and we create chaos.
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Black ops 2 rap: Drop those Depends
Black ops 2 rap. I can't rap that well but I like doing it. It's fun and your grandma loves it.... SONG CREDIT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_3vReIMyvg&list=LL_U_Zbt246uUEKT8ylnF93g&index=2
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Black ops 2 noob tube
Black ops 2 noob tube
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Black ops 2: Sick Boy, Karate, Flesh Cave, Grandma
black ops 2 sick boy talks WTF as usual...check out Jaxon tv https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCAw7CaS5LM2ZYWu-2ZnrLng
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